How To Clean A Ping Pong Table

How To Clean A Ping Pong Table

In the ping pong game, the ping pong table is called one of the most needed things. As the table is different from the others, it helps to adjust to the game by itself. Many of the fancy ping pong lovers really like to place a ping pong table in their houses. With the availability of all the functional things, the game can be launched at any time.

But most of them don’t even know or concern about the cleaning issue. Maintaining any kind of thing surely delivers a long-lasting ability and performance. Not all the players know about the process of cleaning the table. In fact, they don’t even take care of the pieces of equipment properly. As a result, they go for damaging and other major issues. To describe the necessity and consequence, this topic will clearly explain how to clean a ping pong table.

Cleaning Ping Pong Table

The majority of the things around the world required the least amount of maintenance and observation. The ping pong table goes under the segment. Cleaning the table doesn’t take a long time. It can be even cleaned very easily within few moments. 

With the simple time of cleaning, the table not only looks new but also very easy to play the game. Dust is a common thing that easily covers the entire table. For dust, the table looks dirty and the players don’t like to play the games.

On the other hand, the ping pong tables also hold some seasonal elements that even come in different periods. For example, during the hot summer days, if the table is placed in an open place, it will receive some humidity. In winter or windy times, absorbing the dust is a common thing.

Another big reason behind the cleaning is, some of the ping pong tables from personal areas or any ping pong clubs do not get used for a long time. As a result, they get abandoned as storage equipment until they don’t get used again for the playing purpose. So there is no better option to follow rather than cleaning the table no matter what the source they follow to get dirty.

Easy Methods To Follow For Cleaning The Ping Pong Table

So now we know that cleaning the ping pong table is very important. If it doesn’t get cleaned properly, there is no chance to have a legit and easy game at all. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to follow that will enough helpful and effective to clean the ping pong table. Here the step by step process has been given below:

Making The Space

The very first task to perform for cleaning the table is, selecting a proper area. As the ping pong tables get used in a particular area, cleaning them in that place can easily make the area enough dirty. So the first process is to follow is, shifting the dirty table into a proper place for cleaning. It may not seem enough useful for some of the users but can help to keep the room or area clean from the dust of the table.

Removing the net

To clean the table, it will be a better decision to start with the whole surface. For that, remove the net from the table and put it on another side. As the process of cleaning the net is different, it will be described later. Sometimes, the net seems strong enough and contains a very hard attachment. If they are tired to get remove, they can even break into pieces. In that case, handle the net easily to remove so that the connecting poles don’t make any stain or damage to the table.

Preparing the cleaning instrument

Now, the main term is here to follow. It is the major cleaning process. It can be done and applied to the ping pong table in two types of ways.

One of them is, using the table cleaner

And the other one is, making the liquid cleaner by own

The table cleaner contains all the essential things that require cleaning the table. As their availability, they can be found easily at any grocery shop or market.

The second option is easy to follow and available in every area. Vinegar and glass cleaner is a common thing that is available at all houses. Though the vinegar by itself doesn’t appear enough effective on the table, if it mixes up with the typical glass cleaner, it increases the cleaning ability. If the first option can’t be found, the second one is the best way to follow.

The cleaning process

As the net has been removed earlier in the process, it is now time to clean up the table for a new and fresh look. During the entire process, all the essential things that are needed are:

  • A bucket
  • Some clean clothes(microfiber clothes will be a good choice)
  • Table cleaner or homemade cleaner
  • A spray can
  • Large-sized brush or sponge

Applying the dry cloth in the dusted area

The very first task is to remove all the dust from the table with a dry cloth. Some people apply the wet cloth to the dust. It affects the opposite in return. The cloth connects with the dust and makes it more dirty and damp. This can surely make a good stain on the table and affect the main structure.

That is why; apply the dry cloth to the table so that all the light dust can be wiped out. It will take a real quick time to clean the gathered dust from the table.

