Best Table Tennis Glue Reviews

Best Table Tennis Glue Reviews In 2021

The most important consideration of a table tennis player is their paddle. If the paddle is well constructed and the rubber of the paddle is attached well with the blade then the only thing remaining is the player’s skill to win a tournament.

However, for attaching the rubber one will need the best table tennis glue to ensure that the rubber does not come off in the middle of a game. But while choosing one have to know which glue is approved by the ITTF, what are the important consideration to choose glue, and many more.

To answer all of these questions, we have made a list of some table tennis glues. Also, we will show what are the important considerations to choose table tennis glue. So buckle up.

Best Table Tennis Glue Reviews

With the help of table tennis tournament grade players in our research team, we have selected these table tennis glues. They also used these glues at the time of their table tennis tournaments and still now they use these. Not only that, but we have also examined these clues in our research lab to ensure these are harmless for the human body. So, without worrying one can choose any of the listed glues for their paddle rubber.

1. Butterfly Free Chack II Table Tennis Racket Glue


Features Descriptions
Brand Butterfly
Available sizes (ml) 20, 100, and 500
Weight 0.06 pounds
Glue Type Water-based

Free Chack II is the updated version of Free Chack. It is water-based glue and it does not contain any harmful chemicals. This glue provides superior bonding between the rubber and the table tennis blade. Also, as the water-based glue is the only approved glue in the ITTF, therefore, this glue is highly recommended for professional tournament table tennis players.

The glue is available in 3 different sizes. These are 20ml, 100ml, and 500ml. The price of this glue depends on the size. The bigger the glue, the higher the price will be.

Using the glue on the blade does not require too much effort. One just needs to apply it over the table tennis blade and on the rubber. Then spread the glue evenly to avoid any excess glue. Let the glue dry up for 10 to 15 minutes. And when the glue becomes transparent, simply apply the paddle rubber over the blade. Then press and roll the rubber all over the paddle. Make sure to cut the excess rubber from the paddle after using the glue.


  • This ITTF approved glue is best suited for professional table tennis players.
  • Provides a great bond between the rubber and the blade.
  • Applying the glue is effortless.
  • All the instructions and the safety measures are written on the body of the glue pack.


  • Does not come with any sponge. Otherwise, the adhesive is very durable and high-quality grade.

2. Butterfly Free Chack Table Tennis Racket Glue


Features Descriptions
Brand Butterfly
Available sizes (ml) 37 and 90
Weight 1.6 ounces
Glue Type Water-based
Accessories Sponges and A clip
Product Dimension 12” x 9” x 3”

Looking for table tennis paddle glue that would not cause any harm on your fingers and is easy to use then choose this one without any fear. This glue is the previous version of Free Chack II. It is also water-based glue. That means a professional table tennis player can apply it for their next tournament without any problem. The manufacturer used liquidized natural caoutchouc for this adhesive. This liquidized natural caoutchouc is known as natural rubber which performs greatly.

This glue pack is available in 2 different sizes of 37ml and 90ml. However, to reduce the effort of the applicator and keep the fingers safe, this glue comes with more than 10 sponges and a clip. With the help of the clip, one can conveniently hold a sponge. And unlike the first glue one can safely use it evenly over the paddle blade and rubber.

Also, one can easily remove the glue from the paddle and the sponge while changing the rubber. The package comes with a guide where all the instructions are written.


  •  Comes with lots of sponge and a clip for easy application.
  • Requires only 10 to 15 minutes for applying.
  • An amateur can also apply it without any issue.
  • Tournament grade glue.


  • It is overall a great adhesive for table tennis paddles.

3. JOOLA Table Tennis Rubber X-Glue


Features Descriptions
Available sizes (ml) 37 and 90
Weight 2.12 ounces
Glue Type Water-based
Product Dimension 5” x 3.7” x 1.3”

If you are looking for a fast-drying glue to enjoy more time by playing table tennis, then we are sure you will like this one. This table tennis rubber glue is produced by JOOLA. With this glue, the rubber installation process just requires 5 to 7 minutes. This glue features fast drying. It dries up within 2 to 3 minutes.

