How To Make a Concrete Ping Pong Table

How To Make a Concrete Ping Pong Table

Ping pong is one of the unique and exciting games ever created. It is a game which is played by two people or four people in a row. So what if you have a ping pong table of your own. You can use it whenever you want.  This can be applicable for playing friendly between you and your friends.

There are many types of ping pong tables in the market or this sector. Today we will talk about the creation procedure of a concrete ping pong table. We will discuss dimensions, materials, and other essential things for making a concrete ping pong table. So let`s go to the article and read the details info about this.

What is a concrete ping pong table

A concrete ping pong table is a type which is created with lots of materials like plywood, polyurethane, lumber piece, more five or six screws, clams, masking tapes, etc. All of them are essential for its making. Concrete ping pong table generally made outside of the home. You can find these concrete tables at the park, university playing hall, or back of the apartments.

It is a fixed structure made for permanent use. Normally ping pong tables can move from one place to another because of their great portability. But this one is made for long terms usage. A concrete ping pong typically lasts more than 50 years. It is made with solid materials which are sustainable and get through different problems. Problems seem like natural calamities, durability problems, etc.

This construction creates a chance for people to have outdoor games activities in a festive mood. Commonly ping pong users are used to playing from home, but random people can play with each other by having this table. These tables are made with perfect manufactures. They have a considerable weight because of rock and other staffs. Having a concrete ping pong table in society will help people have quality time together.

Materials needs for making a concrete ping pong table: For making this type of table, you need various kinds’ material with extra things. They are required for the table`s stability. First, you need to find a perfect place. You need to consider whether the business has enough ability to keep these things for a long time.

Wood: It is an essential thing for making a ping pong table. You need to choose the best wood available in the market for better durability. If wood is perfect, then this table gives services to you for a long time. If you ask us, then we can tell you to pick pine wood.  This kind of wood provides a good bounce and smoothie movement of the ball.  

Saw: After that, you can choose a saw.  A good saw will help you to do the work quickly. A good saw will give you perfect timing and shape. If you have a sound vision, then you can promptly complete the job with a better version of the saw.

Wood Glue: Wood glue is using for making the upper part of the table. The point behind using this is, the surface of the table should be plain and smooth. So for the sake of perfect gameplay, we need to use wood glue.

Plywood: Plywood is another necessary item for creating a ping pong table. First of all, you have work to do. And that is cut the plywood into several pieces. This thing can use several times during table making.

Lumber pieces: Lumber pieces are the most valued material amongst all of them. They can set the table perfectly with this thing. Primarily we need two pieces of lumber for making this item.

Paint: We also need paint and their brushes to color the table. You can use different kinds of stains on it. But the fact is it is better to choose the usual color.

Net: After that, you need a net to almost completing the table`s construction. There is a fixed size available for the net, and that is 6inch tall.

Also, you can use tape and other materials for making a ping pong table. These are the complimentary materials for a basic table. You can compromise the level of quality or quantity, but it is impossible to reduce one of them from the list.

Types of Ping pong table

Ping pong is a worldwide famous game.  Like lots of fun, England is called the inventor of this game. There are various kinds of ping pong tables that are different due to size, material, design, and usages. Here are the types of ping pong tables below.

Product name


 Regulation Table

 This table is very famous for its stability and power of shots. Players love to take this because it has much better service provided than other players.

Conversion Table

This table is perfect in size and almost equal in quality with outdoor ping pong tables. Without having little space in the house and playing on a suitable surface, you can use this product.

Mini Table

                This table is very famous for kids and youth. Especially the children who started to start their ping pong career again. You can use this with different measurements for the children. 

Table Top

The tabletop is a different product with a speedy surface. Tabletop uses for practicing and all.

Folding tables

  Folding tables are suitable for everyone. You can take it to you wherever you want. Also, it will save you home spaces.

 Wheels table

  Wheels are used for the movement of the table. You can take the table with you anywhere you want.

