Best Air Hockey Ping Pong Table

Best Air Hockey Ping Pong Table Reviews 2021

There are a plethora of incredible options when it comes to the best air hockey ping pong table. As long as you have an exact idea about the requirements and know where to look for the right product, you will be successful in buying the best product. If you have a game room in your home and you want to make the best use of it without spending much, then you have come to the right place. Many people look for the best air hockey & ping pong table combo to make the best use of their room and increase the number of indoor games they can play. There is very little chance of playing both of them simultaneously, but given many table games, such as billiards, air hockey, ping pong, all require a similar-sized table, the idea of buying a combo table makes sense. Here you will find some of the best tables available in the market, to choose the best one for you.

 Best Air Hockey Ping Pong Table Review

1. Sport Squad HX40 Table Top Air Hockey Table

The sport squad HX40, a 40-inch tabletop air hockey table, is suitable for people of all ages. Manufacturers used plastic and rubber as the base material. It has good quality rubber pads to protect the table surface and good rebound. An electric fan with an an AC-12V motor (including an adapter)) will help control the airflow smoothly without any interruption. It comes in a compact size but comfortable enough for adults too. It comes with two plastic pushers and two pucks. You can use it anywhere, like on the floor or tabletop in your home, office or community centre.

Key Features:

  1. Manufacturer: Sport Squad
  2. Portable and lightweight.
  3. Dimensions: 40L*20W*5H (inches). It weighs 10.7 lbs only.
  4. Easy to assemble.
  5. It comes with two strikers and two pucks.
  6. Strong electric fan, maintain airflow evenly.

2. Triumph Fire Air Hockey Table

The Triumph Fire’ Fire’ n Ice Light Up Air Powered 54″ Hockey Table is more enjoyable in obscurity! It’sIt’s the “Fire” red group vs the “Ice” blue group. The table highlights brilliant designs and LED corners as the red fights the blue. Each corner streaks when objectives are scored, making a deep gameplay insight. Pick your group – fire or ice – with a light-up blue or red striker. Now, let the activity start with the light-up puck. Estimating 54″ L x 27″ W x 31″ H, this air-controlled hockey table is the ideal size for young and adult players. The table highlights an LED electronic scoreboard for you to monitor the activity effortlessly. Four leg cross supports to keep up help and steadiness while playing. Customizable leg levellers guarantee a level playing surface in any event when the floors are crooked. Start competition in your cellar or game room with the Fire Air Hockey Table. This table incorporates two LED hockey pushers (one red, one blue) and one LED puck.

Key Features:

  1. Manufacturer: Triumph sports.
  2. It comes with cool-looking LED lights in Pucks and Paddles.
  3. Sturdy and durable.
  4. Item weight: 39.6 pounds.
  5. The table is not foldable.

3. Arcade Style Air Hockey Table

The arcade-style air hockey table is ideal for both kids and adults to join in the action. A strong 12v motor helps to flow air properly across the big 54-inch table. High-quality PVS and wood have been used to manufacture this table. It comes with two red pucks and pushers. Two players can play together at the same time. The design of this table is very impressive, and it comes with a LED scoreboard.

Key Features:

  1. Item Dimensions: 56.5L x 27W x 31.5H (inches).
  2. Comes with Digital Scoreboard.
  3. This table weighs 43.3 lbs.
  4. Free carrying bag.
  5. Manufacturer: Best Choice Products.

4. Triumph Lumen-X Lazer Air Hockey Table

The Triumph Lumen-X Lazer Air Hockey Table’s Table’s energizing innovation enlightens the dim and adds another energy element to interactivity. The intuitive table highlights in-rail LED lighting with falling impacts and in-game music ideal for rivalries among loved ones. The table, estimating 72″ L x 40″ W x 31″ H, incorporates two super radiant blue strikers and a light-up blue puck, making a raised gaming experience. Double engine blowers give nonstop wind stream to play short and incense over the smooth, MDF-designed play surface with white and blue silkscreen playfield lines. Effectively monitor the activity without losing centre while playing with the electronic scorer. 12mm thick legs uphold the table with four 2.5″ leg levellers to guarantee your play surface remaining parts level regardless of whether the floor isn’t level.

Key Features:

  1. Dual motor blowers available to ensure smooth airflow.
  2. Surface material: PVC
  3. Comparatively heavy (weighs 75 pounds)
  4. Manufacturer: Triumph Sports
  5. Excellent LED lighting with a music system.

