How To Holds Ping Pong Paddles

How To Holds Ping Pong Paddles ( The Right Way )

Ping pong or table tennis is a world-famous game with various techniques and styles. Even holding the paddle is defines as an art in this game. Have you ever seen players holding the paddle differently? If you’re a daily follower of this game, you will realize why they do that. But do you have enough idea about the holding of the paddle? Or the different methods of grabbing paddle?

If you are not aware of it, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will tell you about how you can hold a ping pong paddle perfectly. Our teams have collected a lot of information about this thing and take their opinions from experts. So don’t waste a single moment and take some knowledge about the product by reading this article.

What are Ping Pong Paddles

It is made of wood and has different shapes. Ping pong paddles are easy to use, and a better paddle makes enormous impacts on the game. There are various shapes and sizes available for the paddles. They are different according to size, materials, age, and gender. Mainly ping pong paddles performances depend on the spin quality and power of the shots.

Specifically, ping pong paddles are made of wood. But now, some newly manufactures paddles are made of carbon and polymer. And surprisingly, carbon and polymer can provide more durability to paddles than wood.

How to use Ping Pong Paddles

There are various uses of ping pong paddles. Mainly it is used for the game named ping pong or table tennis. It is very tricky to hit a shot with ping pong paddles. The reason behind it is when you hit the ball there are various kind obstacles can distract your aim. They are like air, lousy surface, etc. So before hit a shot, you need to understand how your bat is and how you can use this.

On the other hand, ping pong paddles can use as a stick in some American schools and households. For that, they remove the rubber from the paddle and hit the children with the wood part.

In some schools, this thing is still unofficially legal.

Types of Ping Pong paddles

When you are interested in ping pong paddles, you must think of their quality. With great paddles, you can give your opponent the best fight. As ping pong or table tennis is a world-famous game, many sports material manufacturing companies started to make products for them. Ping pong is not out of that. Various companies produced ping pong paddles with great agility. Here are some lists of them:

                Product Name


     The STIGA Pro Carbon.

  It is one of the best products of ping pong with great agility inside. Also, have five-part of wood and two parts of carbon. Price is perfect for everyone. And you can move your bat smoothly.

      STIGA Evolution Paddle.

  It is famous for its smooth shot. Having six parts of the layer is suitable for the product. You can hit the very smoothly with this bat.


 Killer spin Jet 200 –   Budget Choice.

This product is known for its manufactures. Having excellent materials and durability, this becomes one of the best paddles of all time.

      The Killer spins Jet   800 Paddle.


  These paddles have always been the first choice for professional players. They love to use this paddle.

     The DHS Hurricane II Paddle.

An average type of paddle. A good product for beginners.

     PALIO Expert 2.0 Paddle.

  Players love to call this paddle Spin master. If you hit the ball perfectly, it will spin very smoothly.

The STIGA Titan Table Tennis Racket.

  It can increase your game. Not wrong paddles and amateur players can play with it perfectly.


STIGA Raptor Paddle

  It is also an average-level paddle.

These products are identifying by our team as better form other products and can fulfill our customers.

How To Holds Ping Pong Paddles

How To Holds Ping Pong Paddles

Why is gripping so important in ping pong games

Gripping the paddle is recognized as the most essential part of a table tennis game. Sometimes customers become confused about why this thing gets this much importance from everyone. The reason for it is without having a perfect paddle, you can’t play your game perfectly. It’s hard to play from a discomfort zone, and it is also difficult for everyone. That’s why you need a perfect paddle.

On the other hand, a qualified paddle can hit the ball with great strength because it has suitable materials. This hit comes with a vision from the player, and it can hit the pinpoint of the target place. But what about an average-quality paddle? An average quality paddle will not be able to hit the ball with perfection because of manufactures defects. So it is essential to realize this point. And understand why players are so tensed about the quality of the paddle.

How do you choose better paddles

There are various paddles available in the market. But not all the products are suitable for players. And also, different types of products are made for different kinds of people. Now we are going to tell you what you should recheck before buy ping pong paddles

1.Grip: Gripping is an essential element for both players and the product. When a player starts to check the product with a wish of buying, they check there is grip. If grip satisfies the customer, then he defiantly buys the product. So before you buy a paddle, you need to check out whether it is good or bad, which will be comfortable for you during the game.

2.Style: After the grip, you need to look out for the style of the paddle. Whether it is made for hard-hitting or it is a spinning masterpiece. Every player has their own playing style. So they should consider that in their mind before buying a paddle.

