Butterfly Tenergy 05 Review

Butterfly Tenergy 05 Review Details

High tension rubber is a very essential component for any table tennis game. This is really good for contacting with high spin. Most of the professional players need rubber for generating more spin with the paddle and the ping pong ball.

Today, we are going to introduce high quality butterfly tenergy 05 rubbers. This rubber is super good and great for producing more spin while hitting the ping pong ball with high quality paddle. So, all players can choose this for their game. They can really improve their playing shots with more spin and speed.

In the below, we will review about this rubber so that players can easily understand about its power and performance. They can get more spin if they use this rubber. Let’s start today’s journey to know further about it.

Who Is This For

This is one of the famous table tennis rubber in the world. People all should use this for generating more spin while hitting the ball with any paddle. So, this is really great and perfect for professional players too.  Having all

Having all the necessary technologies with key features this ping pong rubber would be the first choice for professional players. Players can play the top and tough shots precisely with this ping pong rubber. Professional players can get more benefits from this paddle while playing any tournaments game.

So, every player can justify this rubber because of having all the necessary power to generate a huge amount of spin. Players can get more spin seriously better than other rubbers of this ping pong. This butterfly tenergy 05 is outstanding table tennis rubber.

Review Details of Butterfly Tenergy 05 ping pong Rubber

Before starting a review on this ping pong rubber, we want to say that our team worked hard for so many hours to find all details about this high quality table tennis rubber. We try to put an honest review on it. So, hope players will get more benefit by reading all reviews according to their main features.

Before starting the review we want to say that, this ping pong rubber is made for professionals that can generate more spins while hitting the ping pong ball with the paddle. So every player should try with this rubber.

Why People should love this paddle: Players need high qualityrubber for increasing their performances as they can improve and generate more spins in the game. Without any good quality rubber, they cannot play well though you are a pro-level player. So, here today we bring this new modern and high quality rubber for you. This rubber can generate more spins lot on the table with the ball. In the below, we will explain all details about this table tennis rubber.

Spin:In the ping pong game, there must need more spin to score a good score. Professional players always want more spin while hitting the ball. For this case, they sometimes use many technologies or high quality paddles. But, there is something special to generate more spin. This butterfly tenergy rubber can make more spin while striking the ping pong ball with the paddle.

Here, they can easily get both two spin like topspin and also backspin. But, in the game there is so much need mainly topspin. So, this rubber is used to generate topspin a lot. Tenergy 05 rubber has the ability to grip the ping pong ball nicely and allow generating more spins while hitting the ball. Our team researched by playing with this tenergy 05 rubbers. It really allows producing a tremendous amount of spin while hitting the ball. So, we strongly suggest using this rubber for getting a lot of topspin. Players can create pressure using this topspin to the opponents. It is really reliable to generate spins. All players can get extra confidence after striking every shot of the ball because of facing more topspin.

So, at last, professional players can really get more benefits as they can feel while touching with the ball and paddle. And another thing is they can produce more topspin. While playing topspin shots against the backspin, players can create this topspin effortlessly. It is easy to play against the backspin because of generating lots of topspin automatically.

Flat Hit:Players usually can play the flat shots easily. But sometimes, using the excess amount of rubbers they cannot play well any flat shots. But, in this case, here used butterfly tenergy 05 rubbers. They can easily make any flat hits. There is no problem at all with this rubber.

Flick:This is always a top-list shot for every professional player. So, using this energy 05 rubber they can able to make these flick shots easily. Even they can make this with topspin too. So, it is really amazing having this rubber to make flick shots including also topspin. Sometimes, beginner or intermediate players need some skill to play flick shots. So, they cannot make these kinds of shots. But having energy 05 rubbers on the paddle, they can able to play these kinds of flick shots perfectly. This rubber can grip the ball accurately so that it can be easy to play flick shots and dominate the opponent players.

Serve Quality:To serve the first shots more accurately cannot be happened all-time. It is quite difficult to serve properly overtime. But using tenergy 05 rubber anyone can serve the top quality shots every time. Players can generate topspin as well as backspin and side spin. It does not matter what kinds of spin are generated. This is the main subject to serve the ball perfectly along with more spin. So, players can do this very easily if there is used tenergy 05 rubber. Players can also push and block shots using this rubber. It is also possible to make better using this tenergy 05 rubber. So, now a day, professional players show keenly interested to use this tenergy 05 rubber.

Spin and Speed: It delivers a higher rate of spin. Players can hit the ball with more spin so that it can be easy to beat the opponent players. So, it can offer more spins at a time with high speed. Players can play all kinds of shots immediately with topspin. They can repeat quick attack shots using this paddle. So, undoubtedly, this ping pong tenergy 05 rubbers is super for the players to get more power with topspin. Players can use this for getting more spin against backspin also.








Country of Origin



High-tension Pimples-In

Skill level




Sport Type

Table Tennis




9 / 10


9.5 / 10

Slow Looping

9 / 10

Fast Looping

10 / 10




8 / 10




9 / 10


9.5 / 10


Unisex Youth




  • It is constructed with high-tension rubber.
  • Superfast.
  • Great durability during playing.
  • Excellent flick and block shots.
  • Players can get more spin.
  • So flexible.
  • The arc is really so high.
  • Great controlling with more spin.
  • Exceptional grip on ball strikes.
  • It is great for beginner-intermediate levels players.
  • Here used, high quality sponge technology.
  • This rubber is so tacky.
  • This can generate more topspin. 


  • This is so high quality rubber, so there are a lot of pros without any cons.
  • We cannot find any major cons of this tenergy 05 rubber.

Butterfly Tenergy 05

Butterfly Tenergy 05

Mind something while buying a new tenergy 05table tennisrubber

People may need high quality rubbers for generating more spin. Depending on people’s choices manufacturers try to produce a lot of different kinds of ping pong rubbers. For using this rubber, there are some reasons to buy this rubber surely. While buying this rubber, they can check some necessary major factors. Otherwise, they cannot get the desire best one table tennis rubber. Having some special features this tenergy rubber can be the best choice for people.

Spin Rating: People can check first its spin ratings. These are the main necessary things to check. Playersalways want to more spin while hitting the ball. So, this can happen only when there is huge high quality rubber. So, people should check its rubber for generating more topspin. In the above, we already explained about its topspin as well as another spin too.

Shot Quality:Using this tenergy 05 rubber, players can easily play flick, serve, block, and also flat shots very easily. So, they can also check its overall performance before buying any new rubber from the market.

Is it worthy enough

Undoubtedly, this tenergy 05 rubber is super worthy of its price. Players can get more spin while hitting the ball. So, it will be helpful to dominate opposing players with more striking with a huge amount of topspin. So, people should use this rubber to generate more spins.

Final Words

Players can get more topspin using this tenergy 05 rubber. But, they should buy the best one from the market. In the above of this article, we explained all details about this rubber. So, anyone can easily buy this butterfly tenergy 05 rubber to generate more spin. They can play easily with a huge amount of topspin against backspin. So, read this article more and more to know better. Hopefully, this article will be helpful to choose the best table tennis rubber.

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