The manufacturer used the glue bottle innovatively. The bottle seems like a glue gun. The rubber and the paddle blade will be attached to each other very strongly. However, this glue does not arrive with any sponges, therefore, one has to buy the sponge separately. To get the sponge and applicator, one can simply contact the dealer. They provide a great friendly service. This JOOLA table tennis rubber glue is available in 2 different sizes.


  • Fast drying up table tennis rubber glue features strong and durable bonding.
  • Convenient bottle shape for an easy appliance.
  • Easy to remove the rubber for replacement.


  • No instruction and no applicator accessories.

4. GEWO Hydro Tec 90 ml


Features Descriptions
Brand GEWO
Available sizes (ml) 37
Weight 3.95 ounces
Glue Type Water-based
Product Dimension 4.7” x 2.6” x 1.38”
Accessories Sponges and A clip

This 90 ml table tennis rubber glue is enough to cover a lot of table tennis paddles. The glue is made with non-volatile organic compounds. Therefore, this water-based adhesive is eco-friendly and safe for humans as well. This glue comes with some sponges and a clip applicator so that one can easily apply it over the paddle and the rubber without any hassle.

If one wants to replace their rubber from the paddle blade for an upcoming table tennis tournament, then they definitely should use it. Because one does not have to damage their paddle surface for removing the rubber as the glue features easy removal. And there will be no stains of the glue as well.


  • Does not contain any volatile organic compounds.
  • Eco-friendly and safe for humans.
  • Features easy rubber removal and would not produce any leftover on the paddle blade.
  • Would not damage the paddle blade surface.
  • Easy applicable with the help of the sponge and the clip.


  • Perfect adhesive package and highly recommended by the users.

5. Donic Vario Clean Glue


Features Descriptions
Brand Donic
Available sizes (ml) 37
Glue Type Water-based
Accessories Clip and Sponge

The gluing process is very simple and straightforward. One just needs to apply the glue on the paddle blade and the rubber evenly. But if this simple process is not conducted properly, then there will be bubbles on the paddle blade and the rubber will come off very fast from the paddle blade.

To do the process correctly, this Donic Vario glue comes with a sponge and an applicator clip. With the help of the sponge and the clip applicator, one can simply apply the glue evenly. Also, the glue bottle is very conveniently designed. This glue is free from VOC and using this glue would not cause any health issues.


  • ITTF approved water-based safe glue.
  • Comes with all the necessary elements for hassle-free gluing.
  • Very fast drying and provides a great bond.


  • Does not have any problem and most users loved it.

Table Tennis Glue

Table Tennis Glue

Some tips to consider before choosing table tennis glue

Choosing the table tennis glue is not simple. Because if you choose the wrong glue, then in the middle of the game the rubber can come off from the paddle which can be very bothersome. So, one has to consider some features of the glue before choosing one for their table tennis rubber replacement.

Some most important considerations are given below.

Glue Type- Previously, table tennis players used VOC glue to attach the paddle rubber to the paddle blade. VOC was a very popular glue because of its effectiveness. However, there are some problems with that. The VOC is risky for health as it got harmful substances. Due to health issues, the ITTF banned this from using in tournaments.

The only approved glue by ITTF is water-based glue. Because it is as effective as VOC and does not produce harm to the human body. If you are a tournament-grade player who is in need of glue for his paddle then we highly recommend you choose the water-based glue. Also, those players who do not play often should try to use water-based glue and avoid VOC as it is highly harmful to human health.

If you are in search of water-based glue, then check the listed glues in the article above.

Durability- After determining the type of glue, the next most important thing to consider is the durability of the glue. One must know that water-based glue works for the top-grade table tennis rubber. So use a top grade rubber to ensure the glue creates a very strong bond between the rubber and the paddle. If the bond is strong enough, then it can be assured that the glue will provide long durability.

