JOOLA Atlanta Review

JOOLA Atlanta Review ( Detailed Description )

Looking for a top-grade table tennis table for your gaming club or office but couldn’t come up with any? Then you must know about the JOOLA Atlanta Table Tennis table. JOOLA is a brand that always surprises the table tennis enthusiast with their new and innovative table tennis tables. This brand produces different types of tables like tournament-grade tables, mini tables, indoor and outdoor tables, etc.

The JOOLA Atlanta is one of the finest table tennis tables produced by JOOLA. The built quality of this table is very amazing and all the users got satisfied while playing on this table. Basically, it is an indoor table. One can use this table for club tournaments or even for organizing professional-grade tournaments.

The built quality and the design of this table have attracted our eyes and pleased lots of table tennis enthusiasts. Therefore, today we have come with the JOOLA Atlanta table tennis table review to help those persons who are looking for a professional-grade table.

How We Reviewed

This JOOLA Atlanta table tennis table was not reviewed in a day. This table was under our observation for a very long time. Our research team table tennis enthusiasts have played in this table for some days to ensure this table serves the purpose of the user’s.

The research team has checked the surface, base, net, and other features to ensure this is a top-quality table and all sorts of table tennis players can play with this table. At the time of research, they have listed all the features and described them in detail. In the review section, you will get all the information about this table.

Detailed Description of JOOLA Atlanta

Anyone looking for a table tennis table for club, office, home, or arranging a tournament can choose this JOOLA Atlanta ping pong table. This table is made with the consideration of professional-grade player’s skills. The table is very robust and provides full pleasure to the players. This table can be used for 2 players or 4 player’s gameplay. If you do not want to compromise your pleasure, then choose this table without any doubt.

Surface- The surface of a table tennis table ensures the pleasure and the playability of a player. This table surface will surely provide all the pleasure and fun. The surface is made of high quality and dense wood composition. This wood composition will last for years without any defect and will consistently provide the same bounce.

And to ensure consistent ball bounce with a nice sound, the table top is 22 mm thick. Not only it provides great bounce but also the surface is engineered with very fast technology for tournaments.

The surface is blue in color which provides a pleasant view of the table. And for the color composition, one can easily track the ball without any issue. The surface is backed with 2 inches thick steel apron for wrap resistance.

Base- Unlike other table tennis tables, this table features a very stiff base. To construct the base, the manufacturer used a total number of 8 legs. Each leg is 2 inches thick and made of steel. When the table is assembled all the legs connect with the floor surface to keep the table stable and free from moving. Also, under the 4 outer legs, there are levers. These levers help to adjust the table on an uneven surface for superior stability.

All the steel legs are coated with synthetic powder to keep the rust away and to ensure long life.

Net and posts- The table comes with a tournament-grade net. The net must be assembled. But after assembling the net there will be no need to remove the net when the game is over. The net will be always attached to the table. One does not have to remove the net while folding it for storage. This increases the life of the net.

To install the net, one needs to simply attach the post to the table frame with the help of bolts. The best part about this table net is it features a height adjustment mechanism. That means for different game purposes one can adjust the net height to meet the requirements.

Size and Weight- As we said that it is a tournament-grade professional table tennis table, this table is designed with the official table tennis table size. The size of this JOOLA Atlanta table is 9 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 2.5 feet high. That means this table is suitable for office game room, home garage, club, and tournaments. But if one wants to use this table inside their room, then we would recommend going for a small size table tennis table.

And the weight of this table is a bit heavy because of the heavy base construction. The table is about 270 pounds in weight.

Assemble- Assembling this table will require a lot of time as this tournament-grade table has a lot of parts and all the parts are not pre-assembled. However, it does not mean the assembling process is very hard.

With the included instruction and with the help of the internet one can easily assemble this table. But we would recommend that one should take help from 2 other people to assemble this table as this table is quite heavy. All the parts come organized which makes the assembly process like a breeze.

