Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddles

Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddles

In the world of sports, Ping Pong is a common name that gets played all over the world. No matter what country or nation you belong to, you will find the least amount of ping pong tables in almost every gymnasium. For a very long time, the ping pong game has been quite popular at both the national and international levels.

Just like all the other types of games, the Ping Pong also comes with some major equipment; the paddle is one of them. Some players call it the racket, some of them say bat. But above all, they are mostly known as the paddle.

Fancy ping pong players or the performance improvers always stay in a worry about upgrading their gameplays. In that case, applying a standard and expensive type of paddle for the game is a common and obvious thing. So today, we will discuss some of the most expensive ping pong paddles along with their brief details. Each of these paddles contains its own features.

 What is a Paddle-in Ping Pong Game

Before going for the main part, giving a simple definition of the paddle is a good decision. So the paddle is basically a ping pong bat that helps to hit the ball towards the opponents. A typical type of paddle contains high-quality laminated wooden structures for the entire area. For a good handling ability of the player, there is also a handle placed at the lower area of the paddle.

Coming to the main part of the paddle, contains a semicircular shape that is covered with performing rubbers. Depending on the player, the rubbers get placed at both sides of the paddle. The rubber mainly helps to make the swings and shots to the balls by the players. In the expensive paddles, the quality and features of the rubbers come with more improvements and playing abilities. Besides, the players can deliver better and powerful shots through the expensive paddles rather than the typical ones.

After some researchers by the experts, here are some of the models given below that can be considered as the expensive paddles for ping pong games.

1.Butterfly Zhang Jike ZLC Proline

2.STIGA Supreme Ping Pong Paddle

3.Killerspin RTG Diamond Limited Edition

4.STIGA Raptor Paddle

5.ButterflyViscaria Ping Pong Paddle

6.JOOLA Elite Ultimate Paddle

Butterfly Zhang Jike ZLC Proline

At the starting of the listing, this paddle is from the Butterfly Company. Some experts believe that this one is one of the most advanced and high-performing paddles for the ping pong game. From top to bottom, the total paddle is loaded with all the best equipment.

For better gripping and high-speed stability, the main area of the paddle holds multilayered carbons. If there is a high-speed smash to the opponent, the paddle will not decline to perform at all. Heading to the rubber part, there is Bryce 2.1 edition rubber applied into the paddle. It is called the fastest and the most durable one that can easily absorb the maximum tension level with the best effort.

The microlayer technology for both sides of the bat makes an easy swinging ability from the player at any direction and angle. As some professional players deliver extraordinary shots and smash, this one can a good choice for all of their games.

Positive sides:

  • Balls go through a rocket speed with the exact swing
  • No worry about durability and long term performing rate

Negative sides:

  • May create difficulties to handle by the beginner players

STIGA Supreme Ping Pong Paddle

Some pro-level ping pong players are obsessed with the STIGA brand. Having the premium quality and performing ability, STIGA is also available in the listing of the expensive ones. In the beginning, there are 6 ply blades applied into the paddle with the high-quality inverted rubber. As some of the paddles have the tendency of losing the rubber, this one is perfectly sealed by the industrial glue and has no chance of getting removed too.

In terms of the handle of the paddle, it may look simple. But it belongs to the rich Italian anatomic quality that hardly gets seen in other paddles. Players with sweaty hands can easily hold the paddle in some dangerous chops or swings.

The high-performing crystal technology also helps to make the outer area of the bat smoother and balanced with the ball. For all of these rich components and qualities, this paddle has been listed in the group of premiums too.

Positive sides:

  • High performing crystal technology allows the paddle to deliver speedy dives and chops easily
  • Italian anatomic handle stay fit even to the sweaty hands

Killerspin RTG Diamond Limited Edition 

This one is very well known as one of the most expensive ones among all the others. With the unique color and superb quality, many professional players are fond of this paddle.

Some of the great matches have been played with this Killerspin RTG Diamond where the majority of the players have won the game. Starting from the main surface area, it is covered with the best quality rubber that ensures to hold the gripping of the ball. No matter how fast the ball comes from the opponent, the paddle can surely handle it.

