Cornilleau 500m Review

Cornilleau 500m Review ( Details information )

This is a ping pong table for use in indoor and outdoor places. Cornilleau is manufactured in France. This 500m table tennis table is so good to play with. People get an adequate bounce on this table. The built quality of this table is durable. This can provide ten years’ service. The design of the Cornilleau table is perfect for outdoor places. People can store and open this ping pong table tennis easily. There is also have additional storage for keeping ping pong balls and bats in the Cornilleau 500m table.

People who are willing to buy a ping pong table will get all the necessary information about this product in this article. We also provide the whole specification of this product. One can know about the pros and cons of this ping pong table through this article.  Cornilleau 500m is considered one of the best outdoor ping pong tables. People can play with their family and friends with this. Anyone can use Cornilleau 500m table in their home.

How We Reviewed Cornilleau 500m

Cornilleau 500m is known as the best outdoor product for playing table tennis in outdoor places. People who play their ping pong with this Cornilleau 500m gives us a positive review. Our team members also analyzing a good number of person’s opinions. Besides, we also compare the built quality and other features of this ping pong table with similar kinds of other products. All these things help us to maintain transparency in our review. People will find every necessary information about the quality, features and other things about Cornilleau 500m. Our review of this product will help the buyers to make their decision. One can know every details information of this product through this article.

Details Information About Cornilleau 500m

People can play table tennis with Cornilleau 500m. This product is mostly used in outdoor places. There have four wheels which help to move this from one place to another. The feet of this table is long enough to play easily. Some other additional features of Cornilleau 500m makes it more useful to the ping pong player. People also have the option of storing this in an outdoor place. One can use this product in indoor places too. There are some key features of this product that are discussing below.

Built quality: Manufacturers use different kinds of materials for making this product. High-quality polyester is used to make the surface of the table. That is capable to give enough durability. The manufacturer also uses quality alloy steel as the base material of Cornilleau 500m. That gives more stability to the people while they are playing with this. The strong base of this product also helps to increase the lifetime of this product.

Frame material:The frame material of Cornilleau 500m is made with galvanized steel. That support the table surface. The size of the frame is 2.25 inches. The frame of the Cornilleau 500m table can keep the player safe from any kind of injury. The frame of Cornilleau 500m is wheelchair friendly. That allows more stability of the table.

The surface quality of Cornilleau 500m: The producer of this table uses a 7mm Laminate Surface in this ping pong table. That helps the players to get the adequate bounce. This surface material also saves the table from the outdoor weather condition.Cornilleau 500m table is waterproof because of this. The quality of this table surface is great. People get more pleasure in their games. Cornilleau 500m is a foldable ping pong table. This table is divided into two halves. Both the halves are made with the same surface material.

Safe and easy to fold:The design of Cornilleau 500m is amazing. This is a folding ping pong table. People don’t need to push hard for folding. There are four legs of this table. All the legs of Cornilleau 500m are adjustable. People can fold and open this ping pong table in 30 seconds. There are also have sixteen different locking options in the whole ping pong table. That allows the people to keep this anywhere.

Wheel of this ping pong table:The size of the wheels are 8 inches. The manufacturer of this product uses the best size and durable wheels. In general, the wheel size of the other ping pong tables is between four to five inches.All the wheels are moveable. One can easily turn Cornilleau 500m to any angle. There is also have a locking system on the wheels. That help to make this ping pong table more stable for the users. People can store Cornilleau 500m safely because of having locked in the wheels.

Storage for the ping pong bats and balls: This is the most attractive feature of Cornilleau 500m. Four bats and Eight balls can easily store in this ping pong table. This is not wise to keep the ping pong bat and balls with the table in the rainy weather. There are also have ball dispenser’s options for the table tennis player. However, ping pong bats and balls are not offered with the product.

Adjustable net: The net is provided with the product. People can adjust the net of this ping pong table before starting their game. Table tennis players don’t need to remove the nets while folding the Cornilleau 500m. The perfect height can maintain in every game because of this.


Name of the brand


The model number of this product




The surface material of the table


The base material of this product

Allot steel

Material of the frame

Galvanized Steel

Dimension of the product


107.87 x 60.04 x 29.92 inches

Weight of the product

72 Kilograms

Size of the wheels

8 inches


  • The construction quality of this ping pong table is great.
  • The manufacturer uses 7mm Laminate on the surface of the table.
  • Able to give appropriate bounce in everywhere of the table.
  • The frame material is galvanized steel.
  • The height of this ping pong table is perfect for the players.
  • Can use this in an outdoor and indoor place.
  • The design of Cornilleau 500m is wheelchair friendly.
  • People can move this table easily.
  • There have sixteen different locking systems in this table.
  • The size of the wheels is 8 inches.
  • The net of this product is adjustable.
  • The surface of the table is waterproof.
  • People also find additional space for the ping pong bats and balls on the table.
  • One can fold this ping pong table so easily.
  • The legs of this table are strong and durable.
  • Gives adequate stability to the table tennis players.
  • The lifetime of Cornilleau 500m is ten years.


  • People need 90 minutes to assemble Cornilleau 500m ping pong table.
  • This is a heavyweight ping pong table.

Cornilleau 500m

Cornilleau 500m

Whom This Is For

Cornilleau 500m is designed for outdoor table tennis players. All the features of this ping pong table are positive to set up in the outdoor places. People can move this ping pong table easily with the four long size moveable wheels. Besides, one can open or restore the Cornilleau 500m within 30 seconds. This ping pong table is divided into two halves. That also safe space in the outdoor place. Additional storage is also offered by the manufacturer. Overall this is the best product for outdoor table tennis players. One can use this in indoor places too.

Factors to consider while buying Cornilleau 500m ping pong table

The buying pattern varies due to many things. People also need to think about the setup position of the table before buying. The manufacturer provides several kinds of ping pong tables for set-up in indoor and outdoor places. Moreover, some vital factors influence the buying decision. Those are discussing below.

Size of the ping pong table: The appropriate height of the ping pong table is 9 feet and the size of the wide is five feet. That is the standard size of the ping pong table. People need to buy this specific size for getting the perfect size ping pong table.

Construction material: The durability of the product depends on the construction material. One needs to focus on the base and frame materials. Alloy steel construction base and frame can be the best choice. That gives more stability and safety to the ping pong players. The material of the table surface is one of the choosing factors. The bounce and quality of gameplay depending on this. People need to choose the best polyester material surface for their ping pong table. Laminate is one of the best surface materials for ping pong tables.

The thickness of the table: That varies according to the places. 1 inches thickness is the standard for the indoor ping pong table. This is also authorized by the ITTF. The outdoor ping pong table needs 7mm thickness. That is the best choice for the outdoor players.

Set up the process: This must be quick and hassle-free for the people. Otherwise, this will create difficulties. People need to choose the perfect design for this. That will help them to set up quickly. This feature is so vital for the outdoor ping pong table.

Apart from these factors, ping pong players need to consider the safety, purpose of use, weight and many other relative things. Price also influences the decision of the buyers. People need to consider all of the above factors to buy the best ping pong table.

Final words

Cornilleau 500m is the best choice for using this in outdoor places. Some other ping pong tables are also available in the market. That can give almost the same service to the ping pong players. However, this Cornilleau 500m can use in indoor places too. One must choose the separate category of ping pong tables for the indoor and outdoor places. That will helps the ping pong player to perform better in their game.

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