Long Pips VS Short Pips

Long Pips VS Short Pips ( What Are The Differences)

The pips are a little nub of the rubber used in the ping pong paddle. Those pips are protruded from a single side of the rubber of the paddle. The pips of the ping pong paddle rubber can be two types’ short pips and long pips. Both pips offer different types of responsibility, specification, advantages, and disadvantages. They are completely different from each other in those areas.

If we elaborate a short pips rubber paddle will create less spin while playing ping pong. On the contrary, a long pips rubber paddle of ping pong will do the reverse work while in the game. To choose one of them one must know the details of long pips vs short pips. One can look details discussion below for clarification.

Long Pips VS Short Pips

Ping pong or table tennis is a wide range of games involving various techniques and skills. The player’s shares several types of techniques and several types of skill level in the game. That’s why the pieces of equipment involved in the game are manufactured in different types to match the techniques and skill level of the players.

The paddle is one of the important elements of the ping pong game. The paddle can be of any type based on its various feature. In terms of the rubber used in the main construction of the paddle is also of three types. One can separate the paddle of ping pong in three different ways based on the pips of the rubber. The rubber is an important feature of the ping pong paddle which is used to increase the speed of the ball and return the ball at low speed.

Based on the player’s skill level and techniques the manufacturer create three types of pips of the rubber. Inverter pips, long pips, and short pips. The long and short pips are widely used. These pips will vary according to the players playing technique and skill level.

A payer who wants to move the ball at a slow speed and wants to play near the table table tennis can choose the long pips rubber paddle. As for the short pips, the players who want to generate less spin and control of the ball from close to the table can choose the short pips rubber paddle for the game. More elaborately, the difference between short pips and long pips are,

Incoming spin: The short pips will be less affected by the incoming spin. The short pips rubber offers a vertical arrangement of pips, which makes it easier to hit through. Which is sensitive to incoming spin. As for the long pips paddle, it will provide a major number of incoming spins.

Confuse the opponent: The long pips paddle offers different tricks and strategies in the game. It is not easy to play with the game. Once they learn, they can do different tricks to confuse the opponent, unlike short pips. With short pips, playing ping pong is easy. Everyone knows the tricks as it’s a common one. So with short pips, it is hard to confuse the opponent.

Weight: The short pips are combatively 15% to 20% lighter as well as thin so it will reduce the overall eight of the paddle. However, a long pips paddle will heavier compare to the short pips paddle.

Topspin: Playing a topspin with the short pips paddle is not required. To successfully play it one has to hit the ball near at the top bounce to successfully flat hit, which is hard with the short pips but easy with the long pips. It is easier to create powerful shots from the mid to long-distance with the long pips compare to the short pips.

Timing Complexity: With short pips, paddle timing is very important as it less forgiving. It requires correct footwork and positioning. A shot a little bit early and the ball goes into the net. Also, a little bit late shot or high shot the ball will travel longer. Those happenings are not common with the long pips paddle.


Long Pips

Short Pips

>It does not offer versatility in the ping pong game

>Long pips rubber paddle makes it easier to defend.

>The long pips rubber paddle will allow the player to chop easily.

>It will provide a lot of incoming spins.

>While returning the chopping back, the long spin will create a heavy spin.

>The long pips can do so many tricks to confuse the opponents.

>Attacking seems hard with the long pips rubber paddle.

>Hitting a flat is difficult with this type of pip.

>A player has to be very good at twiddling to use long pips paddle.

> offer High forgiving feature

>It offers different options in the game.

>Short pipes make it easier to defend which will not surprise the opponent.

>Playing chop can be done with short pips but not accurate as long pips.

>One can create their spin with the paddle.

>While returning the chopping back, the long spin will not create a heavy spin.

>The short pips are the easiest, so confusing the opponent is not possible with it.

>Attacking is easy with the paddle of short pips.

> Hitting a flat ball seems easier than long pips.

>A player has to be master at twiddling to use short pips paddle.

> Offer low forgiving capability.

Long Pips

Long Pips

Can the player play a chop with the short pips paddle

Playing chopping with short pips is possible but way too complicated. The short pips will not absorbs speed and do not spin reversal, which makes it hard for chopping. But if the player is of high skill level, can play in different techniques may find it easier to play chop with short pips.

How to know what pips are good for what player

To know the right pips one has to play with all the pips paddle. Table tennis is not rocket science but not that easy too. One has to polish their skill, practice their soul out to be good in this game. While playing with the pips, they will know with which paddle they feel better to hit, defend, and do different tricks.

How one can attack with long pips paddle accurately

Attacking with a long pips paddle in table tennis requires skills. First of all, the player needs to learn to control counterattacks. One has to remember that attacking needs control of the opponent's speed, it’s the key toa successful attack. One should not create an over hit.

Final Words

Deciding to create a career in table tennis or playing the game for fun or exercise purposes, whatever the aim knowing the working principle of the paddle is important. In this different feature of the paddle is involved. Pips of the paddle are one of the features which affect the game.

Knowing which pips are good for which type of game will make the game easier and successful. One has to also know the difference between the pips. The way they differ from each other. Hopefully, the long pips vs short pips discussion above will help the players understand their type.

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