How To Make Ping Pong Paddle Sticky

How To Make Ping Pong Paddle Sticky

The stickiness of the ping pong paddle is the most important feature in the game. It will affect the game in any way. Firstly, if the stickiness of the paddle is perfect then the grip of the bat will be perfect. That means one will have a great amount of spin and speed. As well as the player will have great control over the ball.

That’s why a sticky paddle is important. To make the paddle sticky one must follow some way. Though there is a lot of ways, they should do what seems easy and available to them. Below, there will be a brief discussion of how to make the ping pong paddle sticky.

How to Make Ping Pong Paddle Sticky

The regular ping pong player will know how much it is important to have a sticky paddle in ping pong. At the time when the racket starts losing its quality and performance that means it is the fault of the stickiness of the rubber.  Sticky rubber is the best rubber while playing the game. When someone bought a racket it will give a good performance. After some time the performance will start to fade away. The beginner who does not know so much about racket will think the paddle was not good.

However, the scenario is different. Their fault in taking care of the bat causes the problem in the stickiness of the racket. At that time they decide on replacing the bat with a new one. Which is expensive and way too disturbing.  Because coping up with a new bat after some time is not good for the game and developing the skill.

Moreover, deciding on buying a new paddle at that time is a wrong turn. The thing that they can do in the meantime is added stickiness. To do the job they can follow some of the tricks and ways. In the next part, this article will discuss some of the effective ways to make the ping pong paddle sticky.


The first thing one can do is clean the paddle. First, they should clean the rubber surface of the paddle properly without using water. Because the reason of less stickiness of the paddle can be the cause of dirt.

One will find some special cleaning spray made for cleaning ping pong paddles in the market. Sometimes one should use water but not much. Simply add the spray and rub it smoothly. Finally, wash it with water.

Sunflower Oil

One of the simplest methods of making the paddle sticky is the sunflower oil trick. One should simply apply sunflower oil to the surface of the rubber and spread it properly. One must do it with a sponge or a soft brush.

After rubbing the oil one must put it somewhere clean and safe. So that the oil can dry by itself. For a better result, one has to repeat the process sometimes. However, the effect is simple and less long.


Another easy and effective way is using a booster on the rubber surface. One can just apply the booster directly on the rubber surface similar to the oil. To do it properly one has to use a sponge and apply the booster all over the paddle equally.

However, one has to remember that this application only affects the sponge, not the rubber. Since the booster is directly touched the sponge, not the rubber. This is good because one can use the paddle in competition by this.

Protective Films

While buying a new racket one will know about this type of material. Also, one can buy this material separately from the market. It is thought that some of this material adds grip to the paddle and helps get a good performance.


As the name applies this method involves glue. Of course, it can damage the whole thing if one does the job in the wrong way. However, this method is one of the best methods. This method will help for the short period game.  In some situation like one is playing the game and suddenly realize that their paddle loses the stickiness. But they need it right that time. At that moment the glue trick is the most effective one.

Rubber Replacing

Finally, the long-term and the most effective method is the rubber replacing method. When all the method mentioned above is no longer effective it is the last one. Now or then every paddle loses the stickiness in it. As the paddle does not hold a little price sometimes those are expensive. So, buying one time to time is not a possible or a good idea.

Here, replacing the rubber is the right decision. One can buy a good quality rubber from the shop and replace those with the old one.

Is the glue method is risky while sticking the paddle?

One can say yes it is risky. Because of the method and the glue. As we know glue is way too sticky and once it touches anything is not going to fall off easily. In the process of glowing the paddle if the person does anything wrong, it will hamper the whole paddle. The base of the paddle will get affected and damaged.

What if one plays with a less sticky paddle?

It’s not like one cannot play with a less sticky paddle. One can but the problem is the performance. If the paddle is less sticky they will feel a bad grip and it will cause less spin and less performance. Overall, the game will be a disaster. It is extremely true for the beginner and the intermediate players. Sometimes advanced players manage to do well with a less sticky paddle.

Final Words

The paddle is one of the most important in the ping pong game. The quality of the paddle mostly affects the performance of the game. Quality of the paddle means the quality of the rubber first. If the rubber is not good and sticky the paddle will not provide a good grip. However, the stickiness of the rubber will fade away.

In that situation, one can re sticky the rubber or replace the rubber with a new one. One has a lot more options to choose from. This article has all the information about How to Make Ping Pong Paddle Sticky help the seeker.

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