In terms of the return shot, the paddle helps to generate a moderate level of spinning that mixes up with the speed. So the opponent can feel a little bit worried to accept the ball.

On the other hand, the total construction of the paddle holds titanium carbon covering. With the combination of the wooden frame, it lasts for a very long time.

It is confirmed that even beginner players can change their level of gaming while having this limited edition paddle to them. And in professional hands, this paddle will surely perform in beast mode. A value for money paddle for sure.

Positive sides:

  • One of the best paddles with durability
  • Two different variants are available measuring the player’s requirement
  • Approved by the International Table Tennis Foundation for national and international level gaming

Negative sides:

  • Beginners may face issues at the first time of using

STIGA Raptor Paddle

Both of the professional and beginning leveled players can find this paddle enough worthy for the game. This paddle is loaded with some of the unique and excellent features from all sides.

At the main part, the construction area of this paddle is made from five layers that are strong enough with a very lower paddle weight of 1.1 pounds only. Besides, the Nano Composite technology makes the rubber part of this paddle stronger and best in gripping.

For this adjustment, the rubber area of the paddle perfectly delivers the ball for both the serving and smashing. On the other hand, the Company has applied a sponge part with 2mm of size between the rubber part and the blade.

With this spongy feel, the paddle can easily make some great spins and chops on the ball while serving. In the expensive category, this paddle can be declared as the controller of speeding.

Positive sides:

  • One of the best paddle for the fancy and professional players
  • Very light in weight with strong gripping to handle

Negative sides:

  • Probably not built for the beginners

Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddles

Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddles

Butterfly Viscaria Ping Pong Paddle

It also can be called the budget killer paddle. But most of the time, this paddle gets held and controlled by aggressive players. And the reason is, it is made with the ability to stabilize the highest speed.

As it is a common issue in most of the paddles, they can’t deliver both the speed and control at the same this. But the Viscaria paddle from Butterfly has made the statement wrong by proving both of the standard abilities.

In terms of construction, it is entirely made from Carbon fiber. So there is no doubt and objection about its lightweight ability. Similarly, it can hold even the strongest shots at a glance with the hardest and fastest replies.

No matter how heavy the shot is, it can easily absorb even the strong shots. This high-performing ability comes from the compact-sized heading of the paddle. Both the professional and aggressive leveled players can easily defeat their opponents while holding this beautiful but expensive masterpiece in their shape.

Positive sides:

  • Very strong and durable in performance
  • Handle of the paddle perfectly adjust with any size and shaped hands
  • Delivers a good control along with the accurate speed

Negative sides:

  • Some of the players claim to have minor wrist pain after the game as the upper head area is a little bit heavy than the handle

JOOLA Elite Ultimate Paddle

This one also can be called the official paddle. And the reason is, it is authorized and approved by the International Table Tennis Federation. Joola is a well-known company in all over the world for its high-performing ping pong materials. But now, they have a contribution into the expensive categories too.

National, international, and Olympics are some of the stages where these paddles get used a lot. The main feature of this paddle is, the thickness level of the rubber.

2mm is the applied rubber part of this paddle that absorbs and delivers the bounces very easily. Besides, the X-Plode rubber part adjusts with the main construction of the paddle. It ensures the given speed and spins accurately.

Thinking about the professional and aggressive players, the paddle is decorated with a high-quality flare handle that will surely not create any kind of pain or discomfort in the hands of the player.

This is confirmed that, although the paddle is expensive, it will be valued for money to use and apply by all the players.

Positive sides:

  • The thickness of the padding can easily absorb the hit and return the ball
  • Valued for money by judging all the features

Negative sides:

  • Not available in different color variants

Final statement

There are a lot of brands for the paddles available except them. Not all of them come under a big budget to claim. It mainly depends on the experience level and the fanciness of the player. Experts believe that a good round of games might not depend on the paddle; it depends on the player and the experience.

This statement is enough logical and correct. But in reality, even the professional ping pong players determine to go for an expensive paddle for their games.

Anyway, all of these paddles are almost nearby in their performing ability and quality. The rest of the terms depends on the player and the level of their gameplay experience.

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