Best Franklin Sports Quikset Table Tennis Table Review

Best Franklin Sports Quikset Table Tennis Table Review

Previously setting up a ping pong table was time-consuming and very effective. But with the help of modern technology, manufacturers nowadays produce effortless and easy assemble ping pong tables. Among all the manufacturers, the Franklin is one of the tops. Franklin provides most of the table tennis accessories to make the game easy and comfortable. The table tennis tables from Franklin are very innovative and high quality.

One of the best table tennis tables that Franklin provides is the Franklin sports quikset table tennis table. This table set a new degree in the table tennis game. Setting up this table is like children’s play. This table tennis table features the shortest time in assembling.

Here, we will discuss each and everything of this table one by one simply so that table tennis players can effortlessly know why it is best and why they should choose it.

Who is it Recommended For

The Franklin Sports quikset table tennis table is not recommended for specific table tennis players. This table tennis table is recommended for all sorts of table tennis players.

The size of this table tennis table is the official size which is great news for professional players. Also, it is perfect for gaming clubs. This table can be the perfect choice for a home gaming room. Parents can enjoy quality time at home along with their children. Also, it can be used for friends gathering and parties for enjoyment. If your office has a sports room to keep the employees delighted and refreshed, then this table tennis table can set a whole other level.

So in short, this quickset table is an all-around table tennis table.

How We Reviewed

Before starting with the reviews, we would like to tell the readers about how we gather the information about this table. We have a sports research team. In this team, there are many table tennis players.

Those players have worked hard to check each and every detail of this table. They also played in this table to ensure its durability. So you can trust us and without any doubt choose this table for regular fun.

About Franklin Sports Quikset Table Tennis Table

Franklin Sports Quikset Table Tennis Table

Franklin Sports Quikset Table Tennis Table

If you are looking for a table tennis table for your home or office, or club sports room, consider this ping pong table. This table is one of the fastest table tennis tables in the market. Unlike other table tennis tables, it features less assemble time and more playing time. Also, the manufacturer used top-grade materials to construct this table.

Table surface Material- The whole table is made of durable and top-grade materials so that one can have a professional grade feeling while playing. The playing surface of this table tennis table is made of very smooth and thick High-Density Fiberboard (HDF) materials. The surface provides optimal ball bounce and a nice satisfying sound. Though it is available at an affordable price it seems and feels like an expensive table tennis table.

Base Material-To keep the table stable above the ground, it features sturdy legs. The legs are constructed with alloy steel. All of the legs are rustproof. Also, all the bars contain a built-in hinge system that is attached to the table frame. These hinges feature a locking mechanism to keep the legs stable and to obstruct the legs from any kind of movement.

And under the legs, there are 1-inch leg levers. This will help in providing stability to the table on an uneven surface. One can simply adjust these levers to get the desired table height.

Size and Weight- This quickest table tennis table is built with the size of a professional table. The table is 9 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 2 feet 5 inches high. That means one can organize recreational professional-grade tournaments with this table without any problem.

The weight of this table is only 80.01 pounds. One can carry this table by himself at the time of storage without the help of others.

Assemble- The assembling process will take mostly 10 minutes. This table will be ready to assemble out of the box. Most of the work has been done by the manufacturer.

The whole table is divided into two halves. And each of the halves will be folded. For installation, one has to unfold the halves and then unfold the legs. Then push each of the halves together. As you can see, the assembly process is as easy as pie. You will be able to play within some minutes after receiving the table.

Net and post- Net is also included in the table package. However, one has to install two of the posts for net installation. Each of the net posts comes with 2 wing nuts. For installation, one just needs to simply remove the wing nuts from the post. Then look for the designated holes on the side of the table. Simply insert each of the sides of the post on the holes of each of the table half then screw them from the other side.

The net features elastic bungees for attaching to the post. Simply insert the bungees on the post.

Easy Storage- As the assembling process, the storing process is also timeless. For storing, one needs to remove the net post from each side. Then simply fold the legs of each half of the table. As we mentioned before each half can be folded. Simply fold each half of the table and lock them with the built-in hinge locking mechanism. This mechanism ensures the table would not conduct any unwanted unfolding while not in use.

One can store this table inside the closet, in the storage room, and as well as under the bed.

Multipurpose- As the table is divided into two halves each of the halves can be used for different purposes. The table half can be used for card games and kid’s craftsmanship. Also, one can use the table half as a work desk. However, one must be careful with the table surface as it can get scratched which will decrease the playability and the top performance.





Franklin Sports


Black and Green

Dimension (L x W x H)

9’ x 5’ x 2’ and 5”


80.01 pounds

Top Material

High-Density Fiberboard

Base Material

Alloy Steel

Lever size





  • Easy assemble and quickest table tennis table in the table tennis world.
  • The official size table is suitable for recreational table tennis games at home and office and suitable for tournaments as well.
  • The smooth surface features a great bounce and feel.
  • A sturdy and durable base with a locking mechanism features more stability above ground.
  • Adjustable levers help in stabilizing the table above uneven surfaces.
  • Two halves of the table can be used for multipurpose like craftsmanship, work desk, and other games.
  • Easy to fold and easy to store under the bed, inside a closet, or in any other place inside the home.


  • Our research team was no to find any defects and they said that it seems pretty tough and well constructed.

Best Franklin Sports Quikset Table Tennis Table Review

How to Choose the Best Table Tennis Table

To choose the best table tennis table one just needs to consider a couple of important features that we will discuss below. The below features will surely help one in finding the best table for their regular fun.

Table Top- The playing performance of the table mostly depends on the ball’s bounce. And the ball’s bounce depends on the tabletop. The tabletop should be thick. Because the thicker the top, the more consistent bounce it will provide. Also, check the top is smooth and made of durable material.

Base- Base material should be very sturdy and hard so that the base features long durability and keeps the top stable at the time of playing. Base made of alloy steel is very durable. The base must feature a locking mechanism to keep the legs stable and saves the tabletop from unwanted falling.

Installation- Some table tennis tables come 90 to 95% preassembled. One just needs to attach the net posts and attach the net for playing. These are very effortless and one will have less installation time and more enjoying time.

Easy storage- Most table tennis table features easy folding. One just needs to remove the net and the posts, then fold the legs and fold each half of the table for storage. Try to choose those tables that are divided into two halves and each halve can be folded. These types of tables require less storage space.

Playing area- The size of the table depends on the playing area. For table tennis tournaments and gaming clubs, one should choose the standard size table. On the other hand, for home and office use, the manufacturers provide smaller size tables which are 1 half and even 2 half of the standard size table.

Why Franklin sports quikset table is known as the quickest table tennis table

Franklin sports quikset table is known as the quickest table because of its easy installation and storage process. It can be said that this table is 98% preassembled.

Before playing, one has to install the net posts and remove some nuts. And for storage, one just has to remove the posts and fold the legs. After that one has to fold table halves. Unlike this table, for installing other tables, one has to attach various screws which is time-consuming and bothersome. That is why this is the quickest table tennis table.

Is Franklin’s table tennis table worth buying

Franklin is one of the leading brands when it comes to purchasing table tennis or ping pong accessories. They produce different size table tennis tables for tournaments, home, office, gaming club, etc. The manufacturer uses top-grade surface and base materials for their tables. These tables are very durable and provide a nice ball bounce. Therefore, it can be said Franklin table tennis tables are worth buying.

Final Words

If one wants the quickest table tennis table for their office or home they should get this Franklin sports quikset table tennis table. This table has all the requirements and it is very durable. It features a premium professional feel. To know more about this table read this article. We have described all the things related to this table.

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