3.Blade: After choosing all of that, you need to decide which blade you will use for your knife. There are various types of blades available. It depends on the player’s speed. So before buying a paddle, players must be considering this thing too.

Besides that, price is an essential factor in buying paddles. So now this is clear that players need to check this entire thing before purchase paddles.

How to Hold a Ping Pong Paddles

As I said before, ping pong is a game of art and tactics. When you see a match of ping pong match, you will realize how players try to use different tactics for the perfect shot. And holding style of paddles keeps a big part in this thing. If a player holds the paddle perfectly, they can play any photo at any moment. There are various types of holding/gripping methods available. Most of them are unique and exciting to see.

To hold a paddle, first, you have to keep the paddle in your preferred hand. By the word preferred, I mean the hand you use the most. At this moment, you will see only three fingers of your hand remains blank, and you should wrap them for perfect grip. You can lose the grip for ease. It depends on your satisfaction. After all of that, you start playing with your preferable area. It is a significant part of ping pong. Everyone knows that technique of holding paddles will help a player to perform well. Every player must be practice these holding styles. They should know that this practice will recover their lacking.

Types of Holding ping pong paddles

As we talk about the types of ping pong paddles, we must not forget about another thing. And the thing is types of holding the paddles. Ping pong is a worldwide game, and it has lots of viewers around the world. Players from different countries innovate different kinds of holding styles for playing. And some of the holding styles started to get popular amongst the players. Now we are going to talk about these styles in detail.

The pen hold grip

Most famous and followed griping style around the world is pen hold grip. This is a simple gripping style, like you are holding a pen. It is an effective style of holding the paddle. With this grip, you will get enough force on your hand to hit the ball from both sides. There are two types of pen hold grip available. They are different based on holding style. Here are they

Chinese: In Chinese style player should grip the paddle with two fingers from the front side and three fingers from the back. After that, for enough strength, you need to fold the fingers from the backside.

Japanese: In Japan’s formation, you have to keep one finger on the front side and the other four on the backside. By this, you will get more advantage to hit the ball with perfection.

Orthodox grip: It is an old-fashioned and commonly used style of gripping the ball. Most of the viewers called it a European shot because almost every one of them uses this shot. For this shot, you don’t need to use techniques or tricks. Just hold the upper part of the stand like a hammer. This grip will cover some parts of the paddle too. You can use any shot with this grip, and you don’t need to change your hand movements.

Korean Grip: Korean grip is popular amongst the Asian nations. They have a different style of grabbing quality. You need to put your one finger at the top of the paddle and keep another one side. The rest of the fingers stays at the back. Now anyone can ask its looks similar to the Japanese style. But it is not. For me, it is far advanced than the Japanese one. The reason is they are allowing your hand to move frequently with the waist. And these advantages help the player to secure a win.

Shake hand grip: If you follow table tennis daily, you will see some players hold paddles like they are shaking hands with someone. Actually, it has become an exciting and fast-growing adopting style in America in recent days. Its success is the easy way of grip, flexibility, and no extra pressure of learning new tricks. In this gripping system, you need to grab the paddle with your whole hand. Only your ring finger will stay at the back. With this gripping, you can play any kind of shot whenever you want. You can feel comfortable in your hand. And also, controls of the will come into your by adopting this style.

Which holding system is better, Pen hold or Shake hand

As we all know, two of them are different in style. So it is difficult to find which one is better. But still, our team makes a comparison between this two. If we talk about the holding system, here the differences are:

1.Pen hold has uniqueness, and the shake-hand style is straightforward.

2.But both of the styles have enough capability to win any match.

3.In the shot’s power context, shake hands can play perfectly with power. On the other hand, PenPen holds gripping has spin power. Almost after hitting the ball from serving, it started to spin towards his vision.

4.Both of them are good at their target.

5.But pen hold holding can assure a quick movement while shake hand can’t move that fast. And also, in pen hold holding, you can twist your wrist whenever you want.

After comparing these two holding styles, it is very tough to decide which one should be selected. But for two specific given in the list, our team chose a pen hold system as the best holding still now. If you want a unique attribute in your game, you can learn this holding style. If you’re going to learn a simple one, you can quickly discover the shake hand-holding style. There is no problem teaching that because both of them are good for playing.

Final Words

After viewing the full article, you will get clear about the best holding paddles. For your more help, we have decided to give information about the best paddles and their details. So we hope that this article will help you find your good paddle. And also, this article will help you to learn the best holding system. We sincerely hope that we will get benefited by reading our article.

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