Halex Table Tennis Set Review

Halex Table Tennis Set Review In 2021

Playingtable tennis involves table tennis table, paddle, ball, and net. Those are the must equipment. Some tables have all the necessary equipment but not every one of them. People may have to buy the paddles, balls, and net for the game. It is best to buy a set which will be convenient and the best value for the money.

Moreover, a good set having a pair of quality paddles, balls, and a net are important. Not every manufacturer will offer all of the pieces of equipment in good quality. However, searching with basic knowledge will lead to the Halex Table Tennis Set with the best quality and value.

Who should Use Halex Table Tennis Set

People who have already bought a table tennis table and do not have the other equipment can buy this set. Looking for a quality table tennis set will end in Halex table tennis set for the best performance. Planning to improve the game and having fun with family can use this set.

Is Halex a Good Brand

Halex is a renowned brand. This brand is in the market for centuries. Though this is not a table tennis dedicated brand, the product it’s made is of the best of all. They manufacture manytypes of equipmentfor several games and all of them are of the best quality. So, one can say that Halex is a good brand.

How reliable is the Halex Table Tennis Set for the Advance Player

Halex is not a brand that specialized in table tennis pieces of equipment. They manufacture many game equipment and table tennis is one of them. However, they do make a quality product. But the reliability of those products for the advanced level table tennis player is questioned.

How many players Can Play With the Halex Table Tennis Set at a Time

The Halex table tennis set includes four paddles, four-ball, and a net. The number of players is equal to the number of the paddle. That means four players can play with the four paddles at a time. If the table of the buyer is dimension enough for four people then four people can play by the Halex table tennis set at a time.

What are the Things One should consider while Buyinga Table Tennis Set

Buying a table tennis set is not hard if the main focus is to enjoy the game not to improve the game. But, if one is looking for a set that will improve the game and help develop their skill is the hardest thing. Because a set manufactured by a brand does not always hold the best quality for all the equipment in a set. Even renowned brands fail to do that.

However, the market still has some best brandsthat never compromise their quality even they have to lower their profit. So, to buy a set for a table tennis game without the table require some basic knowledge, those are

Quality of the Paddles

Before checking the quality of the paddles, the first one has to consider how many paddles they want in a package. If they have a table of two-player then a minimum of two paddle sets is enough. As for the table of four players, a minimum of four paddle sets is required. Because four players cannot play with two paddles at a time.

Moreover, for the quality of the paddle, they must be made out of high-quality wood and rubber. For durability, one must check the quality and stickiness of the rubber. Players who want paddles of competition level can consider buying paddles of ITTF approved rubber.

Besides, one should check the grip, spin, and speed of the paddle from the detailed description of the package.

Balls : Though people almost forget the quality of the table tennis ball, it makes a significant contribution to the game. For the best performance, one must select the ball of heavy-duty and durable. The quality ball must have an official dimension and size. If one got confused they simply buy the ball of ITTF approved size and weight.

Since the package should contain paddles of ITTF approved, it is required or expected that the balls of the package will be the same.

Net : The net of the table tennis game is the divider of the two sides of the table. The quality of the table tennis net does not matter in the game much. The thing to consider is the height of the net. Another thing is that one makes sure that the net does not blow when there is small wind.

Halex Table Tennis Set Review

Table tennis is a game of fun and health. One can have fun along with having good exercise. Expert says table tennis is a game of good exercise. One can play this game with friends and family or improve skills to get into an official tournament. For this, besidesa table tennis table, one can buy a set of other equipment. This Halex Table Tennis Set is a good option in an affordable price range. One will find everything in this set for a game of four players.

This table tennis set will meet the basic requirements of the buyer with the perfect amount of equipment. Let’s see the demonstrative illustration of the set.

Paddles : Before checking the quality of the paddles, the first one has to consider how many paddles they want in a package. If they have a table of two-player then a minimum of two paddle sets is enough. As for the table of four players, a minimum of four paddle sets is required. Because four players cannot play with two paddles at a time.

As for this package, it has four paddles of five-ply hardwood with natural pip-up rubber in assorted colors. One will get a perfect grip, comfort while playing with the paddles. Flared handle used in the paddles for increased comfort of the user. They used a 1.5 mm sponge and protective taped edge for better performance.

Ball : This package includes a three-ball of one star. Those balls are not of high quality but will do fine as a fun game. They will not bounce so perfectly and will not create any advanced feel. However, those balls are perfect for the beginning-level player. They can improve their game with these balls.

Net : One will get 6 inches by 66 inches nylon mesh net with slip-on metal sleeves. Also durable steel posts for the connection. All the necessary equipment to mountain the net on the table is included. One does not have to buy anything extra to enjoy the game with this package.









Red, Blue, Green




12 x 10.5 x 2.3 inches




0.02 Pounds

Assembly Required


Number of Players

Minimum 2 and maximum 4

Base Material

Metal, Wood, Alloy Steel


  • It’s a complete set to play table tennis.
  • All the pieces of equipment are made of high-quality material.
  • The paddles will be perfect for four players at a time.
  • Paddles are made for great feel and great performance.
  • The net of the package comes with all the mounting equipment.


  • Not for the advance level players.


Reading this article till now already know so much about a complete set of the table tennis game. Also, they must have an idea about the Halex Table Tennis Set for the game. Hopefully, they are already convinced that this brand is a renowned brand and all their products are of the best quality.

As for this set, it includes pieces of equipment for the game of average performance. One can buy those to have fun with friends and family. Also, the beginner can improve their game with this set. However, one must remember this set is not ITTF approved. So, it’s not for the advanced or professional.

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