5. Rally and Roar Tabletop Air Hockey Table

With the Rally and Roar tabletop air hockey game, individuals will be eager to challenge their family, companions, or even you to an amicable round of hand puck hockey. This small game set is reduced and space-saving, which implies it’s extraordinary for unrehearsed Family Game Night duals or taking to parties, grills, parks, birthday events, or other social gatherings. Lightweight and involved thick fibre wood and a controlled connector, our movement-sized air hockey tables are not difficult to move about and can be settled on most ledges, tables, and work areas. This compact air hockey tabletop accompanies two objectives, slide scorers, a LED score tracker, two pucks, and two pushers. With a cool, present-day plan and vibrant designs, this arcade game embellishment will be a hit at birthday celebrations or school fraternity parties.

Key Features:

  1. Manufacturer: Rally and Roar
  2. Available in multiple colours
  3. Sturdy but lightweight (weighs 13.86 lbs)
  4. Dimensions: 40L x 20W x 9H (inches)
  5. Surface Material: Wood

6. ESPN Sports Air Hockey Game Table

The ESPN sports air hockey game table is one of the best game tables available on the market. It is an amazing indoor arcade gaming set that comes with a digital scoreboard and music system. It is a big and heavy table. It is 72 inches long, 37 inches wide, and 32 inches high. This table weighs 115.71 pounds. The complete package includes a tennis top, three pucks, two pushers, two balls, two posts, two paddles and a net. A high-performance fan ensures flawless movement of air. You can use this table to play both air hockey and table tennis. Overall, the ESPN sports air hockey game table is a multi-style & multi-purpose table.

Key Features:

  1. Manufacturer: ESPN
  2. Two games in one table (Air Hockey & Ping Pong)
  3. Premium quality construction
  4. Base Material: Metal
  5. Frame Material: Engineered Wood

7. Portable Tabletop Air Hockey Arcade Table

The 40-inch portable tabletop air hockey arcade table comes with two pushers, and two plucks. To build a smooth, frictionless surface for the puck to fly through, an electric fan powered by a 100V motor propels air up through the top of the table. Manufacturers designed with manual sliding goalkeepers and goalposts. It will give you the feeling of playing classic arcade games and competing with your friends simultaneously. Two-person can play using this table at once. MDF Plastic has been used as the manufacturing material to make this product. “Best Choice Products” is the manufacturer of portable tabletop air hockey arcade table.

Key Features:

  1. Dimensions: Length 40″x Width 20″x Height 8.5″
  2. Compact and Lightweight
  3. Easy to assemble
  4. Sturdy and Portable
  5. Strong 100V motor.

8. Triumph 4-in-1Rotating Swivel Multigame Table

Pivot between four awesome games on one table in short order. The Triumph 4-in-1 Swivel Multi Game Table permits you to play four unique games on one table utilizing the pivoting turn plan. The table plays air-controlled hockey, billiards, table tennis, and dispatch football. Estimating 48″” L x 23.75″” W x 32″” H, this table plays genuine air-fueled hockey with protected focal air appropriation. This framework offers unrivalled wind current across the whole tabletop for constant activity, dissimilar to cutthroat tables that include non-air controlled, “push” hockey. The table incorporates both ends, and side support radiates for additional strength and added sturdiness. At 4 feet in length, this table is ideal for youth players hoping to get more games in a little space. The tablet comes prepared to play with the entirety of the included extras for every one of the four games. The fun never stops with four testing games in a single quality Triumph table.

Key Features:

  1. Play four games on one table
  2. Weight: 69 pounds
  3. Smooth airflow controlled by the central air distribution system
  4. Material: Metal or Plastic
  5. Available Colours: Black and White.

ping pong table

Air Hockey Ping Pong Table

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Table

These multi-purpose tables can vary a lot in their specifications. They differ from one another in terms of size, weight and durability. Normally people don’t buy these products daily. Hence, you won’t make the right choice as you are not familiar with the product quality and features. That’s the main purpose of preparing this buying guide, helping you understand what you must be looking for while buying these products, based on your requirements.

The space of an air hockey table that gets the most maltreatment is the “arena dividers” or side rails. Avoid tables with slender, covered aluminium side rails. Search for strong aluminium or thick nylon arena dividers for proper rebound and strength.

