iPong Topspin Review In 2021

Modern technology has made the table tennis learning process very easy and effective. Nowadays, robots are being used as table tennis partners. The robots contain various features and even these machines can perform far better than humans. The manufacturers are constructing robots for all-level players. With the help of these robots, players can practice anywhere at any time.

In our today’s article, we will discuss the iPong Topspin table tennis robot. This robot is for amateur table tennis players. The robot is perfect for learning the basics of table tennis. With this robot, beginners can learn few moves to improve their skills.

However, if you are an advanced or professional player, then this robot is not for you. You should try to know about more advanced robots like the Power Pong 5000.

How We Reviewed The iPong Topspin Table Tennis Robot

In this article, we have deeply discussed all the features of the iPong Topspin robot. To review this robot, first, our research team checked all the mandatory features like the installation, removal, performance, and other essentials.

Then we have checked other user’s reviews to ensure all the users are satisfied with it. While taking reviews from other users, we have found that all the beginners are fully satisfied with this robot. They like to spend more like in learning.

iPong Topspin Table Tennis Robot Review

If you want to learn table tennis and you are in the need of an effective partner, then get the iPong Topspin Table tennis robot. This robot is specially designed for beginners. A beginner can learn the basics like how to defend the ball and how to hit forehand and backhand shots. Not only that, this robot can help a player improve continuous striking. This robot simply sits above the other side of the table. And it is very compact in design.

Here are the detailed descriptions of the features.

Construction- The construction of this table tennis table is very straightforward. It is very simple in design. It is a 3-piece construction. The whole robot is constructed with lightweight and sturdy plastic. One can carry this robot anywhere for practice as it is very light. Also, it has two motors to provide topspin and speed to the balls.

This machine features a round shape bottom. Other robots require clipping or some other mechanisms for attaching. But one just needs to simply place this robot on top of the table. It sits firmly and remains stable all the time while shooting balls. In simple words, the construction of this robot is perfect for challenging a beginner.

Installation- A beginner has to find the installation process very easy. If the installation process is very hard then before knowing the fun they will quit using robots and may be ended up quitting table tennis.

Luckily, this robot is very easy to install. One does not even have to look at the installation manual. As we mentioned before, the robot is separated into 3 parts, therefore, one has to attach all the parts together before starting. The middle and the upper parts feature slots on the bottom area. Simply, adjust the slot of the middle part above the bottom and rotate to lock it. Apply a similar process to attach the top part with the middle part.

Accessibility- The robot features a remote to control it. It is a corded remote control robot. To start the robot simply, push the on button. And after playing push the button to close it.

Power source- Basically, this robot is battery-powered for portability. The robot requires 6 AA batteries to operate. However, the batteries are not included and one has to purchase the batteries separately. But the only problem with a battery-powered table tennis robot is that one would not get the right amount of ball speed.

Do not be upset. This robot can be operated with electricity as well. One just needs to purchase an AC adapter from the dealer. The robot requires 9 volts and 2 Amps cord.

Ball capacity- This machine has a large opening on the top area. One has to feed the balls from that opening into the machine. The opening can hold up to 110 balls at the same time. However, it does not work with all sorts of balls. To practice with this machine, one requires 40 mm or 40+ table tennis balls.

For your kind information, though it can hold 110 balls do not fill the opening with 100 balls or even more. Because due to the pressure of the balls, the machine cannot work properly and balls simply jump out of the machine.

Performance- The robot is equipped with only topspin ability. It provides a decent amount of speed to challenge the beginners. With the help of this robot, one will learn how to perform forehand and backhand strokes with a decent amount of power and spin. Also, it will help one to improve footwork and increase the agility of both the hand and foot.

Size and Weight- After assembling, the robot stands 18.75 inches high. It is 10.75 inches long and 10.75 inches wide. And the weight of this robot is about 4.5 pounds. One can easily store this robot inside their backpack and carry it without any stress.

Price and warranty- This robot costs a very low price. It is like purchasing a ping pong1 ball package. One will be amazed after seeing the performance of this affordable robot.

And the most amazing thing about this robot is it comes with a year of manufacturer’s warranty.











Via Remote

Power Source

6 AA batteries

Dimension (H x W x L)

18.8” x 10.75” x 10.75”


4.5 pounds


1 year


  • Suitable for beginners and those players who want to improve hand and foot agility.
  • Because of the lightweight and compact design one can carry it anywhere.
  • Also, can be used for teaching kids.
  • Can be also powered via an AC adapter.3-piece constructed robot is very easy to assemble.


  • Not suitable for intermediate to advanced players.
  • Sometimes the balls simply jump out from the hole due to the pressure of more balls.

iPong Topspin

Things to consider before buying a table tennis robot

As the need for table tennis robots is increasing day by day, therefore, the competition for producing table tennis robots is also increasing. There are a lot of manufacturers who are producing robots with innovative technology and ideas. Therefore, it can be very confusing to choose the best robot.

Here is some advice that will guide one towards the best robot.

Skill level- All robots are not suitable for all level players. Some robots are specially manufactured for advanced players and some are manufactured for beginner and intermediate players. So while buying one, make sure to determine what kind of player you are. Because a beginner would not be able to handle the challenge of an advanced robot. And an advanced player would not have the proper challenge from a beginner robot.

Construction- The construction of a table tennis robot should be robust. It must feature a sturdy base. Some robots feature a clip-on base that needs to be attached to the table. This can damage the table’s corner. On the other hand, some robots feature a large base. One just needs to place the robot above the table.

Installation- Make sure installation does not require a lot of works. Some robots feature easy installation like the reviewed one in this article. Also, check the installation instruction is straightforward and easy to understand or not.

Controlling- Modern table tennis robots can be controlled via mobile as well. However, one has to make sure the robot is easy to control. Some robots come with a remote for controlling purposes. Try to avoid corded remote control. Because this does not let one control the robot from far away.

Power source- There are two types of robots. One is battery-powered and the other one is AC-powered. Those players who want a portable robot for their training should choose a battery-powered one. And those players who want more power and speed should choose an AC-powered robot.

Who is the iPong Topspin recommended for

The iPong Topspin is highly recommended for beginners. This robot helps one to learn the forehand and backhand strokes and agility. Also, it can help kids to learn the basics of table tennis. This robot can be used to learn single and consistent striking. It provides a decent amount of mixture of topspin and speed on the ball.

Final Words

To learn the basics of table tennis, this iPong Topspin Robot can be a big help. Also, people can teach their kids about table tennis with this robot. This robot is simple in design. It features easy installation and easy storage. It produces a decent amount of spin and speed so that beginners can easily accommodate with this robot. Also, it cost very little. This article contains the iPong Topspin table tennis review. Read this article to learn all the benefits of this robot.

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