How To Put Together a Ping Pong Table

How To Put Together a Ping Pong Table

If you have a ping pong table at home, you’re surely a lucky person. On the weekends or vacations, you can play the game with your near and loved ones. And if it is not necessary to use, just fold it up or unscrew all the parts and keep the ping pong table in a corner. This is a simple task to perform during the times of playing. But what will happen if you don’t know the process to adjust or remove the ping pong table?

Well, it may appear not enough important to follow, but for some persons, it matters a lot to know and apply. As the ping pong table can easily consume a good amount of space, some of the users leave in hesitation to remove the table and re-install it at the proper time.

For those, this discussion will be enough valuable as it expresses how to put together a ping pong table. Stay tuned to the topic to learn more.

The Ping Pong Table

There is surely not a necessity of describing the ping pong table. If someone wants to know about the connecting process of the table, they definitely have a piece of good knowledge about it. Most of the curious ones may not have an idea that a ping pong table can be folded in half. As a matter of fact, it even can be disconnected in part by part as the whole table is connected through nuts and clamps.

It is mainly an efficient feature of the table. As they are enough big, they can’t be switched from one place to another so easily. But the task becomes very easy to perform whenever the table gets disconnected into small pieces. And that is the reason why the majority of the ping pong tables require re-assembling after purchasing. But some of the users don’t find out the assembling process enough easy to accomplish as well.

Methods That Put The Ping Pong Table Together

There is a simple but lengthy process to follow in order to put the ping pong table together. If there is a shipment at your door that contains the ping pong table in the pieces, don’t worry. Here the processing is getting started with the complete attaching details.

There are some essential tools needed for this operation. Without them, the assembling process may be a little bit difficult. And they are:

  • An adjustable wrench
  • A screwdriver with the flathead
  • A starhead driver
  • Drilling machine (instead of the drivers if needed)
  • A hammer

So here the process begins.

Choosing The Appropriate Area

The very first task to accomplish is, choosing a proper space or area to build up the table. A ping pong table usually holds a good amount of space. Typical sized ping pong table comes with a minimum of 8.5 feet in length and 5 feet in width. The height ratio is not confirmed as some of the tables contain easily adjustable height patterns.

It means that the place must have to contain at least 10 feet for the length and a minimum of 7 feet for the width. Without the measurement of the area, the table is totally impossible to assemble.

Collecting All the items related to the table

At a first sight, the ping pong table may look simple with the net. But in reality, the table is not as simple as it seems to install. There is some essential equipment related to the table that helps to connect it properly. That is why, if the mini ping pong table comes in packaging, there is definitely an installation guide where all the names of the parts have been given. Collect each of the parts by following the listing along with the necessary tools.

Now the installation process is started.

Connect the main legs

First of all, find out all the supportive legs of the table. A standard ping pong table will come with total 4 pieces of legs. They can be measured easily as all of them hold the same size and shape.

As a difference, some of the tables may come with a unique type of legs or more numbered. But the fact is, all of them work as the same and connect with the table from the lower area. Either there are 6 legs or 4; the installation process is the same to apply. And when the legs get perfectly adjusted, it is now time for screwing up. Most of the tables require a flat and star screwdriver for connecting the nuts from the lower area.

Putting both parts of the tables

After the legs, here the real factor task comes where the tables get connected with the legs. Generally, the tables come in two parts where each of them has to connect with the legs. But it is an easy process to perform. Just follow the lines of the screw nuts and attach the lower side placed gaps of the table into the legs. When both parts of the table perfectly adjust with the legs, tight them up properly. Make sure that the tables don’t make any shakings even with some strong pushes.

How To Put Together a Ping Pong Table

How To Put Together a Ping Pong Table

Install the net

This process is a little bit difficult to attempt properly. Even though the other process is quite simple to perform and can be done by any person, but adjusting the net with the table is not as simple as it looks. And the main reason behind this toughness is, it gets placed just at the middle area of both parts of the table.

Not all the nets go under the tough adjustment. If the part of the tables is not enough stable, it can surely make it difficult to install the net properly. Rather than, almost all of the nets can be adjusted easily.

In order to install the net, put the poles at each corner of the table and attach the net to them. Pull the nets as straight in line as possible to make a tight line. If the net is not enough stretchy, it will decrease in performance. When the net is completely ready with the stretchy pattern, connect the poles perfectly with the corner lines of the table. Make sure that the table should not get any damages.

Go for a practicing

Just after the whole installation process is finished, it is time to play into the table. This process will help you to observe the entire table from using, providing pushes, and also the condition of the net. Even if the net gets placed at a lower angle, it can be solved within a quick observation during the first play.

Extra attachment in other models

Not all the type of ping pong tables comes in a single pattern. Some of them contain sliding legs, some hold more legs and some of the other ping pong tables can be extended or shifted at any kind of size. For those tables, there might be some additional modifications available. They are not certain and get found easily in every sector. But don’t worry, if the ping pong table is different in design and adjustment, there will be an instruction and installing guideline available for sure.

So these are the simple processes that can be followed to put the ping pong table together. If someone has any doubt about the other instruments, they usually get applied depending on the models of the table.

In The End

So the whole process describes that putting a ping pong table together is not an easy task at all. The entire thing that is needed is proper knowledge, patience, and determination. Some of the tables may require a good amount of time to install whereas some of the others can be mounted very easily. Above all, the process of installing the ping pong table follows the similarity for each of the processes.

If you have a good passion and dedication about the ping pong game, it will surely not matters for you how you treat the game.  No matter how long the time requires installing the ping pong table. If there is great determination and willingness in you to play the game, you can easily accomplish the task of building up your desired ping pong table.

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