Adidas Tenzone Ultra Review

Adidas Tenzone Ultra Review Details

The Adidas Tenzone ultra is an extreme rubber used in table tennis paddles for extreme situations. It is considered to be the soft solution in an extreme situation. The rubber used in the table tennis paddle, more specifically over the blade of the table tennis paddle will influence the way of the game.

The rubber can affect the game in both positive and negative ways. The rubber can dictate the overall performance along with the overall techniques. In addition, it will affect the strategy and the style of a player. Mostly the rubber helps in the offensive attack of the player by hitting the ball with maximum power at maximum speed. To have a good shot in the game Tenzone ultra of the Adidas brand will be a good choice.

Who should Use The Adidas Tenzone Ultra

First of all, this rubber will be helpful for the player who has a table tennis paddle which features replacing the old rubber. Some of the paddles available in the market do not feature replacing the attached rubber. Owing those types of the paddle will be useless to have or buy some extra rubber. However, many of the brands made paddles featuring replacing the rubber.

One owing those types of bat can easily replace if the rubber gets old. Also, they can replace the rubber if it gets damaged or worn. Because a damaged or old rubber will badly affect the game. If only the rubber is damaged one can only replace it with a new one. No need to buy a whole new ping pong paddle wasting a good amount of money.

Details Review of Adidas Tenzone Ultra

The Adidas brand is a popular and trusted brand that manufactures different types of sports equipment. They are famous for their high quality and not compromising in it. Buyers blindly trust and use the product when it made of Adidas though some of the product is very expensive.

Well, the Tenzone Ultra table tennis rubber is one of their best product in the table tennis sport. The product is the latest addition to the TenZone range. The soft feel of this product added inthe TenZone family hasincreased control and precision employing a porous sponge with a top rubber sheet which takes advantage of the unique Optimized Contact Technology. The top-level players have certain criteria. These rubber will provide spin performance and stability to the professional level along with precision and control ability.

The manufacturer company used different modern technology in this product to make it a product of good grip that has better control ability. This item of Adidas was also introduced and evolved with the built-in glue effects by the new structure. Whatever the situation in the game, hard or sponge the rubber will play with stability, spin, control, and precision. The continuous drive of the bat will always give a high spin performance and stability that one can control. The weight of the rubber is just perfect, heavy but not so. The weight will allow the user to hit the ball with power and speed. Normally, with a heavyweight, the bat goes out of control. But with this rubber, the control over the bat will be just perfect. This rubber is recommended to all player who wants to play certainly in a high level.

Because of the look and color at first impression, this may look like the Donic Bluefire but it’s not. The pimple structure of it may mislead the player as Tenergy 05 but the sponge is probably slightly softer. One will get amused by the rubber positioning system of it. Technically, the rubber has three squares that will line up with the three stripes on the blade handle. This will ensure that the rubber will be attached completely central to the blade.

In this section, we will break the review according to some key features of the rubber while playing with it with a good quality paddle.

Speed: The speed of this rubber is pretty fast. Faster than some of the expensive rubber. One will get surprised by the speed of it but after a little bit of practice or playing some shot, the player will get used to the speed. One will either get used to the rubber on the first day or will take so much time, more than the regular because of the high speed.

If someone uses a softer sponge under the rubber, the extra speed now and again will give off the bounce or counter loop shots. If it gets used over a harder sponge it will not absorb the ball and will shoot the ball out again. The game with the rubber will feel great once the player gets the timing right and feel the ball fly off the bat.

Spin: Spin is very important in the game. This rubber produces a less amount of spin but maybe enough. In terms of spin and speed, the Tenzone ultra is considered somewhere in the middle. In terms of spin, it does not provide the best value performance. The rubber will struggle while picking up a ball shot in low backspin that will just dropping off the edge of the table. Also, players will find it difficult to up and down the ball with the rubber.

If someone wants some slow spin shot then this rubber is good to go.

Precision: The Tenzone ultra provides a great amount of precision largely because the amount of spin is not so much. That affects the overall game in a good way. Players will found it great for blocking and the accuracy of the game will be just perfect. This rubber will be a blessing for the developing players.





Adidas Table Tennis


Adidas Table Tennis

Sport Type

Table Tennis

Skill Level

Intermediate, Advanced

Sponge Thickness

2.3 mm

Through angle


Item Weight

Medium Heavy


Many gears










  • The rubber is very powerful with a hitting speed of 9.4/10 level.
  • The rubber is made of high-quality material.
  • Very easy to control the bat and generate a high level of speed.
  • The highquality of the rubber increases the speed and consistency.
  • The rubber is set in the center of the blade very perfectly.
  • Through the level of the rubber is medium-high.
  • Holding the medium heavyweight the rubber gives a better amount of control.
  • Very good for the players who are still developing.


  • The rubber of a high-quality brand is a bit expensive.
  • Offering comparatively low spin the bat is not for the most advanced players.
  • Some of the players will find it difficult to play the edge of the table shot with the rubber.

Adidas Tenzone Ultra

Adidas Tenzone Ultra

The Things to Consider While Buying a New Rubber For The Ping Pong Paddle

Players intend to replace the old or damaged rubber of their old comfortable bat. However, they must know some basics and considered those before buying a new set of rubber. A wrong choice will be negative for the game.

Weight: The weight of the rubber must be not so heavy and not so light. A medium-weight rubber is a good option. Because a lightweight rubber will not give speed and a heavyweight rubber will provide less control.

Speed: The rubber must have to hold a high level of speed. It has to be the quality to hit the ball fast. One must buy rubber with more than a 9 score out of 10. However, 10/10 is the best option in speed.

Spin: This is also a concerning feature. A good amount of spin will allow the ball to hit further with consistency and accuracy.

Control: If the player cannot control the hit and the ball they will do badly in the game. Control is a very important feature the player must have over the hit and the ball.

Why do ping pong paddles have a rubber

Because of the soft sponge used in the paddle the hit of the ball may lower the speed of the ball. To avoid this type of situation the paddle of the ping pong has rubber over it. It will help the ball preserve its speed even after the hit.

What is a more important blade or rubber

Both are important. But the rubber is the most important component compare to the blade. The rubber will dramatically change the overall performance, strategy of the game of the player.

How long does a table tennis rubber last

The life span of the table tennis rubber will depend on the manufacturer’s quality. Mostly the rubber will last for 50 to 90 playing hours. It will also depend on how careful the player is about the rubber, how they took care of the rubber.

Final Words

In the end, we will say that the product Tenzone ultra of the Adidas brand is a good option for the people who want less spin with fast speed and high control. The rubber will perform well in all areas but spin. It will be faster than most high-quality rubber. The player will find it easier to control the bat and the hit.

One can use it with a softer or harder sponge to get different experiences. We will highly recommend it to the beginner in table tennis. The player who is still developing their skills will find this rubber great as it provides a great amount of control with fast speed.

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