How to win at Ping Pong

How To Win At Ping Pong ( You Need To Know )

People are very obsessed with indoor games as they are relatively easy to play and available everywhere. It is for the simple but enough addictive pattern of the game. Well, almost all of the indoor games are enough demanding and famous around the world. Ping Pong is one of them that will surely take place at the top of the popularity.

Behind each of the gameplays, the principal intention is to achieve victory. But there are some terms and systems that are required to win the game. Either they can be followed or not. By following all of those terms with great attention, winning the ping pong game is a piece of cake for sure. So this topic will briefly describe how to win at ping pong.

What The Ping Pong Actually is

Before going for the process, it will be a good decision to describe the ping pong. So basically, the Ping Pong game has another name that is known as Table Tennis. This is a two or four-player game where the players have to play against each other on a table. There will be a net remains connected at the center area of the table that divides both the areas of the players.

To play the game, the player has to hit the ping pong ball towards the opponent by following the mandatory rules. To make the scores, either the opponent has to hit the net or miss the shots. In this way, the other player will hit the score. Players with the highest points, win the game. So this is the simple rule and method of playing the game.

Talking about the equipment of the game, the main thing of the game is the paddle and the ping pong ball. Though the other items of the game can be switched and shifted in others. But the paddle and the ball are essential to perform the entire game.

Ping Pong Rules

As the game looks are enough interesting to play, the rules are enough simple too. Mainly there are two different modes are available in the game.

They are:

  • In a single play-where, two players go against each other
  • Team play- each of the sides holds two players that count 4 in total. Each of the team goes against each others

In a single match, players play the game from any corner of the table. The entire game gets scored to 11 on 21. They depend on the type and area of the game. The player with the maximum points wins the game. According to the rules of the International Table Tennis Federation, the game gets launched by making a coin toss by both the players. It helps to serve the first shot of the players.

For the team match, the pattern is almost the same whereas the serving and playing rules are a little bit different. As each of the teams holds two players, the game gets started from the right corner of the table where the player has to serve the ball against the player to the opposite direction of the table. Each of the players has to hit the ball in sequence. Heading towards the second team where for the service, the served player from the present team switches the sides and the opponent performs the same thing. This is how the team game continues for the potential of the score.

Essential methods to follow for winning the game

So these are the rules and clear definition of the ping pong game. Now it is time to know about the methods that can be enough helpful for increasing the performance of the game. Following all of these methods, anyone can surely defeat their opponents.

The methods are given below with their best descriptions.

Concentration on the game

The first and most important method during all of them is, delivering the best attention into the game. Nothing can be earned by delivering the best efforts. To increase the level of concentration, players have to apply perfect attention to the basic rules and the equipment of the game. In that case, the players have to maintain all the corners and areas of the table along with the height of the net. Besides making the concentration, the perfect way of holding the paddle in hand is also essential.

The best serving

Expert ping pong players claim that a perfect serving is the best way to win the point. That is why the majority of the players in national and international games get seen to reach the maximum stage with the best serving. The serving rules are very simple to follow. First of all, the player with the chance of serving has the hold the hand with the non-paddle hand at a visible pattern.

For hitting, the player throws the ball in the air at a limited height and hits through the paddle before it touches the table. If the player hits the net without any crossing, it will be considered as a point for the opponent. On the other hand, if the ball crosses the net with a small touching to the net, then it will be fresh or let. In that case, the same player will get another chance to perform the services. The same things and rules get appeared for the team match too.

No matter what type of game it is, each of the players gets the chance of making serves. That is why; one of the most efficient ways to win the game is, making the best serve.

To increase the quality and performance of the serve, players can make some little bit changes in their games by adding a lot of practice to hold the ball into the paddle with spins, swings, and other parts.

Making a quick-serve

The next step that can be followed is, creating a service with a good speed. This method may not be perfect for all of the players as some of them make chops and spins during their service. But the quick-serve is enough helpful to increase the score as the opponent doesn’t get aware immediately.

Some of the players can’t hold the proper speed and cross the restriction. For making the quick serves more effective, they cover the ball in hand before throwing it in the air. This is absolutely illegal in the game. With lots of practice, a fresh and legal quick-serve can be provided by the players.

How To Win At Ping Pong

How To Win At Ping Pong

Be habitual with the sidelines of the table

No matter where the ball makes a drop at the opponent’s area, if the opponent can’t return the ball to the player, it will be counted as a point. Almost all of the players can return the ball from any part of the table except the corners. So this can be a good strategy to follow to improve gaming. It is even gets seen in some of the games where the last point gets scored from a corner shot.

Most of the players can return to the corner shots that is a good advantage for the opponent. And the reason is, the corner area doesn’t come with a plain surface that can decide where the ball will make the drops. That is why; the ball hit the corners and run for any of the directions.

Players can’t measure the directions and that is how the opponents make the score. But this process is a little bit difficult to follow and apply. In fact, it is even said that only professional-level golfers can hit a corner shot. With a lot of practice and performance, the corner shots can be applied properly.

Decreasing the shortages

There is not a single player that makes the least amount of faults. All the ping pong players surely make some mistakes no matter how professional or expert they are. But a successful winning often follows the way of avoiding those lacks.

Losing attention during the game, miscalculation of speed and ratio of the ball, wrong pattern to hold the paddle are some of the common faults that can be done by a player. To win the game, this one is very effective and helpful to follow by decreasing all the bad sides of the game. A good rate of practice and proper knowledge about accurate things is the key to remove all of these issues.

