How to Fold a Stiga Ping Pong Table

How to Fold a Stiga Ping Pong Table?

There are so many kinds of indoor games available in the whole world. Some of them are very creative, some are energetic, some are mind games and some of them are very funny. All of the indoor games require some parts and instruments to complete the game. As well as the table tennis game too. This game has some important equipment in it. The table, net, ping pong ball, and the bat is the main instrument of this game. In this topic, we will talk about a famous brand for ping pong tables and also know how to fold the table. So let’s start.

How to Fold a Stiga Ping Pong Table?

A ping pong table is the most needed thing in the game. You may play without the net, may use another ball and bat as the alternative to ping pong bat and balls, but you can’t play the ping pong game without the table. Because the table has an accurate measurement for the game from each side. The general size of a ping pong table is 9 feet long in length and 6 feet wide.

Most of the tables come in two different separate pieces. This size is used for national and international games. It is a very common dimension of a ping pong table. But the sizes may vary according to the category of the tables. Let us know about the ping pong table from the brand named Stiga.

Stiga Ping Pong Tables

There are so many popular brands of ping pong games all over the world. Stiga is one of them. it is a Swedish brand that produces all kinds of ping pong game related items. The brand has some excellent quality products to them which are very much popular to the users. They have adjustable ping pong tables to them. Adjustable means they can easily fold up or can be detached from each other. Let’s know about the process of folding the ping pong table below:

Folding the ping pong table is only for those types of tables that have the folding option or the feature. There are some tables for the ping pong game that has no folding option in them. They are not possible to fold. So, folding is only applicable for those tables which are double parted. Let us know about the system.

First of all,

  • Remove the net from the table. The net is situated between the two parts of the table. They are attached by using the clamps. Remove the clamps by using the tools.
  • Pull up the table a little bit. It will help to remove the net easily from the lock
  • Create a good pressure at each hinge of the table until it gets bent perfectly. But careful, don’t give a lot of pressure. It may break the table
  • If you can successfully fold one table, go for another one

This is how you can easily fold up the Stiga ping pong table.

The Unfolding Process for Stiga Ping Pong Tables

If the folding in the process has been described above, the folding out process should also be added. Here is the process of unfolding out the Stiga ping pong table below:

  • First of all, fold out the legs of the table as the main part of the table is attached to them. For a quick response, try to pull the hinges down slowly so that the lower legs are getting opened
  • After the legs get opened perfectly, make sure that both of the sides have been placed at the right height. The table will not adjust with each other if they will not be in the accurate height and position.
  • Connect the net by using steel clamps and put the net in the middle of two parts of the table. Make sure that both two parts of the table have been connected perfectly. Otherwise, the net will not be placed and tight up
  • So these are the rules to follow for folding or unfolding the Stiga ping pong table. As all of the tables of Stiga are the same, there is no extra procedure of folding and unfolding the tables except this
  • But, as we said that there are some different types and sizes of the tables, they have a different method of folding them. let’s discuss some of the other processes to fold the table below:
  • The lock system: There are some different types of ping pong tables that have the lock system. These kinds of ping pong tables are not often seen. They have two sided locks under the corners of each part of the table. The locks are easy to set and remove. If the locks are set, that means the table can’t be easily opened. The table has to fold after closing the lockset. This is a good thing and feature. Sometimes, the table may unfold if it gets any kind of pressure. It can become dangerous that time. It is perfect to use and set up by using adjustable handles. But these kind of tables are not much popular in the game
  • Wheel system: This type of folding table is a little bit costly compare to other tables. It has 4/6 pieces of bearing attached with the wheels that are situated under the table. This bearing and wheels help to balance the table while folding. This table doesn’t need any kind of powerful pressure or effort like the others. As it has the bearings in it, separate the table from the net and the clamp and give a little push on the hinges of the table. It will fold very easily and perfectly. There is a button that has to push after the table gets fold. The button is for locking the table with the table and the bearing so that it can’t unfold even under major or minor pressure. These kinds of tables are often seen in state or international level games. Because these tables are used for household activities and indoor games. Those who are fancy enough like to play the game inside of their house order these kinds of tables for their ping pong games.

Stiga Ping Pong Table

Stiga Ping Pong Table

The Usefulness of the Foldable Tables

Almost all branded ping pong tables are easy to fold. Though they contain different types of systems to fold and unfold, after folding, all of them look the same. Let us know about some of the advantages of the foldable ping pong tables:

  • The best advantage of the foldable table is, it can create a lot of space. As the ping pong tables have a good amount of size, they can cover enough places. But when they get folded, they can easily increase a lot of space. That is the most useful and good quality for the foldable ping pong table
  • It keeps the quality of the table stable for a long time compared to other tables. If tables with no foldable system can last 5 years, the foldable table will last more than 5 years. Because, the foldable table avoid all kind of dust, scratches and other elements that the nonfoldable table have to face. That is why the foldable table last long and stay in better condition than the non-foldable table
  • Sometimes, it becomes difficult to adjust the ping pong table in some places because of the sizes, but if it is a foldable table. You can even place it in your storeroom too if it is needed.

Stiga Master Series Ping Pong Table

This is one of the most premium ping pongs of Stiga. It is mainly for professional level players. But these tables are not appropriate for national and international level games. There are some functions in the table which make it more gorgeous and expensive. These tables are foldable too. But there is a little bit of difference in the folding system compare to the other ones. The ping pong table can be easily folded by pressing on the single side of the table.

It can also be fixed in the single table system where one part of the table can be used as the background and another part can be used for gameplay. This one is a very advanced ping pong table with a lot of features in it. Compare to the other foldable ping pong tables of Stiga, this one is the easiest and safest ping pong table

The ping pong table is a very essential thing for the game. They may not important for the higher level games, but there are some places where the folding system is very important for creating spaces. Besides, it becomes easy to move or place them if they are get folded. So whenever you choose, go for the foldable ping pong table if you’re wise enough

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