Killerspin Jet 500 Review

Killerspin Jet 500 Review In 2021

If you are playing for quite some time, then we are sure you have heard about the Killerspin brand. This brand has attracted table tennis players and pleased them with their amazing and innovative table tennis accessories. One of their revolutionary and well know accessory is the Killerspin Jet 500 paddle. This astonishing paddle has surprised many table tennis players.

This paddle is a competition-grade paddle and it is constructed with the finest materials so that players can make the best use of it. Today, we will broadly discuss the features of the Killerspin Jet 500 so that table tennis players who are looking for the best paddle can understand why we are recommending this one.

But before we start our review, let me tell you that if you are a beginner table tennis player, then this table tennis table is not suitable for you. You should check the STIGA Apex Table Tennis Table.

How We Reviewed

For reviewing this Killerspin Jet 500 paddle, our sports research team really word hard. To make sure the table tennis players get all the benefits of this paddle our research team has collected true user reviews and has checked the quality of the materials. So, if you have any doubts about this paddle surely we will get your doubts clear by reading the description.

Review oF The Killerspin Jet 500

It is obvious that a table tennis player should change the paddle after some time to enhance their ability. If you were an amateur table tennis player for quite some time and learned new skills, then you should replace your old paddle with this Killerspin Jet 500. This paddle is made especially for intermediate to advanced players. So it will surely help you to learn new moves. Let’s have a deep look at the features of this paddle.

Blade construction- The blade of this Killerspin Jet 500 paddle is constructed with superior grade materials to last for years. The blade is made with 5 plywood layers. And this paddle has a 6.7 mm thick blade that provides more ball speed than other paddles. As the advanced players need more power to deliver the ball with more speed, this paddle is perfect for that purpose. The blade is a bit heavy than other Jet paddles so that one can have the advantage of more speed while playing with others.

The performance of the blade does not only depend on its blade, it also depends on the blade rubber as well. For optimal performance, the manufacturer used Nitrx – 4z rubber on both ends of the paddle. One end rubber is black and the other end rubber is blue in color. At the time of delivery, each end blade rubber is protected with a layer of thin polyethylene. For playing, one has to remove the layer.

In the middle of the rubber and the blade plywood, there is a layer of top-grade sponge that helps in absorbing the impact of the ball and features better control.

Handle construction- To ensure comfort the handle is coated with soft rubber. If the paddle handle does not provide comfort, then a player would not be able to play to their full potential. Therefore, this paddle offers an ergonomically designed handle.

Also, it is a flared design handle. The length of this flared grip handle is around 4 inches. Some players get their hands sweaty while playing and which can be very dangerous as the paddle can slip away from the hand. But the flared design handle of this paddle ensures one will have supreme grip all the time. This handle design is perfect for moderate to aggressive playability.

Speed- This paddle provides a decent amount of speed which is perfect for moderate and aggressive playing. If one wants to improve their performance from beginner to intermediate or from intermediate to advance then this speed would be great. The Killerspin Jet 500 speed rating is 7.5 out of 10. This speed will be also consistent with the advanced player’s movement. The paddle produces this amount of speed because of the thickness of the blade. However, this amount of speed is not suitable for amateur players as it can be very difficult to control the ball.

Control- Control is very important when swinging the paddle for different moves. Also, control is very important for recovering the paddle for the next attack. If a paddle is hard to control, then the players would not be able to perform to their full extent. Also, for dominating over the opponents, control of the paddle is very necessary.

The Jet 500 has the control of 8 out of 10. That means one will be able to easily control this paddle. This control rating is perfect for intermediate players. Advanced players have more control over their grip and blade so there is nothing to worry about for them as well.

Spin- If you want to get to the level of an advanced table tennis player, then you must know how to use overpowering shots. This paddle is great at spin. The spin rattling of this paddle is 9 out of 10 which is relatively greater than other paddles. Unlike other paddles, it would not obstruct the wrist movements of the player so that the player can provide a great spin on the ball for advanced and amazing shots. Also, if a player knows a couple of moves, this spin rate will help the player to win a tournament easily as the player will be able to perform the moves without any hassle.

