How to Play Table Tennis and Official Rules of Table Tennis

How to Play Table Tennis and Official Rules of Table Tennis

Table tennis is also known as a ping pong game in the early days. It is an Olympic game which is played indoors. But it can be played outdoor as well. On a flat table divided into two courts by a net which is equally measured. The goal is to knock the ball over the net and bounce on the opponent’s half of the table in such a way that the opponent is unable to reach it or accurately return it. This game is very famous all over the world. . It is nicely structured as a competitive sport in several nations, particularly in Europe and Asia, China and Japan.

History Of Table Tennis

It is stated that the game was invented in England. In the early days of the 20th century, this game was invented and during that period the table tennis was known as the ping pong game as a trading name. When the original Ping-Pong Association, founded in 1902, was resurrected from 1921 to 1922,and then theterm table tennis was published.

Therefore, the original table tennis association disbanded in 1905.  However, the game has chosen to have continued to play in other regions of England which were outside of London, and by the 1920s, it had spread to many numbers of nations. The Fédération Internationale de Tennis de Table (International Table Tennis Federation) was founded in 1926 by representatives from Germany, Hungary, India, Denmark, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Austria, and Wales, with England, Sweden, Hungary, India, Denmark, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Austria, and Wales as founding members. There were more than 165 national associations that were members during the mid-1990s century.

Later, the first championship was in 1926 which was in London. Players from Central Europe dominated the sport until 1939, with Hungary winning the men’s team event nine times and Czechoslovakia twice. Since before the mid- 1950s, Asia has been established as a recruiting ground for champions, with Japan and China winning the men’s team event and, to a limited extent, the women’s event. North Korea has also developed as an international power. The initial World Championship in 1980, and China’s Guo Yehuda brought home the $12,500 first award. Ping pong was becoming an Olympic sport in 1988, with females and males participating in solo and pairs.

Official Rules Of Table Tennis

Ping pong is another name for table tennis. It is an exciting sport and two or four people can play this game together. Ping pong at the competitive level is certainly a wonder to behold. Evenamateur players may become very adept pretty quickly. This article explains the fundamentals of ping-pong and also some winning tactics.

Thereafter, before you want to play table tennis, it’s better to get the idea to learn the basics of the game and what equipment you’ll need. Here we tried to give a summary of all you need to know about table tennis to get started.

Point System

Table tennis is played up to 11 points. The winner can be a player or pair. Who and which team scores 11 first, they will be declared as a winner. If both players score 10 that will be called deuce. Then if one player or pair scores 2 they will be declared as the lead.

Start The Game

Before starting the game one needs to decide who will be going to serve first. If he or she playing with his or her family and friends, they can decide whatever they want. But in the official rules of playing table tennis do not require this action. If you want to play maintaining official rules then you have to play it by tossing the coin or having disc from the two teams of distinct.

Fundamentals Of  Table Tennis Serve

The fundamentals of table tennis serve have changed many times in recent years. But the casual game of ping pong remains the same from the beginning.

To serve table tennis, one has to look out the ball has to be above the playing surface. That means the server has to stand at the end of the table and be prepared for serving. Then throw the ball with your non-playing hand upwards. When the ball will be falling, you have to hit the ball with the pen hold racket. As a result, the ball will bounce on your side and also your opponent’s side of the table. If your opponent allows the ball after bounce it one time, then the opponent will lose the game. On the other hand, if the ball touches the net and also bounces on the opponent’s side then the game should be replayed. But if the ball does not bounce on the opponent’s side after touching the net, then the server will not get any point.

How many serves

In the earlier century, table tennis was played by 21 serves. But the rules were same to same as it is. After a long period, in 2001, the number of serves in table tennis has changed.

Returning the serve

If the ball you hit, touches the net and goes into your opponent’s half of the table then the game will be continued. But if the ball does not go to your opponent’s half of the side and does not bounce then you will not get any point but the opponent’s score will be increased. However, the server or receiver can stand the side of the table parallel and can return the ball to the opponent. Although, players of table tennis, cannot touch the table because the game does not allow them to touch with a free hand.

How to play table tennis alone

Sometimes one can face many difficulties while playing ping pong because of the partner or companion. So they choose to play alone. For the situation when everyone is busy and you want to play table tennis or you just one to step out from home or want practice ping pong at home, you cannot believe to know that, you can do play it with your own. We think, now you are thinking how can you play table tennis on your own? Here we are to tell you everything about it.

