10 surprising celebrities who love playing ping pong

10 Surprising Celebrities Who Love Playing Ping Pong

Ping pong is a game that gets played in the entire world. Lots of people are fond of this game for its tricky shots and easy movements. The zigzag shots smash, spines are enough for attracting the attention of all leveled and experienced players. In some states, the game gets listed in the national level of competition where the players get faced each other with their experience and skills. Having a good attachment with the ping pong game by some well known celebrities is not a big deal. In order to know briefly about them, today is our topic about celebrity ping pong and 6 surprising celebrities who love playing ping pong.

Celebrity ping pong

There is no difference between regular ping pong games and celebrity ping pong. From the area to the equipment, all remain the same for the celebs too. Just the difference is the iconic personalities used to play the game no matter how skillful they are. Some of the celebrities love to play the game for entertainment whereas some try to pull their skills to a potential level.

There are six celebrities with great fame who love to play the ping pong game. They may reveal as a mystery as most people never expected them as a ping pong player.

1. Justin Bieber

Everyone knows the brown haired little boy from the “Baby” song. Yes, you guessed right. That is none other than Justin Bieber. But has someone ever thought or knew about his passion? Certainly not. This young pop star loves to spend his quality time playing ping pong. No matter how skillful he is, he just loves to fulfill his passion and hobby. In a press conference, the personal assistant of Justin Bieber reveals that “Bieber always demands a mini ping pong table at his every event and program”. This statement indicates the addiction of Justin Bieber to the game and giving priority to his other passions.

2. Kate Upton

She’s definitely a beauty queen with her charming body figure and attractive face. But did you know she loves the play ping pong game? Yes, it is true. It will surprise you a lot that, she had arranged a total ping pong tournament into her wedding back in 2017 with her loving Justin Verlander.

If a person can attach a huge tournament of ping pong to her wedding, she’s a person with a huge passion for the game. In the USA Today magazine, she also said that it was important for her and her husband to make the wedding looks like a vacation with their family and friends. It means that she has highlighted the great importance and value of the ping pong game.

3. Tom Brady

Not only the media leveled celebrities get engaged with the game, but some of the famous celebs from other sectors also love to go through the ping pong game for their leisure purpose. Even the footballers come with the same passion and choice for table tennis.

One of them is footballer Tom Brady. With some outstanding success and winnings, he is greatly known as the quarterback star of Club England Patriots. Tom Brady is also known as a great competitor in the ping pong game.

Clever and tricky shots of the game with excellent physical movements attracted Brady to the ping pong game that has led him as the alternative game. With some great efforts and practice, Brady tried to pull up his career into the game that has gone for a lost project later.

4. Andrea Pirlo

Like Brady, Andrea Pirlo also belongs to the football game. He was a former football player from Italy who is now playing the role of a coach for Club Juventus. Besides training the football, he used to play ping pong in his leisure time.

It is said that Pirlo is very good at ping pong games just like football. Even some of the professional level ping pong players have accepted their losing playing against Pirlo. When asking about his strategy, Pirlo explained that it is all the matter of desiring and practicing that has placed him as a good ping pong player.

5. Pearl Jam

It is a simple issue of having an attraction for the ping pong game by a single celebrity. But it how will look like if there is an entire music band with their members attracted to the game? it will look great.

Talking about the great Pearl Jam band from Seattle, Washington. For having the passion for the table tennis game by this total band, Pearl Jam has revealed that there is no age or any area required for playing the game. You can start the game anywhere, anytime and anyone. That is what they believe.

In history, the gameplay moment of Pearl Jam will be listed forever. During their encore break, the crewmates of Pearl Jam brought a ping pong table along with 4 hitters and a ping pong ball. They played the Star Wars theme on loudspeakers and started to play with the music challenge. From this incident, it had been placed as the first ever live music challenge in the entire world.

6. Daniel Radcliffe

Who doesn’t know Harry Potter? Very few will reply negatively. But they may not know what Horry Potter aka Daniel Radcliffe loves to in real life. Every person has a least of attraction about the game. So do Daniel Radcliffe.

In search of favorite sports, Daniel Radcliffe explained that he loves to play ping the ping pong game. Favorite sports may get preferred by most celebrities for playing as a part of leisure time. But in that case, Radcliffe has declared his desire for the game as an accurate first date activity.

Even in an interview that was taken by Vogue, Radcliffe gets seen playing the game in a comfortable situation while frequently talking with the interviewer. It has shown that Radcliffe doesn’t have any hesitation at all while doing other things with playing the game.

7. Bob Marley

The famous Jamaican singer Robert Nesta Marley aka Bob Marley was a huge fan of the ping pong game. At an early age, Marley used to get play the ping pong game with his fellow ones. In some photos, he got seen holding the hitter in hand with a smile against his opponent.

Without having a good skill or experience, a smile of victory wouldn’t have seen on his face. Though Marley never discussed his passion for the game, some of his great followers claim that he used to play with some great skills and performances against his opponents.

8. David Cameron and Barack Obama duo

In the entire celebrity Ping Pong player listing, this one can be considered as the most outstanding and powerful one easily. Expecting a ping pong game from one of the most powerful people in the world is a simple fact. But how about there are two most powerful men in the world as teammates in the game?

The former president from the USA, Barack Obama has a good identity as a good ping pong player. During a school tour in London, the President himself took part in the game with the unexpected team up with former Prime Minister from Britain, David Cameron!

It was a memorable moment that took part in the history as they both have played with great effort. The former table tennis champion Alan Cooke has witnessed the gameplay footage and praised the skills and controls of Barack Obama.

9. Bruce Lee

Considering the celebrities and their Ping pong gaming, Bruce Lee also comes into the listing. Avoiding all the other celebs, Bruce Lee has taken part in the ping pong game by using a different type of equipment.

To show how skillful he is, Bruce Lee had used a nunchuck instead of the hitter and played outstanding. Though he was not passionate and well known about the game, all of his martial skills and techniques had left the bounding and let him perform with maximum effort.

Though some of the experts claim that, the performance didn’t take place by Bruce Lee on his own, but it has to believe that either the performance was real or fake, either it took place in reality, Bruce Lee can perform best.

10. Susan Sarandon

Going back to the previous times, a lady was known for her great acting and performance. She is none other than Susan Sarandon, the former Hollywood actress and winner of the Academic Award. She also loves to play table tennis game like others.

Besides having this attraction for the game, Susan Sarandon is also a co-founder of the International level Ping Pong Lounges chain. In terms of the statement, Susan has explained the game with very simple but excellent words.

She believes that ping pong is a pure native game where a small girl can even also defeat a big muscled guy with her intelligence and tricky shots. Besides, there is no high costing for playing the game and it helps to stay focused and keep the mind calm down.

On the other hand, she has taken the importance of this game to the maximum level saying that, the game is so clean that it can be played until death.

So we have taken a good idea about the celebrities that surprisingly attached with the ping pong. Some of their followers who didn’t have thought about their existence in the game will feel proud and amazed knowing the factors. Celebrity ping pong along with 10 surprising celebrity who loves playing ping pong has been described with great factors. Check them out either your favorite personality comes in the listing.

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