ITTF approved- Know if you want to use a paddle on a tournament, then the paddle must be ITTF approved. Fortunately, this paddle is ITTF approved. The manufacturer used more than 85 percent of natural wood and they also used ITTF approved rubber. So any player can use this paddle to play and win a tournament without any worries. As it is an ITTF approved professional level paddle, therefore, recreational players would not able to control this paddle because of its extra spin and control.

Price and warranty- As there is a saying that you pay for what you get. Almost all the paddles produce by the Killerspin will cost a lot. But the paddles are worth the cost. As this paddle is made of top quality, durable, and sturdy materials, it costs a bit more than other brand’s paddles. You would not have any regrets once you play with this paddle. After watching your performance you will be satisfied and will appreciate yourself. The paddle also comes with a 30 days warranty. So if you have any issues within 30 days, you can simply replace it or get a refund.







Black and Red

Blade Material

5 plywood layers

Handle Type


Blade Thickness

6.7 mm








0.55 pounds


  • Designed for intermediate to advanced level players.
  • ITTF approved rubber and material have been used for the construction.
  • Will provide extra power and will accommodate the speed of advanced players.
  • Handle design ensures that players will have superior grip at the time of movements.
  • A bit heavy weighted for more control and power which is needed while playing tournaments.


  • Not suitable for recreational players as they would not be able to control the extra power and spin of the paddle.

Killerspin Jet 500

Killerspin Jet 500

What to look for in a table tennis paddle

You just cannot go and get a table tennis paddle from a shop. Because all the paddles are not the same. Manufacturers produce table tennis paddle for different level players. So, one has to check the features of the paddle before buying to ensure that the paddle will accommodate the player’s skill level. So here we will discuss some features of a paddle to ensure one does not waste their money on a faulty paddle.

Blade- Blade is used to hit the ball towards the opponent players. So if the blade is not made of high-quality material and rubber then players would not be able to give their best. The blade must be made of high-grade wood. Some manufacturers use carbon also for better gameplay. Also, make sure the blade has suitable layer construction which going to accommodate the player’s ability. Beginner players need to learn control at first so they need fewer layers of construction like 3 to 5. On the other hand, advanced players need more speed and control which is why they need more layers like 5 to 7.

Handle- Handle must be snug and comfortable. Sometimes players seem to not perform to their full extent which can be the reason for the faulty handle. A fault handle design can obstruct hand movements. So make sure the handle is comfortable and the design is perfect for you.

Construction- All the wood layers must be attached perfectly. As well as the sponge and the rubber have to be glued tightly with the paddle. If the rubber and the sponge are not attached to the blade by top-grade glue, then they will come off easily.

Performance- The performance of the paddle must be consistent with the player’s ability. A professional-grade player needs more speed and spin, therefore, the paddle must provide more speed and spin rather than more control. The opposite goes for an amateur player. An amateur player needs more control and a decent amount of speed and spin.

Who is the Killerspin JET 500 for

The Killerspin JET 500 is made for serious table tennis players. The paddle is constructed with ITTF approved rubber and contains wood more than 85% which is the requirement of the ITTF. From intermediate to advanced players can use this paddle for practicing and competing with others in tournaments.

Why Killerspin paddles are so costly

The reason behind the high cost of Killerspin paddles is the materials. Killerspin always thinks about the player’s satisfaction. This brand always tries to bring innovative paddles so that players can provide their full potential to the game. For this reason, all the paddles are manufactured by this brand contains high-quality natural wood, quality rubber, and sponge.

Final Words

If you want to leave behind the amateur table tennis player’s label, then you should get an advanced table tennis paddle. In this article, we have deeply discussed the Killerspin JET 500. This paddle is great for improvement. Also, advanced players can use this for competing in tournaments.

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