So, now you have an idea that table tennis can be played solo, so take a closure look at this to know more. We will elaborate many tactics and ways so that you can learn how to play table tennis on your own? So let’s get started.

1. Buy a Practice Robot or Ball Machine

If you are planning to have a solo tournament in table tennis you can buy a ball machine and or practice robot to play. As a result, you can play table tennis independently. It can be the alternative to the real-life opponent. Having so many advantages of this, this also some issue regarding the price. These kinds of ball machines and practice robots have not come at cheaper prices. These are not affordable sometimes which means they are much expensive. On the other hand, the top brands are very expensive like they can cost up to $2000 US to $3000 US

But the blessing of the technology advancement, there are few affordable machine and gadgets available on the market you can buy them for your purpose.

To train yourself with solo table tennis play, sometimes it is worth buying these types of ball machines and practice robots. A practice robot can enhance your practice skill. Also, it can develop your basic technique of playing table tennis alone.

2. Hit Balls against a Wall or Backboard

Furthermore, if you cannot buy a robot machine or ball machine, in that situation you can drop the balls and then hitting them against the target. As a result, you can your job is done practicing that way. But you have to keep in brain that the wall you are using for hitting with the ball should be well consistent.

On top of that, you can also fold the table against the wall since you strike the ball. So that the ball will bounce against it after each return. Practicing alone will help to improve your table tennis practice skill and can enrich your confidence. Also, it will help you to build up your coordination skills and create a mindset that you can play without a partner. Practicing alone can make you understand different kinds of strokes combination and you can also explore independently.

3. Practice Serving and Bouncing on Your Own

You can also practice alone doing serving and bouncing on your own. Make sure you have a clear focus on your wrist to generate a spin on the ball. It can improve your performance a lot. If you practice with different serves and different techniques you will be able to beat your opponent easily.

Hence, for the practice, you need a bucket of tennis balls and practice on the table with no companion. Practice every day for 10 minutes regularly. Also, you can practice serving the ball on the floor and look hot the ball spins off in different moves. As a result, you can learn how to manipulate tennis balls in different directions. For that always choose a rubber ball to have the flexibility between the serves.

Table Tennis and Official Rules

Practice Shadow Play

If you choose shadow play to practice it can improve your strokes tactics. For that, you have to find a mirror, make your reflection, and pretend that you are playing with a real-life opponent. Or else, if you cannot afford a mirror you can make a video of yourself while practicing alone. To see how you do you play and where are lacking. It would be the best way to practice without a companion. Also, you can develop your skills.

Engage in Physical Training

Even if you don’t have a companion to play table tennis with, you may still participate in the physical training portion, which is essential for increasing endurance and strength. You may enhance your flexibility and skillby doing drilling with ladders or mini-hurdles. Foot drills can be your improving your way to physical ability and stamina.

Watch the Professionals Play

If you have not got a partner to play with, you can also enhance your skills by watching others play. It will be an outstanding solo activity to watch others playing table tennis. You can learn the tactics and strategies by observing their performance. Also, you can read their movements and apply them in your play.

On top of that, it is a fabulous way to learn a few tips from the masters. You can learn a different kinds of strategies and gain confidence inside you. Observing experts play by watching their tournaments can uplift your athletic ability. Always follow the expert players’ match. Because it will help you to understand better the game.  After all, the greatest way to increase your overall performance is to immerse yourself totally in all elements of the match.

Engage in Mental Training

If you genuinely want to be the best at table tennis, you should merge mental and physical training. Shot on target, self-motivation, and imagination are necessary skills to have, and you can learn without the assistance of a companion or instructor.In any sport, talented athletes adopt and maintain a positive attitude, fixed potential (but attainable) objectives, employ positive mental visualization, indulge in enthusiastic self-talk, effectively control anxiety, and manage their impulses. If you follow the instructions, you will be able to flourish at table tennis and in life.

Final Words

If you are a newbie in this table tennis sport and do not know the ABCD of this, then this article will be an ultimate blessing for you. We have tried to explain all the details and history of the ping pong game. You will be no wonder to know one can also play this game alone indoors and outdoor. Also, we have tried to fivesome tactics and tips for readers who do not have a team or companion to play. Nonetheless, table tennis has a special place in the sports world.  It has a different fan base in today’s generation.

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