JOOLA Inside vs STIGA Advantage

Joola Inside VS Stiga Advantage ( Best Ping Pong Table )

Ping pong players basically love to go with that equipment in their game that is perfect by their nature. Even if they price cheap, the performance and quality matter to them. Just like the other type of equipment, the ping pong table is a common thing that makes some comparisons between the brands.

The JOOLA and STIGA are two of the most common tables that get used in the game for a large number. And the reason behind this activity is, both of them contain almost the same type of features and qualities. JOOLA Inside vs STIGA Advantage, which one is best is a great comparison to make by judging all of their efficient sides. So without making any further delay, let’s go for their brief descriptions.

Joola Inside

JOOLA is a common and popular name in the ping pong segment. They mainly produce high-quality ping pong equipment. The balls, paddles, and tables are their main models. In all types of games such as the national and international levels, the Ping Pong tables from JOOLA have good demand.

So basically, there are three different models are available in JOOLA Inside. All of them have almost the same demand for the game.

And the models are,

1.JOOLA Inside 15

2.JOOLA Inside 25 and

3.JOOLA Inside 18

Starting from the JOOLA 15, it is available in the thickness of 5/8 inches. Both the beginner and the professional level of players find out the table very worthy and perfect for use in the game. Just like the thickness level, the JOOLA 15 also delivers a good bouncing back and absorbs the ability of the ball from any of the corners.

So this one can be called the beginning level of the table for the ping pong game. Coming to the second, if the player realizes to have better performance in their game with confidence, the JOOLA Inside 18 is the second choice for them. It is all about the thickness and quality of the board that helps to maximize the gameplay performance. The ¾ inches of thickness let this table go with the middle leveled ping pong players. Smashing, making spins and swings, and generate a proper landing is a common thing to perform in this table by the medium ranged ping pong players.

Lastly in the listing, the pro-level and aggressive players can surely go for the JOOLA Inside 25. This one is a little bit expensive compared to the other two, but the 1 inch of least thickness makes this one the best in performance and the user ability. In terms of smoothness and easy playing, this table can perform the best from every angle and part of the table. All of these positive and great qualities make this table the perfect one for JOOLA to use at the national and international level of gaming.

As it is the comparison, the best thing about JOOLA Inside ping pong table is, it is good for every area and platform to use. No matter how and what the area is if there is plain ground and enough space for the tables, it can be placed very easily.

It takes less than 10 minutes to perform and set up the table at any corner. During the attachment process, all need to adjust both of the legs with the table and make it stand. Besides, there is no doubt and complaint about consuming the space. This table can be folded very easily into the sidelines. It helps to increase the space of the area after the gameplay. And if it is needed, the table can be folded in half that can easily deliver a single match playing ability.

Talking about the outer structure, there is no doubt and objection in the quality and performance of the table as the steel-made framing contains a good thickness of around 1.5 inches. It surely describes the long terms using ability and the performance of the table.

As some of the users may find this table a little bit heavy to move, there are wheels attached with each of the legs that size around 3 inches. The wheels help to move the table easily from one place to another. During the game, the table must not have to make any movements. That is why; the wheels can be locked at the same place so that there is no shaking or moving even in the strongest shots. Mentioning the height and easy gaming of the player, the efficient leg levelers help to adjust the height of the table according to the player.

So these are all of the great qualities that make the JOOLA Inside ping pong table model so much demanded among the players.

STIGA Advantage

Just like the popularity of JOOLA, STIGA is another one with some great and useful features. In terms of popularity, STIGA is a common name that gets heard by most professional-level players. Besides, the international level of gameplays also has a good response about the STIGA brand.

There are three different variants are available under the STIGA advantage model. Each of the models is different in their level of thickness and gameplay experience rather than the others. They are:

1.STIGA Lite Advantage with the thickness level of ½ inches

2.STIGA Pro Advantage with the thickness level of ¾ inches

3.STIGA Advantage with the thickness level of 5/8 inches

On the first of the listing, this is the STIGA lite with a very low thickness level. It is actually for those types of players that can easily make the challenge and performance through their gameplay. For them, the quality and performance level of the table doesn’t create any matters. Each side of the table is made for taking speedy bounces and dives.

The STIGA Pro carbon is another good level of the table that contains moderate leveled thickness. It allows the users to go for both the beginning and medium level of gaming. Except for the level of thickness, all the other qualities and features of this high-quality table remain the same.

At the last, this one is the game changer and the most popular one among the other two. The STIGA Advantage is a preferable table to use by most ping pong players. With the 5/8 inches level of great thickness, this table ensures the great bouncing and performance of the ball. Maybe this table is not applicable for the national or international level gaming like the STIGA pro one, but it can surely make a good deal for the beginners and the poolside games.

So all three of these models are perfect enough in their performance and proper using area. If talking about durability and quality, the legs of this table are made from high-quality steel with a thickness level of half of the inches. There is surely no doubt or objection about the durability and performance of the table. And for protection, the legs are perfectly covered with high-quality foams and rubbers so that, there is no chance of having any damages or scratches into the legs by the players.

For the portability and easy using ability, this model is also featured with the splitting system of the legs. It mainly divides the table in half so that the table can be placed at any corner or area after the gameplay. The great feature allows this table for an easy and fair game at any corner or area.

With the legs of the table, high-quality wheels are also provided that can help to move the table simply and make a perfect position. And whenever the position is set, just lock all the wheels perfectly and go for the game.

So it is confirmed that the STIGA Advantage model surely comes with all those positive features that are needed and require in a ping pong table.

The Bookish Specifications And Comparison

All of the terms from above can be called the using review. But there are some of the obvious factors that remain connected with the tables. Some of the common ones have been listed below with a simple comparison chart.


JOOLA Inside

STIGA Advantage

Thickness from the top of the table

.59 inches

.62 inches


137 pounds

180 pounds

Playing pattern



Movement type

Connected with 3 inched caster wheels

Legs are connected with wheels

Required time to construct

Less than 10 minutes

Require around 10-15 minutes

Good sides

  • Valued for money
  • Can be assembled very easily
  • Great after buying service
  • Single part gaming ability
  • Good brand value
  • ITTF certified

Bad sides

  • The quality of the net is not good enough
  • A little bit heavy

Stiga Advantage

Stiga Advantage

Which one will be the best ?


Both of the models have been described briefly above. Well, it will be a tough decision to choose the best one. Both of the models are perfect in every way. Each of them holds their separate models of the tables on their own.

In terms of choosing, it can be the JOOLA Inside as the priority. And the reason is, it has a positive side of being lower in weight. Besides, there is an active leveler in this table that can be adjusted manually depending on the height of the player. Both two of these facilities are not found in the STIGA Advantage.

On the other hand, the perfect thickness level of STIGA delivers good bouncing and the actual hit of the table. Another unique thing is the single-type playing mode that can be activated by folding a part of the table. This helpful feature lets the single-player practice alone.

Anyways, it confirmed that both of these brands are the best competitor of each other. Now the only thing that can make the difference is the intention and requirement of the player. But the fact is, both of these tables will surely reach their potential. Either it gets used by the professional or the beginner players.

Final Words

Professional or newcomers to the game can choose any of them. They are surely the best ones in the business. None of them are deniable to use for any kind of game. Considering the weight and easy-moving ability, JOOLA can be a good choice. Besides, if some upgrade facilities are required, STIGA can be the partner.

However, more or less both of the models and brands are probably valued for money. And now the choice is yours with whom you wanna go.

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