What is the shipping size of the franklin sports quikset table tennis table when in the box

What is the Shipping Size of the Franklin Sports Quikset Table Tennis Table When in the Box?

Franklin table is a sports material which is especially manufacturing for playing table tennis. The manufacturing company designed it with the best quality materials, just like other premium table tennis tables.

Their unique idea is very helpful for people. It can be arranged very easily. The dimension of a franklin sports quikset table tennis is 59.25″L x 35.63″W x 6.3″H. Anywhere can be set the table and start playing table tennis. It is such a good advantage for tennis loved people. Many kinds of sizes are available franklin sports quikeset table tennis. It was manufactured with a modern and unique design. Table tennis players are regularly using it comfortably.  Franklin sports quikset table are naturally used to play ping pong and table tennis.

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What is the shipping size of the franklin sports quikset table tennis table when in the box?

Franklin sports quikset tables were manufactured in different types and sizes. It can be divided part by part very simply. It was manufacturing based on tournament size as like -9 ft. x 5 ft. x 29.5 inches.

Quikset tables are designed into 2 parts. It can be folded easily after finished the game. The size of the table when it is folded in the box is 30inch X 54inch X 8inch. Sometimes the size can be increased by one to two inches reason of packaging. The Packaging dimensions of franklin sports quikset table tennis are 59.25″L x 35.63″W x 6.3″H. Easy to carry and put anywhere like home, office ground, etc.

Dimensions and Room Size

Table tennis tables should be purchased depending on the size of the room. If there is more space in the room, it can be played very well in relaxation. There are some standard dimensions of table tennis are 2.74 m long,1.525 m wide, and 76 m height expedient from the floor. There are some others materials like ping pong paddles, balls, net, etc.

About Franklin sports quikset table tennis

We all hear about the name of franklin quikset mini Table Tennis table. Generally, it is made for playing table tennis. It becomes a favorite for players in running time. People like to play at this table. It is made by a folded system. It can be folded into 4 parts. It can take short storage in the room. It is can be an installation in few minutes. The midsize of the quikset table is 182.9 x 91.4 x 76.2 cm.

The steel legs in it are made very strong so that they can last for many days. All these things are very well made and strong. As if a light blow does not break the game. It is manufactured in different colors depends on customer choice.  It is not made of heavy materials.  The weight of the franklin table is 63 pounds only. That is not so heavy for carrying. There is no includes in batteries. Various countries are used it very friendly. It is used so much by London, England, and USA Peoples.

Tools Assembly

Franklin table is a folded system. It is easy to connect all parts in a short time. On the full package, there are different types of materials used to connect. In the package, there are many things on the table like steel legs, some pairs of skew, metal post, net, support bar, plastics clips, etc. we can set it quickly and start playing anywhere. The tools can be set up manually. You don’t have to take training anywhere to set up. It is the most strong and best table tennis table ever.

How to fit a franklin sports quikset Table Tennis table

The table fitting system is given below:

1. Firstly you have to unfold the parts. The screws have to be separated. Remove all posts and erect the legs levels.

2. Secondly, You have to screw those legs. Add the plastic clips, leg levels and also add the support bar.

3. You have to attach a support bolt to the joint under the table.

4. You have to get the table on the end with the help bar and turn around the table.

5.  You have to push over the table and add the net and caps.

 Features of franklin sports table tennis table

The table has many features. This table is very different and better than the rest. This is a big advantage as it takes up less space. We will discuss some of the features of this table.

Table Tennis Table

Table Tennis Table

Indoor and Outdoor

This table is very environmentally friendly. Peoples can play anywhere at the franklin table tennis table. It is a nice medium for playing table tennis.  It is perfect for outdoor and indoor playing. It can be set ground or field and start to play like regularly. Peoples can take it outdoor and set easily for playing as like picnic spot.


The Franklin Quikset table is manufactured with very good materials. Which cannot be easily broken. It is made in such a way that it lasts for many years. The customer should not have to suffer in any way. And this is why the Franklin table tennis table is so popular.

Play level

Different Types of Table Tennis tables are made of different materials. So you can’t play well in all of them. You can play well only on those tables that are made with good materials. Also, Franklin sports table tennis can be played well because it is made of good materials. So, everyone likes to play at this table. Beginner-level players should therefore use the Franklin Sports Table Tennis Table. It is a good practice for a player.


Franklin sports table tennis has portability. People can carry the table tennis table frequently on folded anywhere that they want. It is a plus point for a player. It can be folded into four parts. It is a lightweight Table.  For this kind of reason people fond to carry it.


Franklin sports tables are manufactured with good materials. Material is the major part of table tennis. If the materials are not good players will not play well. So, the material is the essential part of a table tennis table.

Different Brands of Franklin sports quikset table

There are many types of branded tables. Everyone makes their style. There are some good brands that everyone likes and buys. There are some such brand names include Franklin sports, prince, DHS, Optima. That is all are the best brand for table tennis table. Good players always buy a good table and suggest everyone for a corner.

Final Word

We learned from above about the Sports Quickset Table Tennis Table in Franklin. There we learned about the size of table tennis, how much better material is needed in table tennis. How to put the parts together to make the table tennis table stands properly.  We learned about different brand. We have learned that table tennis can be taken anywhere we want to play. About the size of the Franklin sports table tennis. Franklin table tennis table is user-friendly. It can be fit very easily. It is not like a cheap table tennis table. We found the franklin sports quikset table tennis table size. We can understand the exact size of it.

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