The process may require mostly 3 to 4 hours and one will need a screwdriver, a 10 mm and 13 mm wrench, a 10mm and 13mm socket, and a ratchet.

Storage- Storing this table is not a big deal. This table comes with a very convenient transport and storage system. A single person can store this table without a lot of effort.

The table top is divided into two halves. For storing this table after the game, firstly, one needs to fold the table halves. On the base frame, there is a total number of 4 hinges. These hinges lock the table halves to avoid any unwanted opening at the time of storage. There is a lever on the side of the base frame.

After folding the table halves, simply press the lever by a foot and slide the table to lock it. The table will be lifted from the ground when it is locked and the whole table will be standing by the support of 4 casters.

Each of the casters is 5 inches in diameter and the casters are very sturdy. Simply, roll the table towards the storage space.

ITTF approved- This professional-grade table is approved by ITTF and it was selected by the Olympic table tennis game from 1996 to 2000. So if anyone wants to organize any professional tournaments, then without any doubt one can get this table.

However, the recreational players will need some time to get the hang of this table. Because this table features different play than recreational table tennis table.

Versatile- As the table surface is divided into two halves, therefore, one can use this table for training purposes. One can simply fold one-half of the table and use the folded part as a barrier.








Surface Material


Base Material

Alloy Steel


270 pounds

Dimension (L x W x H)

108” x 60” x 30”

Caster Diameter



  • Can be used for family fun, club, and tournaments.
  • Easy assembling mechanism table tennis table.
  • A sturdy base provides superior stability above the surface.22mm thick table provides optimal and consistent ball bounce.
  • The bottom caster ensures easy storage just by rolling the table.
  • Four hinges to lock the table halves for safety and avoid unwanted opening.


  • A little bit pricey because of the top-grade materials.
  • Recreational players may need some time to get the hang of this table as it provides superior playability and is designed for professional players.

JOOLA Atlanta

Things to consider to choose the best table tennis table

As the table tennis tables are available in various sizes and with different quality, therefore, it is necessary to choose the best one which can accommodate the playability of the players. By considering the below features, one can get the best table.

Surface- The simple role is the surface of the table must provide optimal ball bounce and should last for a very long time. Professional players want a thick table so that they can get consistent and satisfying ball bounce. Elsewhere, recreational players do not require a thick table. But both professional and recreational players must ensure that the table is made of stiff and durable materials so that the table can last for decades.

Base- The whole table stand above the base and the base carries the weight of the table. That means the base must be very sturdy and made of top-quality material. The steel-made base is the sturdiest. Also, the table legs must feature levers so that one can adjust the table on an uneven surface.

Assemble- This one is one of the top most considerations. There are some manufacturers who produce tables that are more than 90 percent assembled. These tables require less effort. However, there are some amazing quality tables that are not assembled at all like the table we discussed today. These types of the table must come with easily understandable instruction and all the parts must be well organized.

Storage- The storage process should be a breeze. Some tables are very light. One can easily lift these tables for storage purposes. And some tables are very heavy but feature casters for easy installation. So make sure the table features casters or the table is light in weight.

Who is the JOOLA Atlanta for

The JOOLA Atlanta is basically recommended for professional-grade table tennis players. Because this table provides optimize speed which suitable for professional players. And the table features higher ball bounce and different playability than recreational tables.

Recreational and occasional players will find this table quite uncomfortable. But after a couple of days of practice, one will get the hang of this table.

Why the JOOLA Atlanta was selected for Olympic Table Tennis

Because of the well-engineered and astonishing construction of this table, it was selected for the Olympic table tennis game. This table is a tournament-grade table. It has all the characteristics to match up with the skills of professional table tennis players. This table still provides the same amount of playability and same pleasure to the players.

Final Words

Basically, a tournament-grade table tennis table is made with high quality and durable materials. These tables feature great playability. And all level players can play with these tables. One of the tournament-grade tables is the JOOLA Atlanta table tennis table. We have discussed this table in detail and tried to highlight all the features of this table so that players can understand all the benefits this table provides.

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