Joola Infinity Balance Review

Joola Infinity Balance Review In 2021

Table tennis is a game of inches and proper adjustments. So, they cannot ignore the necessary types of equipment for playing this ping pong like a high quality ping pong paddle. Most of the time, a table tennis racket can be called a ping pong paddle. There are so many professional players who need high quality and best paddles to play table tennis.

So, every player should play with high quality ping pong paddle or table tennis racket for staying in the race scoring competitive points. In this article, we are going to describe the best pink pong paddle which is Joola infinity balance table tennis racket. This is designed for playing precise shots every time they have taken.

Let’s start today’s journey to know more reviews about this high quality table tennis racket.

What is Joola Infinity Balance Table Tennis Racket

Do you look for any high quality table tennis racket or ping pong paddle? Don’t worry anymore, here it is for you. This table tennis racket is highly précised to cuts above all competitors. Using this ping pong paddle people can play the most precise shots. They will score a good result. The player can get more flexible and comfortable playing with this ping pong paddle.

There is a flat surface that allows hitting the ball across the table perfectly. Using very smooth and multi-layer parts this ping pong paddle is able to take precise shots. This comes with a very solid and smooth surface including varieties colors. People should need this kind of ping pong paddle to score high points.

Best Review of this Joola Infinity Balance ping pong paddle

This is usually a great quality table tennis racket on the market. People should play with this racket because of making with high quality materials. They can get the best service from this ping pong paddle while playing with this racket. It can able to hit the ping pong ball accurately across the table.

Why People should Love this Paddle: To be a standard and high quality ping pong paddle, there have some reasons which are very responsible for this. People cannot like this ping pong paddle without any reason. So, in the below, we try to put some specific great factors which are really appreciable.

Handle Grip: A racket handle is the most important factor which should be made with high quality materials to take the perfect and precise shots with it. This ping pong paddle handle is made with so much comfortable ergonomic flared grip handle. This is amazing having this kind of grip handle. The surface of this handle is very smooth to touch. The player can get an extra comfortable and solid grip for playing the perfect shots by hitting the ping pong ball.

Without any super smooth grip handle of ping pong racket, the player cannot play the perfect shots because they have no smooth control on their racket. So, this ping pong racket ensures to provide a high quality handle with fully gripped so that it can enhance the playing quality and help to hit precise shots using this racket.

Control with great Spin: This racket provides also high quality spin. There are used some high quality combo materials so that players can get a great spin while hitting the ping pong ball with this racket. The flat surface of this paddle is made with 7 ply layers of carbon. That’s really amazing for any ping pong paddle.

Including 7 layers of the flat carbon surface, they are great for specific skills. Limba, Koto, Ayous, and Kiri materials are used for making this racket. These all materials are combined for making the racket so high quality. These all four materials have their own specialty to provide more features with this racket. 

The Limba layer is used for enhancing feeling so more. Players can get an extra great feel while hitting the ping pong ball. This layer color is like dark chocolate color. This is designed as the first layer among all. The second layer is the Koto. This is amazing for a quick counterattack. Players need to hit the shot for a counterattack as soon as possible they can. So, featuring this kind of layer is great for playing easy counterattack shots. This ping pong paddle offers this kind of feature too.

Players must need precise control while hitting the ping pong ball. So, they cannot get enough control with a regular or normal quality racket. They must need such a kind of racket which offers a lot of control when they are hitting the ball. In this table tennis racket, there are used a layer for enhancing more control in the flat surface. They Ayous layer is used for enhancing the control on this racket.

Most of the table tennis racket has a problem vibrating. They feel chaos with huge vibration while hitting the ping pong ball. So, in this racket, they cannot get this type of chaos. It can reduce the vibrations because of featuring the Kiri layer. This is absolutely great for reducing vibration.

Edge Type: The flat surface of this table tennis racket is made with high quality materials. There are engineered advanced method 38 rubber. Both sides of this racket are covered this high quality rubber. This is so good for playing ping pong with this racket.

People can notice that its edge is highly protected. It covers with some materials that can protect from any damages or scratches. In this racket, there are used flexible PVC edge tapes which can keep safe the paddle side.

Performances: Players do not worry about their performances. This is the best one which can give outstanding performances than any other racket in the market. According to the professional reviews, the speed rating of this paddle can be marked as 92 out of 100. It’s spin and control has also 92 ratings out of 100. This is amazing for the table tennis racket.

Brand: This table tennis racket is produced by the famous brand “Joola”. This brand is a great and trusted Olympic table tennis brand which is very famous for producing so many high quality ping pong paddles. This brand is high trustable for 60+ years.








Country of Origin




Skill Level



Tacky Topsheet


Advanced Method 38

Sport Type

Table Tennis

Age Range



7 ply layers including also Limba, Koto, Ayous, and Kiri








Protective PVC edge tape


Ergonomic Grip Flared Handle

Flat Surface

Advanced Method 38 Rubber

Color Rubber

Red and black



Package Dimensions

10.39 inches * 6.3 inches * 1.14 inches

Package Weight

9.31 ounces


  • Great for an ideal spin and more control.
  • High quality balanced ping pong paddle.
  • So lightweight and flexible to hit the ping pong ball.
  • These included 7 ply layer with real wood.
  • It has an ergonomic grip flared handle.
  • Superior control.
  • Advanced method 38 rubber is used to make the flat surface.
  • The side of this paddle is protected by PVC edge tape.


  • Featuring all high quality pros, there have no major cons at all.

Joola Infinity Balance

Joola Infinity Balance

Mind something before buying this table tennis racket

Depending on the people’s choice, there are produced many kinds of a table tennis racket. But, today we just reviewed only one high quality ping pong paddle which is the Joola infinity balance. People need to consider something important while buying this racket.

Material: First of all, check the material of this paddle. People should buy the ping pong paddle which is made with high quality rubber method because this paddle can give more spin with great control while hitting the ball.

Handle: It should be a grip handle with more comfortable and flexible so that player can hit the ball accurately and precisely. This paddle handle is made with an ergonomic flared handle. So, this can be the first choice for anybody.

Performance: Players should check all ratings such as its speed rating, spin, and also control. It should be a higher rating for getting the best performances.

Is this paddle worth it

Absolutely, this paddle is the best for the players for enhancing spin quality with more control. A high quality ping pong paddle is normally a little bit costly because of its premium features. So this is worth it. It is made with advanced method 38 rubber on both sides to get more precise shots. The real wood 7 ply layers help to increase more spin, speed, and control.

Are the table tennis rackets good enough

Not all table tennis rackets are good. But there can find many high quality rackets in the market. These all are made with great layers for increasing their performances. Most of the table tennis rackets usually offer more spin with great control and speed while hitting the ping pong ball. To play precise shots, the player must play with a high quality racket. Having an ergonomic grip handle is also an amazing feature for any racket. It helps to control the racket so comfortably.

Final Words

People should need to play with high quality ping pong paddles. We suggest here this racket because we have noticed already its quality and performance in the above. Anyone can choose this Joola infinity balance paddle for playing ping pong featuring more spin and control. Hope this article will help a lot in choosing the best racket for you.

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