Barrington Ping Pong Table Details Review

Barrington Ping Pong Table Details Review

People of all ages loved to play table tennis always want to have a table tennis table. Though for fun table tennis can be played anywhere it will be something different to play at the dedicated table. Not all the peoples are can buy a table tennis table because of the high price. Compromising the price can be a compromise to the quality. So people don’t even want to buy at a low price.

However, time changes. In the current market, every product has the majority of choices so does table tennis. The market has several options in quality table tennis at an affordable price. Barrington ping pong table is one of the many options. We will review this product in detail for a better understanding.

Who Should Use The Barrington Ping Pong Table

This table is an indoor table. People who just want to play only in the indoor can buy this table. Using these tables outdoor will make these tables last for a small period. No one wants to use an expensive product for a minimum life span.

This table can be used for several purposes along with a table tennis table. This table will last for a generation. It not only will serve the buyer but the whole generation. People who want to have fun with their family inside the house can buy this quality table without any doubt.

Barrington Ping Pong Table Details Review

Manufactured by the Barrington Billiards this ping pong table is very popular by holding an affordable price with quality. This quality wooden table is perfect for a family game room, club, bar, and anywhere indoor. This quality and the stylish table will add a class to the place and enhanced the experience of the table tennis game.

This collection of the table of the brand is a product of deluxe quality and superior craftsmanship that only uses the finest solid wood. So there will be no compromise in the quality and it will guarantee to enhance the overall experience. The playfield coated with an elegant black finish made it something out of the world. The table is made with a unique and stylish design that will add a new dimension to the place. Along with the design and quality, this table will ensure maximum durability and efficiency during the game.

Offering official tournament size it can be used as a professional level practice. That means the professional player can practice ping pong at home with this affordable professional-level ping pong table. The sleek hardwood finishing on the top surface of the table enables a smooth and consistent ball bounce. Every shot will be a winning shot. One can tag it as a perfect table to have a friendly and competitive game anywhere indoors.

Offering a quick and easy assemble, this table is very easy to put together. After it comes from the manufacturer’s house it can be assembled within minutes. No need to take help from an expert or something. One just has to follow the instructions step by step from the instruction book. In addition, this table includes a set of premium quality net and post so that one can start the game as soon as it arrived.

This ping pong table brings together strength and wonder in one package. Including the necessary equipment’s this is a complete package to start the game. Below we will now demonstrate our review on the table.

Size: The table has the official tournament size. That means players can practice professional-level games on this and can be used in the official tournament. Due to the ideal size of this table, it can be used in any game room, office, gym, pub, and so on. One can have it anywhere indoors and can enjoy a competitive match with family and friends.

Design: The classic and stylish design of these tables makes them so popular. The Barrington bran designs it with high-quality black and smooth wooden finish very carefully and very sleekly. The table includes a hardwood finishing surface that enhanced its look. Both design and the color of this table bring elegance and a classic look to the place.

Construction: The construction of this table is elegant and simple but no compromise in quality. In the construction, everything is just perfect.

Assemble: The ping pong table is also popular for its easy and quick assembly. One can easily get ready the table without any expert help by just following only the steps of the instruction book. This work will only take few minutes.

Playfield : This is the most important aspect of the ping pong table. This is the place where all the action of the ball and the player took place. One can compare it with the pitch of cricket or hokey maybe. The ball bounce and the accuracy of the shot will depend on the playfield of the table.

Quality: In terms of quality, the Barrington ping pong table holds it highly. Offering a high quality this table will run for a long time, for generations. Also, it will ensure efficiency while in the game.





Barrington Billiards


Barrington Billiards


Black Top/Brown Frame


PP, Plywood, Metal, Abs PVC, MDF

Dimensions LxWxH

108 x 60 x 30 inches

Sport Type

Ping Pong, Table Tennis

Assembly Required


Base Material



18 mm


2 piece


  • Comes with a very affordable price compare to the other ping pong table of the market.
  • It offers very high quality.
  • Made of deluxe quality wood.
  • The life span of the table is very long, will last for generations.
  • The playfield of the table is just perfect.
  • It ensures efficiency while in the game.
  • Very easy to assemble the table.
  • No need for an extra tool or expert help to assembly it.


  • Only one size is available.
  • Only one available color.

Barrington Ping Pong Table

Barrington Ping Pong Table

Things to Consider While Buying a New Ping Pong Table

Buying a ping pong table can be a hard and waste of money task without having the proper knowledge. One has many choices but may not find the perfect one but something similar. The first thing one has to decide before buying one is whether they are going to use it indoors or outdoors. After that comes the manufacturing details.

Size: The ping pong table comes in many sizes, small, standard, tournament size. The table for recreational use can be any size but to practice table tennis at a professional level one should buy the tournament size.

Playfield: While buying the table one must have to check the area of the playfield. To play the game comfortably the recommended size is at least 4 to 5 feet space. One should select the size according to the available space they are going to set the table.

Portability: Not all the table tennis table is portable because of the size and weight. But the market has the portable option. One must decide are they going to set the table in one place permanently or they going to move it to different places and then choose according to the nee as the market has both of the options.

Budget: The budget of the buyer matters a lot. The ping pong table holds a pricey feature. If the quality is high then the price will be high. However, some of the best quality tables come at an affordable price. One has to set the budget and search for something quality according to it.

Can one use a ping pong table as a dining table

The ping pong table holds a very good quality and classy design. So it can be turned into anything even a dining table. One can play on it with friends and family and after that removing the net and frame they can use it as a dining table to enjoy their meal with the family.

Why are table tennis tables so expensive

Table tennis table normally holds a very huge amount of price. To know why this is doesn’t need any expert knowledge. As it is big it will cost a lot of shipping charge. The price will include freight, storage, return, etc. The ping pong table has to be made with high-quality wood and a high-quality finish that normally increases the price.

How do you waterproof a ping pong table

Making a ping pong table waterproof is not a hard task. One needs to do a little bit of work to make it waterproof. One of the best ways to make it waterproof is to coat it with a polyurethane sealer that will resist water or wet.

Final Words

The market has a huge amount of choice in ping pong table that offers hundreds of features. Not every table will hold all the good quality but the Barrington ping pong table is a complete package that offers elegant design, look along with the best quality. The table is also budget-friendly. One will not imagine a deluxe quality table with that budget. But the brand makes it possible.

The perfect size and the dimension of the table are quite impressive. The tournament size of the table will allow the user to have a professional level game anywhere the indoor.

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