One of the most significant components to take a look at is- how the table is upheld. Search for an air hockey table upheld by a strong base and legs for a table that will last. Steel legs or wood cover legs are ideal. Give the table a push and be certain strong. Search for an air hockey table with leg levellers so you can even out the surface for steady play.

The engine that controls an air hockey table should be a high-end engine that will give a smooth, predictable wind current while running quietly. Some air hockey tables even have two engines. But it isn’t required if the table has a large engine and a Plenum chamber. A plenum chamber is a hole found between the blower and the air circulation framework in the playing surface.

Electronic scoring frameworks make playing at home more like playing in an arcade. Search for scorers that utilize infrared sensors to detect the puck dropping into the goal; they are more solid than mechanical puck sensors.

Search for electric score units that plug in instead of taking batteries. Some take batteries yet additionally accompany an adapter. Then you will get a good deal on substitution batteries. Air hockey tables with true style arena markings on the playing surface offer the most sensible gameplay.

Objective in-rail style tables are normally more sturdy since they don’tdon’t use plastic objectives that can break. This objective back design likewise implies that more youthful kids can arrive at the playing surface.

All the air hockey tables we use in any event have two pushers and two pucks. Additional pushers for group play are accessible just as substitution pucks. Ergonomic style pushers are best since they have more comfortable hand grips that secure the fingers.

What do you mean by a full-size air hockey Table?

Because of the increasing popularity of the game, various air hockey tables are available in the market based on their size and shape. According to rules & regulations, an air hockey table with 84 inches length, 48 inches width & 32 inches height is considered a standard-sized air hockey table. But a full-size air hockey table dimensions are Length 96″”, Width 52″” and Height 32″”. Full-sized air hockey can weigh anywhere between 25 pounds to 340 pounds, based on their material. You should also check the thickness before buying a new table because the smoothness depends on the thickness of the surface. More thick surfaces have better quality. To achieve the optimum result, the surface should be 3-4 inches thick.

What should I consider when buying a ping pong/table tennis table?

The most straightforward approach to distinguish whether a ping pong table is acceptable is the thickness of the table tennis top. The thickness will go from 12mm to 25mm. Thicker = better quality. More slender = worse quality. It would be best to try not to purchase tables with a truly sheer table tennis top (for example, 12mm). The ball doesn’t bounce well indeed, and the tables are wobbly and simple to harm. Tables with a medium thickness (16mm-19mm) are good for playing. You will get a reliable bounce, and if you care for the table, it should keep going for a long time. Tables with thick table tennis top (22mm-25mm) are unquestionably awesome. However, they are likewise the most costly. If you’re a novice player, you most likely will not have the option to tell a lot of distinction somewhere in the range of 22mm and 25mm. The nature of 22mm is phenomenal. 25mm is only a little better.

What are the best ping pong tables made of?

While indoor tables regularly have their table tops made out of compressed wood, the outside tables need to adapt to different antagonistic climate conditions in some cases, and this is the explanation that they are developed with nearly much concrete and strong material close by a strong development. The material utilized for making table tennis table top can be from Plywood, molecule board, plastic to metal and fibreglass. The greater part of these tables is worked with high-thickness fiberboard nowadays. Be that as it may, a medium thickness fiberboard is constantly suggested for an open-air table tennis table.

How does an air hockey table work?

There are mainly three parts of an air hockey table. They are the blowers, the rails and the tabletop surface. To make the game smooth and comfortable, the tabletop & blowers work together. There are some cavities in different tables to maintain the proper airflow through the blowers. It helps to minimize the friction on the surface. The table should be smooth itself. We can not neglect the importance of the rails. The rails should be designed properly to achieve the maximum rebound from the shot.

Wrapping it Up

Air hockey and ping pong are quite popular among indoor game lovers. They are very easy to play, and players of all ages can play without giving much physical effort. Two or four players can play at the same time. When it is a matter of fun, everyone loves to have more. If you are a table tennis lover, that doesn’t mean that you won’t play air hockey. Nowadays, many air hockey ping pong table combos available in the market double your enjoyment with their diversity. Modern tables come with a digital scoreboard, times and sound system. We hope you won’t face any challenges in purchasing the best air hockey ping pong table for you after going through this article. We have discussed the best gaming table combinations to provide you with a better gaming experience. However, don’t forget to consider dimensions, accessories, stability and construction, extra-game options, weight & storage etc., before buying a new table. Good luck with your shopping.

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