How To Clean A Ping Pong Table

How To Clean A Ping Pong Table

Applying the cleaner

As the table is cleaned with a dry cloth, it is time for applying the table cleaner. Two different ways can be used in the table. One is,

Applying the cleaner into the cloth or sponge and rub the table. Make sure to mix up the cleaner with water into the bucket. And the other one is,

Spraying the cleaner into the table and use the sponge.

Both of the methods are enough efficient and perfect to use. Use any of them and apply the cleaner to the table and use a cleaning cloth. Make sure to apply gentle hands to the table while cleaning. Rub the entire table with the required amount of cleaner until the table is completely cleaned from dust.

Using a clean cloth to remove the cleaner

If the table seems clean enough after using the cleaner, use a piece of try cloth into the table at every part and make sure it has been wiped properly. Wait until the table becomes dry completely. And here you go, the old, dirty table is now available with a new look.

Cleaning the net

So the cleaning process of the table is finished. But there is another important thing to clean and that is the net. Cleaning the net is a simple task. Just add the entire net in the bucket with the mixture of water and cleaner.

Soak and scrub it for a long time until it doesn’t get cleaned perfectly. When the net is enough for cleaning, use warm water and clean properly. After the cleaning, put the net into a clean area or under sunlight. It will dry up completely and look like new.

Adjusting the net

So all the works are now finished, now it is time to go for the final part about adjusting the net. It is very simple to perform as the net easily connects with the table. Just make sure that both the net and table are completely dry. Otherwise, the table may face some minor damaging issues.

Extra activities

The main task of cleaning the table along with the net is perfectly done. Now it is time for an additional task to perform. Usually, it is not related to the main area of the table. But still, it can easily improve the durability of the ping pong table.

Using the junk cleaner or lubricant in the metal areas

After the table is perfectly cleaned, there are some external areas of the table such as the legs, connecting rod, etc. All of them are made from high-quality metal or steel. Using the lubricant or junk cleaner into them will surely make them look new and make a suitable appearance to the entire table.

The necessity of cleaning the ping pong table

The maintained thing lasts long. It is a logical fact. This is the main intention to clean the ping pong table so that they can last for decades. As they are enough costly to replace or purchase, they should be maintained at a particular time. Because

  • A dirty ping pong table can make a good impact in gaming
  • For lots of dust, the balls may not create any bounces perfectly
  • With the dusty situation, the table can lose its using efficiency

That is why the necessity of cleaning the ping pong table is very much important either it’s a private table or a table from the ping pong club.

Things not to do while cleaning

Although the cleaning method is enough easy, there are some serious things to consider from avoiding. These things may hamper the quality and condition of the table.

Applying less amount cleaner

Some of the concerned ones apply a lot of cleaner into the table as they believe more cleaner will deliver more cleanings. But the fact is wrong, if the cleaner gets applied so much, the table can easily lose durability and quality. As they are made from wood, wooden surface absorb the least amount of watery sources. Therefore, the best decision to follow for applying the cleaner is, using a moderate amount of cleaner with water.

No pressing

During the cleaning process, applying the cleaning cloth or sponge to the table is a common thing. But if the pressure is heavy, it can make good damage to the coloring or the areas. On the other hand, a strong hand pressing into the table can even fade down the colors too.

Don’t wait to dry

Ping pong tables hold a good amount of moisture that remains smooth for the delivery. As there is no better option rather than using the cleaners or other watery materials on the table, don’t wait for too long to dry up the table. It will surely damage the moisture level of the table and make it useless.

Easy and regular maintaining of the table

Outside of using the cleaner and water into the tables, it also can be maintained properly. Some simple methods can be followed and used for the proper maintenance of the table.

  • Regular cleaning after game
  • Using ping pong table covers
  • Measuring the condition of the net before every game
  • Checking out the metal legs of the table
  • Using a soft material for the cleaning

In last

If you really don’t want that your investment goes in vain, just follow all these steps and keep the ping pong table clean all the time. They are surely not lower in cost than can be afforded for new games. Due to a good amount of cost, the ping pong lovers will probably apply all the necessary things to their tables. Even if they are not concern about re-investing, the passion and attraction for the game will let them apply a cleaning pattern to their tables sooner or later.

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