How To Weatherproof a Ping Pong Table

How To Weatherproof a Ping Pong Table

Nowadays there is an increasing tendency to play this game everywhere. Children also love this game to play in the school, house or any fielding side by their houses. So, the ping pong table is one of the most important components to play this game.

To play ping pong everywhere, they should coat this ping pong table properly. Otherwise, it will damage by corrosion or heavy rains after day by day because their table can be kept in any places out of their houses or also should keep in the water for enjoying so much.

So, people should know about how to weatherproof a ping pong table perfectly. In this article, we will describe briefly to weatherproof a ping pong table. If anyone follows this article, they can able to coat or waterproof their ping pong table easily.

What Does Weatherproof Mean in Terms of a Ping Pong Table

Sometimes people think that a ping pong table can keep good if that is waterproof. But their thinking is not correct properly. If they can keep their ping pong table outside of the house, there are so many reasons to damage this table instead of just damaging it by water. This table can damage by the sunlight also.

Direct sunlight is very harmful to this table to damage it day by day. So, people should not focus only on the waterproof table but also on the weatherproof ping pong table. There are some criteria for being a weatherproof table such as the table should not be bent to the water, it should have the ability to expose the direct harmful sunlight and it also should withstand different temperatures as daylight and also night weather.

So, we would be recommended strongly to weatherproof the ping pong table if they want to keep a good enough this table and keep perfect for playing.

How To Weatherproof a Ping Pong Table

There are several ways to weatherproof a ping pong table. But we all should follow the proper process to make weatherproof a ping pong table. Coating with a polyurethane sealer to a ping pong table is the best way to be weatherproof. So, in this article, we will discuss about how top weatherproof with a polyurethane sealer to a ping pong table.

What should we need to coat the ping pong table: For this coating, we need 4 essential things like as:

Polyurethane sealant




In the below, we describe the full process to weatherproof a ping pong table.

Polyurethane sealant: This sealant will help a lot to coat the tabletop perfectly. There are so many sealants in the market, like an acrylic sealant. But this polyurethane sealant is great and perfect for coating any ping pong table. Other sealants can affect the ping pong table. So we always suggest using for coating this polyurethane sealant. T

There are major two types of polyurethane sealant from different brands describing in below:

The first one is very good for coating the table. If anyone wants to use their ping pong table outdoor, this is the ideal one to coat and be ready for outdoor use. This sealant has a UV protection feature. It can protect the tabletop side from the harmful UV rays of direct sunlight. They can easily use their ping pong table after coating with this type of polyurethane sealant.

The sun causes the fading effect so that the tabletop side surface may harm by this fading by the sun. So, this UV protection feature can reduce this type of fading and protect the surface of the mini ping pong table. Sometimes, after using a long time of a ping pong table will get old and its surface cannot keep its light color. This has occurred mainly for seasonal change.

So reducing this type of damage of a ping pong table there are special oils of this sealant. It can allow expanding and contracting with the wood surface. So, this type of polyurethane is really good for coating the table.

This is another type of polyurethane sealant. This is vastly used for coating outdoor woods products. This sealant can protect the wooden ping pong table from heavy rains, snowing, etc. This can be mixed with water. So people can easily coat their ping pong table with a brush. People can use this product without any doubt while coating their ping pong table for outdoor use.

Brush: People can use any kind of brush to coat the table using sealant. But we recommended using the Wooster brush because of having PU sealant. Using PU sealant anyone can waterproof their ping pong table. There are soft nylon hairs on this brush. These hairs are absolutely perfect for coating with any kind of oil-based product or sealant. The hairs are looking also beautiful having white and gold color hairs. Having also solid plastic handle it can hold perfectly. So, it is important to have a good quality brush to coat properly.

Sand Paper: Sandpaper is a very necessary component for coating. It is used after applying the sealant to mix it perfectly. It can apply the sealant layer deeply so that the coating process would be successful. Usually, sandpaper is made with Aluminum oxide minerals. Any kind of wooden ping pong table can be sanded with this sandpaper. This is ideal for sanding wood materials. We can suggest using the 3M 9019 sandpaper because it is so good quality and having all the necessary features for coating.

Cloth: People should use a clean cloth while coating the ping pong table to make it weatherproof. Sometimes there may need to sweep the table with a clean cloth. So, they should keep the clean cloth in their workplace.

Weatherproof a Ping Pong Table

Weatherproof a Ping Pong Table

How do I protect my ping pong table

A ping pong table is not a simple thing. People should spend thousand more dollars to buy a high quality ping pong table. So, they should ensure its safety first because there are many reasons which can damage this table. So, every people should take care of this table most.

People should need a high quality waterproof table cover which can protect the table surface from the water. It would be very good if the table is weatherproof also. It can keep outside also while playing. If the table is not weatherproof enough, people can also make this own by following the above process we have already described.

Will water ruin a ping pong table

Obviously, water and moisture is the main enemy of any kind of ping pong table. This can ruin and reduce the lifespan of the ping pong table. You cannot use an indoor ping pong table as the outdoor table. It is mainly designed to play indoors only. But if it is designed for outdoor playing, then you can use this outside of the house. But, the table should coat with high quality sealant.

Generally, indoor ping pong tables are made with wood. This wood surface easily can absorb water and moisture so much. This is bad for the table. For absorbing so much moisture and water, it will break or lose its real shape. So, the table will fully damage.

Can a game of indoor table tennis be used outside

There are some factors for using the indoor ping pong table on the outside. An indoor table is mainly made of wood. So it can absorb so much water and moisture which can affect the table most. The table will be damaged fully. So, if anyone wants to use an indoor table to the outside, they should coat the table first with high quality sealant. Otherwise, it will damage and lose its real shape.

Sometimes, the sunlight is also responsible to damage the ping pong table. The UV rays from the direct sunlight also damage the table surface. So, we suggest not using the indoor tabletop outside of the house. But, if anyone can convert it to as weatherproof and also waterproof, then they can use this.

Final Words

People always want to keep safe their expensive ping pong table for a long time. It is only possible to keep good and safe the table for a longer time when it is fully weatherproof as well as waterproof.

So, they should know about how to weatherproof a ping pong table. In the above of this article, we discussed in detail about some processes. People should follow these processes. Hopefully, it will work well.

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