Different between normal ping pong table and concrete table

       Ping pong table

       Concrete Ping pong table

  Regular ping pong uses for indoor games with friends and family.

The concrete ping pong table is stable and stands a place.


  Weight is perfect for portability.

The weight of this product is enormous.

  Can use by particular persons.

   This product can use all the people surrounding you.

It is not so big in size

This is little big in size

concrete ping pong table

concrete ping pong table

How to make a concrete ping pong table

This kind of table is used for playing a unique game. The game is exciting to play and has enormous excitement. That’s why crowds love to see this game very profoundly. It is an introductory note that not everyone can play this game at their home. It is hard to make or buy a concrete table for everyone personally. For that reason, people sometimes love to make ping pong tables at an open place. There is some specific way to make this table. Here are they

Step 1: First of all, you need to choose a good place and surface to take the construction pressure. The site can be at the back of the apartment, university sports zone and etc. The place should be open and can be available for everyone.

Step 2: After selecting the place, you need to choose a material called concrete to make the mainframe. This frame will contain the game board in between it. There is a measurement available for the frame.  According to ping pong official rules, we can select the size of 9 feet and 5 feet. And lumber size should be 5 feet each. But you can choose any size of height according to your need.

Step 3: If you think the work is completed, you are wrong. This is just the beginning after making the frame considered the base point of a ping pong table. You need to make a tabletop. And for that, you should tiles. There are various levels of tiles or concrete available. You have to understand which one is better for the particular sport. You usually have to give priories to smooth ball action and stability. And the tabletop should be joined together.

Step 4: Okay, now the making of the tabletop is over. The tabletop is attached to the frame. Now we need to create leg stands by using concrete. First of all, we need to choose perfect concretes. These concretes should be firm and having durability in them. After that, cut them into four equal pieces and attached them to each corner. You have to tie them together. Mixing the concrete to the leg stands position for making a stable stand. You can check out whether it has good stability or not.

Step 5: After completing the whole setup, now you are only two steps away from your first game. The first one is to decorate the table. Actually, the ping pong table doesn’t need a different kind of decoration. But it is essential to use a primary color. AS players love to add black, blue, red color for their upper tabletop. So you need to paint the tabletop with one of these colors. But for a concrete table, you also can use the usual color of the tiles. After that, you have to paint the sidelines. Most of the table is used white color for the sidelines. The reason behind it is white can protect against any kind of problems during a running game.

Step 6: Last and least, you have to add a net to the table. Without it, you cannot play the game with perfection. The trap should be 6inch in size.   That can be wood, concrete, tiles, etc. Whatever it is, things should be perfect during the game. These nets are stable and can make with different things.

That’s all for the concrete table making. If you can follow these steps with perfection, you can make good concrete for your relatives, neighbors, and also for you. If a ping pong table is available very near you, you can Olay the game.

Product list for concrete ping pong table

Product Name


Stone Age Outdoor

1.Product with best durability and condition. Price range is started from 5900$ to 6500$

HENGE Ping pong table

A great product with multiple features. Price of the product is 700$

MODLOFT Amsterdam Outdoor Ping Pong Table

It can use for various things. But mostly, it is famous for ping pong games. The price of this item is 5500$

James De WULF

It is a product that has enough market position and customers. It is a multi-use type table, and you can buy it for 13,216$ Price is higher than the others. But you need to check the quality before considering the Price of this product.

Why should we use a concrete ping pong table

 We should use a concrete ping pong table because it will help us to make communicate with others people from our surroundings. Also, this type of pool table is suitable for practice. It is an excellent thing with perfect dimensions and size.

People or students can be relaxed by playing at this table after a long exhausting day or week. You also can spend time with your family by playing with them. Challenge a friend for one and one match can be an exciting thing, isn’t it? So that’s why we must use this product.

Final Words

After reading the whole article, we will get to know about the product details and definition perfectly. Our team researched a lot and gathers these pieces of information for our customers. So we hope that this article will help you to find the desired product.

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