Killerspin Jet 800 Review

Review Details Of Killerspin Jet 800 Ping Pong Paddle

The ping pong paddle should be well constructed for getting more accurate performances. People should buy high quality paddles to play with. Here, this Killerspin jet paddle is absolutely perfect for professional players. People who want to play with high quality paddles should choose this racket. This featured a lot of technologies with well-construction materials.

Today, we will discuss about this paddle in detail. We try to put all information about this paddle with its key features. So, the player can get benefit from this paddle while hitting the ball. This is a tournament-grade ping pong paddle. So, in any competition, this will be the best choice for the players.

Let’s start a discussion about Killerspin Jet 800 paddle including all details in the below.

Who Is This For

This paddle is absolutely perfect for professionals. Having all the necessary technologies with key features this ping pong paddle would be the first choice for professional players. This is produced by the famous American brand Killerspin for recreational. This paddle is absolutely decent for playing in any major tournament. Including the best quality carbon blade, this ping pong paddle also offers more features that are really appreciated.

Review Details of Killerspin Jet 800 Ping Pong Paddle

We try to put the honest review of this paddle. Our team researched a lot about this paddle. So, hope players will get more benefit by reading all reviews according to their main features.

Before starting the review we want to say that, this ping pong paddle is made for professionals with many premium features. So, this paddle can be the perfect one for them.

Why People should love this paddle: Players need high quality paddles for increasing their performances. Without any good quality paddle, you cannot play well though you are a pro-level player. This Killerspin jet 800 paddle offers more superior features. So, we can suggest this paddle.

Construction: Undoubtedly, its construction is really good enough. People would like this because of making with 7 layers of this paddle. There are two layers that are made of carbon fiber and the other five layers are made of wood. These all layers make this paddle so remarkable and great for playing in any international competition. Players can get extra pop for the 7-ply construction of this paddle.

Players can get extra superior accuracy because of Nitrx-4Z rubbers. These rubbers are fully professional-grade which is used on the surface of this paddle. It offers more accuracy than other ping pong paddles in the market. It includes great Nitrx rubber constructions to control the direction of the ping pong ball. This is amazing for controlling.

This 4Z rubber allows controlling more of the ball with lots of power and high speed.

Professional Grade: Players can get this paddle with a fully professional grade. Having all premium features, this paddle is certified also by ITTF. This is the perfect one for serious players. It offers more spin than any other paddles. ITTF approved this paddle for playing in any competition because this can provide exceptional grip on ball strikes. This Killerspin paddle is great for a heavy spin too. So, undoubtedly this is a fully professional-grade paddle for all intermediate players.

Lightweight Design: Players always want to play with a lightweight paddle. This paddle is designed with some lightweight materials. Players can easily play for many hours without any struggle. They do not feel any pain from playing for many hours. It is very easy to handle this lightweight paddle. Some players may need to continue some matches without any gap. So, that time they must need a lightweight racket so that they can play many games while other table tennis paddles can weigh so much. It is a great feature for this paddle.

Handle: Its handle is just awesome. Players should need such type of handle which is so comfortable to hold on the palm of their hand. Most of the good quality paddles do have not a well grip, comfortable handle. So there is some to play with this kind of handle. In this paddle, this problem will be solved surely. The Killerspin jet 800 has the best ergonomic handle which can provide more comfortable to play more games without taking any breaks. Players can get more confidence to play more rounds with this paddle because of having a great ergonomic handle.

This flared, ergonomic handle provides more power also while hitting the ping pong ball. A player can get extra more power behind every shot. There is a reinforced grip on the handle. This can help to hold the handle perfectly with more power. Without a perfect handle, players do not comfortable taking precise shots. So, undoubtedly this is one of the great paddles having an ergonomic flared handle.

Spin: The Killerspin jet 800 paddle is the real name for the spin. It delivers a higher rate of spin that is 9 out of 10. It’s really amazing for this paddle. This is constructed with high quality materials and some technologies too. Having 4Z rubber of the surface center can deliver more spin while hitting the ball. Though another paddle has also 4Z rubbers on their constructions, this is literally greater than others because of having dual carbon layers on this. So, every player should try to play with this top spin rate paddle for improving their skill and performance.

Speed: This paddle also offers high speed around 9 out of 10. This is perfect for aggressive playing mode. Players sometimes need to hit the ball immediately. This speed rate helps to generate more speed with accurate shots.

Includes Memory Book: This is also a great gift to beloved any table tennis player. There is a memory box included with this paddle. Here, players can store their favorites paddle and also note down the best scores or some personalized message too. The record scores should be noted down on this memory book. It is a cool way to save these all records.








Country of Origin


Grip Size

3 ¼ inches

Skill level




Frame Material

Carbon fiber and Wood

Sport Type

Table Tennis

Blade Speed


Blade Spin





Unisex Youth

Product Dimensions

6.13 inches * 6 inches * 0.54 inches

Item Weight

266 grams

Age Range



  • This paddle can deliver so much power.
  • It is constructed with high tension 4Z Nitrx rubber.
  • Its spin rate is so high.
  • Players can play well with its ergonomic flared handle.
  • It is incredibly fast.
  • This paddle is so flexible and comfortable for professional players.
  • There is a features 7-ply wood carbon layer.
  • ITTF approved ping pong paddle.
  • Exceptional grip on ball strikes.
  • Here, used two layers of carbon fiber.
  • It comes pre-assembled.
  • There is also included a memory book for saving all records.


  • No more major cons of this paddle.   

Killerspin Jet 800

Killerspin Jet 800

Mind Something While Buying a New Killerspin jet 800 Ping pong Paddle

Depending on people’s choices manufacturers try to produce a lot of different kinds of ping pong paddles. These all are good also. But why should we suggest these Killerspin jet 800 paddles for playing? Obviously, there are some reasons to buy this paddle. We put some factors which should be followed by everyone to buy the best paddle from the market. While buying this paddle, they can check some necessary major factors.

Materials: Paddles are usually made with good materials. Professional players need so more high quality paddles to play better. So, people should check the materials first of this paddle. It helps to choose the best paddle. It is made with some high quality materials including a heavy and comfortable handle.

Certification: It is approved by ITTF because of featuring so many technologies and high quality features. Having all these features this paddle is absolutely perfect for professional players to play in any competition.  So, people should buy this after checking its approval.

Overall Performance: They can also check its spin and speed ratings before buying this paddle from the market. Players need always more spin and high speed from the paddle. So, they must check its spin and speed rate before buying this ping pong paddle. This paddle spin rate is so high. We suggest buying this paddle that features top spin and more power.

Is it worth it

This paddle is absolutely perfect for professional players. They should consider some money for buying this paddle. It is quite a price than others, but it is worth is undoubted. Having all necessary premium features, it can provide top spin and high speed while hitting the ping pong ball.

Final Words

Finally, we can say that players need high quality paddles for playing better in any major tournament. So, there are many kinds of the paddle in the market. Today, we put the best quality ping pong paddle that is incredibly excellent for professionals. The Killerspin jet 8oo can be the first choice for professional players because of having so much necessary premium features which are already described and reviewed in the above of this article.

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