How to hold a ping pong paddle

How to hold a ping pong paddle?

There are so many people who are very enthusiastic about ping pong paddle. Ping pong paddle is the alter name of table tennis. The game is very entertaining. There are many people in the country who loves to play this game. However, though they love the game some players even don’t know how to hold a ping pong paddle perfectly.

The first step of playing a ping pong paddle is to learn how to hold the ping pong paddle perfectly. Now if someone doesn’t know about it then there is nothing to worry about. It is not too late yet to learn how to hold the ping pong paddle.

How to Hold a Ping Pong Paddle?

If anyone wants to know about a way to hold the ping pong table then let me tell you good news. The news is there isn’t only one way to hold a ping pong paddle. There are several ways for holding a ping pong table. There are some ways for the beginner, some ways for the advanced player, and some tricky ways for experts. I know you are fired up and want to know about the ways.

So without further ado let’s start with the ways. If you want know Best Ping Pong Paddle Brand?

Shakehand Grip

The shakehand is a famous ping pong paddle holding technique. This technique is very suitable for beginners because it is very easy to hold. This name was given for the holding technique. One just simply has to hold the paddle as like they are shaking hands with others. However, if you are still facing difficulties and aren’t able to figure it out then here are the steps that you can follow to hold the paddle perfectly.

Step 1- Hold the paddle in the ‘V’ form. To have the V form simply spread your thumb and index fingers towards the edge of the paddle.

Step 2- Then use your middle, ring, and pinky fingers to grab the paddle. Simply think about the way how you shake hands with others. While shaking hands you hold the hand and wrap the fingers in the partner’s hand. Use the same technique here. Move the paddle and see how it feels. If it feels like the way of shaking another’s hand then it’s perfect.

Step 3- After that now stretch the index finger outwards like you are pointing at something. By doing this you will be able to stabilize your hand excess movements.

Step 4- In this step, simply wrap around the thumb in the handle of the paddle. Again in the same way while you are shaking hands. This way you will be able to have free movements of your hands which will be a great help at the time of the swing.

You can also rest your thumb against the front face of the paddle for comfort.

Disadvantages of Shakehand Grip

There are some disadvantages of this grip. One of the big disadvantages of this grip is that it will resist your hand movements. With this grip, you won’t be able to hit all the targets sometimes you will miss the ball. Make sure to grab the paddle firmly or else you won’t be able to move your hand freely if you hold the paddle tightly.

  • Penhold Grip

This technique is used by professionals. You would be amazed to know that the number one ping pong player Wang Hao uses this technique. There are many advantages of this technique. It will allow more freehand movements than the shakehand grip. Also, this grip allows a player to provide more spin to the ball.

In this technique hold the paddle the way you are holding a fountain pen. To know more follow the steps below.

Step 1- Start with the same process as you used to hold the paddle in the shakehand technique. That means simply grab the paddle in the ‘V’ shape.

Step 2- Make a loop using your thumb and index finger. To do this step think that you are going to write with the paddle like a pen. Simply move it forward and backward motion to feel the grip.

Step 3- Then in the backside of the paddle keep the middle, ring, and pinky finger relaxed. By doing this you will have the Chinese penhold grip. You will be able to move the paddle more freely and comfortably.

Step 4- If you want the Japanese penhold grip simply keep the middle, ring, and pinky fingers pointed outwards by keeping the ring and pinky fingers above the middle finger. This grip will allow more power to the paddle.

ping pong paddle

ping pong paddle


As this grip has many advantages there are some disadvantages too.

With the Chinese grip, a player won’t be able to spin the ball using the outside part of the paddle. On the other hand, with the Japanese penhold grip player won’t be able to change the paddle angle quickly to hit the ball.

  • Korean Grip

The Korean Grip has many advantages. Players will be able to move their wrists as their will. Also, it allows the player to have more rotation at the time of service in the forehand part. This gripping technique is a slight variant of the Japanese penhold technique. To have this technique one just needs to hold the handle while placing the middle, ring, and pinky fingers close to each other. And spread the index finger to the back of the paddle. Actually, it is the same grip as the shakehand.

What are the Basic Hand Grips in Table Tennis?

There is no restriction in holding the table tennis paddle. One can hold the paddle however they like. But it can be seen that there are two common grips used by all the famous and international players. Those grips are the Shakehand and the Penhold. Players like to use these grips because these are very comfortable and allow the players to move their hands as their will. It can be said that these two grips are the basic table tennis grip.

Is Penhold better than Shakehand?

In one word Yes. The penhold has many advantages. There are two types of penhold. One is the Chinese penhold and the other is the Japanese penhold. The Chinese penhold allows players to have more freehand movements and the Japanese penhold will allow a player to have more powerful shots.

Where the shakehand grip will restrict the movements of the players and won’t allow hitting the ball as the players will.

Final Thoughts

Here we have discussed about how to hold a ping pong paddle. In this article, one will find many ways of holding the paddle. However, one must keep in mind that they must choose a grip that is more comfortable and flexible. Also, make sure to check that the grip allows more hand movements.

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