How to Resurface a Ping Pong Table

How to Resurface a Ping Pong Table

The table of table tennis game is the surface where players play the game. Commonly, anything will get damaged over time even the user uses it or not. Table tennis is something people love to play every day. After using the table continuously for a long time will damage the gaming surface of the table. However, one cannot play over a damaged surface. Even if the paint is not in a good position, one cannot play ping pong. The smallest lightest ball will travel the whole room after touching the surface of the table.

That’s why maintenance or resurface a ping pong table is important. To help people with the task, we will give detailed guidelines below.

How to Resurface a Ping Pong Table

Ping pong table is a very popular figure even to one having no idea about the game. It’s a piece of common furniture in clubs and game houses. Even some of the people have a ping pong table in their common room or game room. People who love playing ping pong will have a mini ping pong table at their house. It’s a big table. People use this table for various purposes. 

For example, in family or friends get together, people get a snack or meal on the ping pong table after a game. Even some of the people love drinking while playing. Usually, they put the drink on the table, and the liquid split over the table sometimes. After that much rough use, damaging the main surface of the table is normal. But the thing is one cannot play on a damaged surface. Even the damaged paint layer of the table will not allow the player to play the game properly. Buying a ping pong table after few months is not something everyone can afford.

Because ping pong table is not an affordable one. Buying a new one will cost a healthy amount of money, people have to pay at least 500$ for the inexpensive ones. If they want to buy a good one, it will cost them a fortune.

However, repairing is the option against the damage. One can resurface the damaged surface of the table easily costing 90% less money compared to buying a new one. After a good surfacing, the table will look and perform like a new one. Resurfacing a damaged ping pong table is not hard as rocket science but easy as drinking water. People who love DIY work will find this task a day escape from the busy life.

Here we will guide them in resurfacing their ping pong table. For effective and completing the task without any complications one should follow some steps. Following the steps, one by one will make the task easier.

Step-1 At first, one has to remove all the equipment up from the table. Remove the net first. After that remove the net holder. If the net holder was screwed with the table then use a screwdriver to unattached the net holder from the table. Do this task with care so that the table faces no more damage.

Step-2 The second task is cleaning the table. One has to clean the table properly. For the cleaning use all-purpose cleaner. Put it in a spray bottle. Spray the cleaner over the table and scrub it smoothly with a clean cloth. After that wipe the extra wet with a paper towel and let the surface of the table dry naturally. Do not use a hairdryer or something like that to dry out the surface.

Step-3 Now cover the end white surface of the table with detachable tape. It’s important to cover the boundary lines to save them from the next step.

Step-4 This is a very important step in repairing the table. This will help cover the damaged, cracks, uneven areas of the surface. To do it choose good quality sandpaper. The paper needs to be strong and durable. We will suggest a medium 80 grit sandpaper for the task. One will need a portable vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum all the dust with the cleaner. Then fill the cracks with wood filler properly. After the filling let the table rest for at least one day. The longer the better. After the dry of the wooden fill, sand over the surface again with fine, 150 grit sandpaper. Finally, vacuum the dust to finish this step.

Step-5 Now, it’s time to paint the table. Choose a color that will match the original color of the surface. While painting makes sure the color does not spread to the white boundary of the table. Color the surface with care. Make sure the paint is evenly spread across every corner of the table. Any kind of cracks, air bubbles, ripples in the surface after the paint means the work was good for nothing. That’s why one has to be extra careful in this part. Keep the paint in rest for few hours or a day to dry properly. The color needs to be dried properly.

Step-6 After doing all the necessary tasks and after drying the paint properly now it’s time to uncover the white boundary. After uncovering the boundary reinstall the net holder and net on the table surface.

Well done! Now it’s time to play table tennis on the newly resorted table tennis table. Give it a play to check is everything okay.

Can anyone resurface a ping pong table accurately

Ping pong table is a common thing and getting it damage is also common. But the problem is buying one after few months. It’s an expensive one and one can restore it easily. For resurfacing the ping pong table one will have to have some basic knowledge of DIY work. Nothing technical and complex work is involved with the resurfacing. 

Resurface a Ping Pong Table

Resurface a Ping Pong Table

Why do people use painter tape while resurfacing the ping pong table

While resurfacing the ping pong table one needs to repaint the table after some task of wooden riffling and sander. One has to spray blue paint over the whole surface of the table. If the white boundaries are not covered properly the blue paint will spread in the white side too. That’s why one has to cover the white boundary with painter’s tape to save those from the blue paint.

Is it mandatory to use spray paint on the table tennis table while restoring

While resurfacing a ping pong table one has to use a color that is matte, glossy, smooth, and durable. A color that will be waterproof, scratch-resistant, and abrasion. A spray color is waterproof, durable, smooth, and scratch-resistant so one can use it. But it is not mandatory. One can also use Alkyd paints or any paints recommended by ITTF.

Final Words

Resurfacing a damaged ping pong table is not a hard task or anything impossible. Even the teenager can resurface a damaged ping pong table. People having an interest and idea of DIY work will find this task enjoyable and interesting. One will just have to follow the steps we have mentioned above properly.

Following the step properly one will find resurface a ping pong table is easy as any task of regular life.

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