Muck Boots Arctic Pro VS Arctic Sport Review

Muck Boots Arctic Pro VS Arctic Sport Review In 2021

To keep our feet safe from cold and water in the rainy season or winter season, a pair of waterproof boots is compulsory. A pair of waterproof boots do not only keep the feet safe from cold or water but also keep the feet warm. One of the best boots manufacturing companies in the Muck. This brand produces boots that will definitely save the feet from any harsh weather.

Our today’s motive is to highlight Muck boots arctic pro vs arctic sport review. These two boots are well known and very popular among people. Also, these two has mostly the same characteristic. Therefore, people often ask which one is the best.

However, finding the differences was not so easy. Because of their same characteristics, we have to go through a tough time to ensure we are giving the perfect information that will help you.

Muck Boots Arctic Pro VS Arctic Sport Review

Both of these boots will keep the feet warm from cold and will protect the feet out of the touch of rainy water. These boots are light weighted and are constructed with high-quality durable materials. Also, while walking on a slippery surface, these boots will give extra stability and will save one from slipping.

The below chart contains the differences between these boots.

Muck boots arctic pro

Muck arctic sport

Made of durable synthetic material.

Made of high-quality material.

Available in 10 different sizes.

Available in 8 sizes.

8 mm neoprene provides superior comfort and flexibility.

5 mm neoprene for comfort and flexibility.

Will keep the feet warm under -50◦ C to -1◦ C.

Keeps the feet warm under -40◦ C to 4◦ C.

Super aggressive Bob-Tracker outsole provides durability and stability upon any slippery surface.

The rugged outsole is durable and keeps still above slippery surfaces.

A bit costly.

A little bit less pricey than the arctic pro.

As you can see from the table there are no such huge differences between these 2 boots. However, let us have a deep look inside the features of these boots to learn more about them.

Top Material- The boot top material ensures whether the boot will be able to keep the feet safe from harsh weather or not. Also, the boot’s durability highly depends on the material. Therefore, the manufacturer used top-quality materials to construct both of these boot’s tops.

The Muck boots arctic pro boot top is constructed of synthetic durable material. On the other hand, the Muck arctic sport is made of durable rubber. Both materials are safe for the skin. No matter how you abuse these boots, they will last for decades.

Midsole- If the boots you are using do not provide comfort to the feet then there is no use of it. To ensure the feet comfort, the manufacturer used EVA molded midsole. This midsole will provide additional support to the feet. One will feel comfortable all day long. Because of the comfort, one can use these boots for various purposes. Also, to ensure the heel and Achilles area remain safe and comfortable, the manufacturer used double reinforcement in the instep.

Outsole- Both of these boots are constructed with a top-grade outsole. Because of the outsole design of these boots, these boots are very reliable during the rainy and winter season. These boots help the users to remain stable no matter how slippery the surface is.

For the arctic pro, the manufacturer used the Bob-Tracker outsole. This outsole is designed with different traction points.  These points keep the balance while walking on a slippery surface. On the other hand, to construct the arctic sport outsole, they used rubber and designed the outsole with rugged molded lugs. This design is also very reliable. Basically, this design is suitable for walking through snow. However, both boots will provide the confidence to walk on any slippery surface.

Cold protection- These boots will be the best choice to combat the harsh cold. The manufacturer used lots of mechanisms to make these boots perfect for winter choice. One can use these boots for working or traveling in winter.

The neoprene material which is used in both boots retains the heat of the feet inside the boots. On top of that, they used fleece lining. The fleece lining is soft, durable, and works great against the cold. All the materials used to construct these boots help the boots to keep the user’s feet warm all day long.

From the difference chart, one can easily see that the main difference between these boots is the cold protection. The Muck arctic pro provides more protection than the arctic sport against cold. It is the reason for slightly thicker foam bootie construction.

Waterproof- These boots would not let the water touch the feet in any conditions. The manufacturer used neoprene material to make these boots waterproof. For the Muck Arctic pro, they used 8 mm neoprene. Elsewhere, for the Muck Arctic sport, the manufacturer used 5 mm neoprene. The material provides superior waterproofing. Because of this material both boots are 100% waterproof. The neoprene also provides superior flexibility so that one can easily adjust their feet while walking on an uneven surface.

Boot size- Both boots are available in various sizes for both men and women. One can easily find a suitable size for their feet and the boots are true to their size. These boots easily adjust to the foot shape because of the flexible neoprene. There will be no blisters or foot fatigue from these boots. However, the Muck arctic pro features more sizes than the arctic sport.

The arctic pro boot height is 17 inches. And the arctic sport size is 13.27 inches. The arctic pro goes all the way near to the knee to provide ultimate protection and comfort. The arctic sport is a little bit shorter than the arctic pro but provides the same comfort.

Both boot shaft circumferences are 17 inches. That means one can easily insert their feet inside the boots without any hassle.

Cost- There is no big difference between the costs of these boots. The difference is that the arctic pro is a bit costly than the arctic sport. Because the arctic pro features more protection than the arctic sport in winter.

Which Muck Boots Are Warmest

If you are looking for the warmest Muck boot, then you should definitely go with the Muck Arctic Pro. The boot has superior protection against cold. It can protect the user’s feet from -50◦ C to -1◦ C which is an unexpected performance.

This boot can be used for both snow and ice. The manufacturer used thicker foam bootie construction along with a soft and durable fleece lining for superior protection. One can use this boot for any situation like hunting, camping, traveling, working, and etc.

Muck Boots Arctic Pro

Muck Boots Arctic Pro

Are Arctic Sport Muck boots warm

Yes, the Arctic Sport Muck boot is warm. This boot is not only warm but also waterproof as well. The boot is constructed with neoprene along with fleece lining. Also, the manufacturer used a 2mm thermal layer under the footbed.

All these materials retain the heat inside the boot and keep the feet warm. The arctic sport will provide protection to the feet in the harsh cold under -40◦ C to 4◦ C.

Final Words

If you are confused about whether to buy Muck Arctic pro or Arctic sport, then this article is for you. Here we have described Muck boots arctic pro vs arctic sport so that one can easily decide which one to choose. However, if you are suffering from harsh cold weather, then we highly recommend you to choose the Muck Arctic Pro.

This boot has superior protection against the cold which is remarkable. The main difference between these shoes is the cold protection. The 2nd difference is the traction of the boots. And the last one is the cost. Otherwise, there is no such difference to worry for.


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