Increasing the spinning and chopping ability

If the paddle and ball are easy to handle and use, the next level of achieving the maximum score is developing the spinning and chopping quality through the game. All of these factors can be done by the paddle and the ball. There are lots of ways to make the spins from the paddle to the ball that can easily defeat the opponents. A good amount of practice and techniques are perfect to apply the spins and the chopping.

Front spins, backspins, and long spins are all of those efforts that can be applied to the game whenever the opponent hits the ball. And the chopping of the ball is only applicable for the serving times. They can surely be applied during the entire game at any time. More or less, both of the tricks can surely perform a good amount of a score.

Controlling the speed

Not all of the players play a simple and formal game. There are such ping pong players with aggressive patterns that deliver almost all of the shots at their maximum speed. In the tournaments and competitions, some of the players get seen in a rough playing mode where the opponent easily controls all of these actions.

The main reason behind following this method is, there might be an aggressive and tough player to play with. To control the speed of the ball, the players have to deliver the whole focus into the ball and observe the speed. Where the ball gets placed and the direction to come is the main sources to follow. With the maximum effort of both these terms, the speed of the ball can be controlled easily. No matter how hard and fast the opponent throws the ball, it will be controlled by the paddle and deliver a good return.

Making unique shots and serves

To win the game, only the neutral level of gaming is not enough to perform and follow. Creativity into the game is a common thing that most professional level applies in their whole career. Some players are often getting seen with some unusual shots and smashes. All of these are learned by their efforts that directly work as the way to win the game.

For making those unique shots and actions, players can follow the professional level gameplays with their moves and actions. This will let them an easy way to deliver some good and tricky shots.

Performing the accurate body position

A player during the gameplay vs a player at the other times doesn’t follow the same type of standing at all. It is because the player knows about the proper way to perform and act in the game. It is confirmed that the players have to follow the offensive position by pushing the upper level of the body towards the lower area.

This pattern helps to improve the body balancing and concentration in the game. On the other hand, the legs have to place into the ground perfectly so that the body doesn’t make any slips or fall even if the ball is hard to hit. The perfect positioning of the body will surely help the player to reach the perfect winning destination.

Transform into a great defensive mode

Above all of the actions, defending the ball from falling or getting missed is a serious factor to observe. Even if the scores can’t be performed with some unique shots or powerful smashes. A tough defensive pattern can easily let the opponent receive the loosing. Behind a great and successful defense, the main thing is needed to apply the feedback shots.

Backhand shot and spin is the best way to perform as a great spinning ability. Whenever the player comes with any kind of shot at any place, only the ball and the direction have to follow to deliver the shot. In that case, the players can make the backspin shot by twisting the paddle in the opposite direction. It will also help to make some spins into the ball that goes for the opponent. Though the majority of the players make a return of the backspin, the other player has surely made a strong defense in their game. For the best defensive game, the players have to stay alert during the entire match.

Delivering the maximum effort in practice

Above all of these methods, the most important thing is to make a good practice. None of these terms from above will be worthy enough if they don’t get followed and applied into the practices. Famous Ping pong player Ma Lin admitted that he performs a lot of practice. 14 hours in a day is the average practice of his schedule. From this level of practice, Ma Lin has reached the maximum level of the game.

To win the majority number of the game, there is no better option rather than making huge practices. No matter how professional the players are, they have to perform every step of their games starting at the beginning levels. Besides, the signature shots and the spins are also essential to make count into the practicing session. Only the way of prospering into the level of gaming is fixed with a single word and its efficiency. And that is nothing but practice.

Additional terms to apply for improving and winning the game

All of these methods are the most essential ones that can’t be denied to follow. Without a single one, there is not enough good chance except luck to win the games. But unfortunately, luck doesn’t favor for all the time. So these are probably the compulsory ones to follow.

Except for all of these, some other factors can be listed as additional ones. Here they have been given below.

Using the high-quality equipment

Some of the ping pong players remain concerned and aware about this factor as they believe to have a good game from good material. In that case, the most important thing to follow and use is the paddle. As the paddle hits the ball and performs the other moves, it has to make from high-quality material and rubber that can easily make any spin and shots into the ball.

On the other hand, the ping pong table is also important that can be switched or applied to a new one. This factor may appear a little bit expensive to perform, but the result of this factor can easily deliver a positive vibe into the performance.

Applying to any club or hiring a personal trainer

If there is an ability to hire a trainer, it has surely a good chance of winning the game. Though the trainers will demand a good financial exchange, they will deliver all the possible shots and tricks of the games starting from the beginning level and till the advanced one. Some of the trainers are even former inner state champions that left with no confusion about good and fair play. As they appear a little bit expensive to afford, not all the players will go for the process. But in reality, they are enough worthy and perfect to follow and apply.

On the other hand, there are some of the clubs available in particular areas where all types of ping pong players are related as the members. As a winning process, the involvement with any ping pong club or foundation is enough worthy and effective.

So as the alternative ways, these two of the steps from above can be followed and maintained.

Final sentences

These are all the possible and related factors from above that can be identified or explained as the winning process. Among all of them, there is a common thing that reflects the most is, practicing. None of them will be worthy enough if there are not enough practices and exercises are done regarding them. It does not remain to clarify that, if you want to win almost all of the rounds in the game, there is no better option rather than maintaining all of these terms to follow indeed.

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