How to Curve a Ping Pong Ball

How to Curve a Ping Pong Ball

Techniques are the way to measure the level and performance of the ping pong players. In ping pong one of the hard and effective techniques is the curve. If someone somehow the way curves the ping pong ball on the table that means the player wins so much of the battle. To be good at curving the ping pong ball one have to learn it through a proper procedure.

However, the process of learning these effective tricks involves so many ways. Some players learn through the way. Some of them discover their way to learn the tricks. Therefore, this article will discuss how to curve a ping pong ball.

How to Curve a Ping Pong Ball

For curving the ball the straight forehands and backhands are usually the first ping pong shots one learns. However, once one has mastered those basic shots. After that, it's time to learn how to curve the ball. Curving the shots to the right or left may deceive the opponent.

Forcing him or her to account for the ball's spin when preparing to return the shot. Curving the ball is simple to understand, and with a little practice, one will be able to run the ping pong opponents right and left on the game. It is one of the most effective ways to deceive the opponent and win the game.

To curve the ball one must learn 3 ways to spin the ball. Below, this article will discuss the way of spinning the ball in different ways step by step for better understanding.

Sidespin Curve

It is one of the simplest spins. One can easily learn the spin even at the beginning level. To do this spin one must follow the steps below.

Step-1 : The first thing one has to do is to hold the paddle at the same height as the player going to hit the ball. So that one can set up the return of the ball. The side of the hitting paddle must be parallel with the net.

Step-2 : In the second phase when the ball is going to hit, one must move the paddle to either the right or left of the ball's anticipated path. For example, a left-handed player should hold the paddle in the right of the ball to hit it in a simple curve backhand.

Step-3 : In this step, one has to swing their arm. Here one should swing the arm sideways and slightly forward to strike the back of the ball. For a left-hander backhand shot, one has to start to swing the left of the ball and finish the follow through well to the left. The ball will curve to the right.

Forehand Topspin Curve

Most of the opponents fear the forehead spin as they have to deal with both speed and spin. Making the shot may be easy but handling the shot is harder. If the opponent allows one to create a forehand topspin curve then one must not lose the opportunity. Because the opponent may not be ready or cannot return the shot. To do the shot one must follow the steps below.

Step-1 : The first thing one has to do is to hold the paddle in the lower height than the player going to hit the ball. So that one can set up the return of the ball. The side of the hitting paddle must be parallel with the net.

Step-2 : In the second step, the player has to raise or lower the wrist as the ball approaches her or him. Depending on the type of curve they want to hit they need to stable their wrist. On a left-handed forehand, one has to lower the wrist. So that the paddle points down the curve and the ball hits the left. One should do the opposite way for the right-handed forehand shot.

Step-3 : As with the other one, in this step one have to swing the wrist. First swing the arm up in an arc and strike the lower left side of the ball if one has raised the wrist and wish to spin the ball in the right. One must do the opposite for the second option.

Step-4 : As for the final touch-up, one has to follow the direction of the swing. If the player has already hit the outside of the ball to curve the right for a left-handed player, the paddle should end up in front of the right shoulder at the end of the follow-through.

Backhand Sidespin Curve

The Backhand Sidespin Curve is one of the complicated serves in the ping pong table. The player who can play this shot is considered to be an advanced-level player. The moment a player serves this shot the opponent starts losing the game. One can easily learn and do his shot. The information below may help.

Step-1 : The first one has to hold the paddle with the top edge and have to point to the table and the wide part of the paddle. The paddle must face the opponent. If one is left-handed they must hold the paddle in front of their right hip. The paddle should be below and a bit left to the path of the ball as it approaches the player.

Step-2 : In the second phase, one has to step forward their left leg. Since they are going to flick the wrist in an arc to strike the right side of the ball. One must reverse the direction of the going to use the reverse hand for the shot. One should priorities the non-dominated side of them, and travel up the paddle aim to hit the ball near the top edge of the paddle.

Step-3 : In the final step, one has to roll the paddle over the ball and follow through. The forearm should be extended toward the opponent. The paddle should roughly parallel with the table while pointing to the dominated side of the player.

Is curving the ball so hard in the ping pong

Curving the ball involves so many techniques. One must learn all of them. Because the opponent not going to give the player selective opportunity. However, one will say the curving of the ball in ping pong is hard. But, what cannot be done with patients and practice, that just a technique in a game.

Is it necessary for the beginner to learn how to curve the ball in ping pong?

Not necessarily but not to avoid. Curving the ball in ping pong involves several techniques. Some of the techniques are easy and considered to be of beginner level. On the other hand, some of the techniques are difficult and consider to be of advanced level.

If the player is aiming to live a long life in the game they must start learning the techniques from the beginning level.

Final Words

Ping pong is a game of tricks and techniques. If a person took the game to a serious level they have to learn an ocean of techniques to be a professional. Curving the ball on the table while playing the game will decide the win or loss of the player. It is one of the effective ways that involve several techniques.

Moreover, those techniques of curving the ball are out of the same level. Some of them are of the beginning level and some of them are of advanced level.  One must follow the sequence to learn it properly. If not they will panic before entering into the game. For help, one can read the article How to Curve a Ping Pong Ball properly.

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