Size- Glues are available in various sizes. But while choosing a size, one should determine the price of the glue. Glue’s price varies depending on the size. Some table tennis glues are very costly and some are affordable. But it can be seen that there are fewer differences between the costly and affordable glues. So to make the cost worth check the reviews of other users while buying.

Applying accessories- Now, one does not want to apply the glue on the table tennis blade with their bare hands as glue can damage the skin of the hands. Therefore, applying accessories is a must. Some manufacturers provide sponges and clips with their glue which are very important for convenient and safe applying. Choosing one of these packs is very efficient.

On the other hand, some manufacturers do not provide any kind of applying accessories. If you purchase one of those glues, then you have to purchase the applying accessories separately which will cost extra.

Convenient bottle- A convenient glue bottle is very necessary for applying the glue effortlessly. The nozzle head glue bottles can serve the purpose.

How do you glue a table tennis paddle

As we mentioned before that if the gluing process is not conducted properly, then the rubber will come off from the paddle blade often and can even come off in the middle of a game. Therefore, now we will show you how you should glue a table tennis paddle to ensure the durability of the rubber.

Before starting with the process one must collect all the necessary accessories for the process. Here is the list of all the important accessories that one must have at the time of gluing the rubber to the paddle blade.

  • Glue
  • Sponge
  • Hand roller
  • Cutter

After ensuring all the listed accessories, now, one can conduct the process.

Step 1: The first step is to ensure the safety of the eyes. While removing the cover from the glue bottle glue can get into the eyes which can be dangerous. To get safe from this, one should use safety goggles.

Step 2: Simply, pour some glue on the rubber surface. Make sure not to pour too much glue. Then simply use the sponge to spread the glue throughout the whole rubber surface. Some manufacturers provide clips as well with the glue. Use the clip to hold the sponge and then use the sponge in one direction. Make a thin layer of glue. Some players like to use one layer of glue and some like multiple layers. Use the glue depending on your preference.

Step 3: After spreading the glue all over the rubber surface, let the glue dry up under a fan or in a well ventilated place.

Step 4: The next step is to apply the glue to the paddle blade. Here we will follow the same process. Simply, pour the glue on the blade surface and then use a sponge in one direction to create a thin layer of glue. Apply glue layers depending on your preference. Then let the glue dry up for 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 5: After ensuring both the rubber and the paddle are dried up now, one can easily attach the rubber with the paddle blade. Simply hold from the bottom of the rubber and then start from the bottom of the blade to attach the rubber. Set the rubber in the appropriate position.

Step 6: After ensuring the proper position, simply press the rubber and roll the rubber with a hand roller. Make sure to roll all around the paddle blade properly to ensure every corner is attached properly.

Step 7: Surely there will be excess rubber around the blade which must be cut. Use the cutter to cut the excess rubber while ensuring the blade is safe from any harm.

Step 8: Follow the same process to attach rubber on the opposite side of the paddle blade.

Can you glue table tennis rubber

Gluing the rubber to the table tennis paddle blade is very simple that even an amateur player can glue the rubber with ease. However, one must use the glue in the right way. Some people do not know how much glue they should use on the rubber or on the blade and end up using a lot of glue which damages the rubber and cause fast damage.

Why was speed glue banned

Speed glue was banned from ITTF because of the health issue. The speed glue seems to have an impact on the human body and also on the environment as well. This rule was established on June 27, 2007.

Now, the only approved glue by ITTF is water-based glue. If you want to get some, then check the above list.

Final Words

Attaching the rubber on the paddle blade with the best table tennis glue ensures a strong bonding and serves for a very long time. But wrong glue can do the opposite. It can damage the rubber surface and even the paddle blade. Therefore, one should choose table tennis glue by considering the important aspects.

In this article, we have a list of table tennis glue that contains the best one of all time and a buying guide that contains the most important considerations.

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