Newgy Robo pong 2050 review

Review Details Of Newgy Robo Pong 2050 Robot

Peoplealways want to become more skillful in their ping pong games. They need several types of technology to improve their skill level. An intermediate player must need a lot of practice sessions for improving ping pong skills. For practicing lots of time, they cannot get any mentor for long period. So, they should need an artificial intelligence mentor who helps them a lot for practicing by playing on the table.

There are so many robots are available in the market. These all are high quality and able to play like a real coach or player. But, today, we are going to introduce a high quality robot which is Newgy Robo pong 2050. This robot is the best for playing ping pong with any intermediate player.

In the below, we will put all real reviews on it including essential all specifications too.

Who Is This For

Depending on playing skill levels, the player can choose a robot for practicing with that. Most of the time, players cannot get real mentors or coaches for practicing a long time. So, they can use this robot. This is really a great table tennis robot that is implemented with high quality deep functionality with all ranges. This is a digital robot machine for those people who really want to practice with a strong opponent without taking any breaks.

People will be helped if they buy this robot machine for practicing table tennis. This is fully programmed with all deep ping pong functions with proper AI. Players who want to take them to another next level up can surely buy this table tennis robot without any doubt. It really works great. Advanced level players can progress their skill level into the next level. So, we put all details in the below. They can check these too.

Review Details of Newgy Robo Pong 2050 Robot

Before starting the review we want to say that, this table tennis robot is really great for advanced-level players. They can be helpful from this. It can able to support a lot of real human beings or players. In the below, we explained some key features of this robot so that players can easily understand more about this.

Why People should like this ping pong robot: People always want to play better. But without any hard practice, they cannot able to play well in the tournament. So, they must need practicing a lot. But, there may be some issues too. They can choose high quality robot for this case. So, this Newgy Robo pong 2050 robot is the best for them. It will support a lot than other robots. Having all premium features and technologies this table tennis robot can be their firs choice. So, let’s start today’s journey to know furthermore.

Mode: This table tennis robot has four different kinds of modes. Most of the time players need varieties mode to practice ping pong. Players should need to practice without taking breaks in their practice sessions. So, depending on player skills this robot has featured four different modes which are really helpful to the players. In the below, we discuss about these four modes.

Normal Mode: This is a simple regular mode of this robot. Using this mode player can practice some specific shots with this robot. They can set some specific shots on the table, and then this robot will program just such kind of specific shots. In normal modes, this robot supplies some fixed placement shots to the players so that they can be the master of some specific shots they want. They can practice as slow sped to top speedballs with the normal modes of this robot. They can practice some topspin balls with this mode.

They can also practice a lot for ball positioning shots like as left-most position to right-most position. So, it will be helpful for these kinds of shots while in normal mode.

Oscillation Mode: This is such an exciting mode for all players. This mode gives you the horrible real thrill feel while practicing. Using this mode, the robot can deliver the ball like a real game. That means players cannot understand or pre-determine the ball placement. They cannot able to tell before the ball placement. So, it is very much interesting to the players. They have no idea where the ball will be placed. So, they should always prepare to face the ball in various directions. There are 21 different options for this model. Robots can deliver a maximum of 21 different directions ball having topspin or low spin and also high speed or low speed of balls.

Drill Mode: This is the creative mode for this robot. Having this mode of this table tennis robot is different from other robots. This drill mode can be very tough for someone. But it will be more helpful to all the players. Using this mode, players can improve their footwork, strokes, and also fluent transitions. In the real game or any competitions, they must need too precise in their footwork as well as their transitions. So, this mode will increase these all skill levels to another level. The player should practice using this mode for being upgraded their skills. Players can justify their skills in always like as different kinds of spins. There are so many spins are available for practicing. These are topspin, backspin, left sidespin, right sidespin, etc. Players can get all kinds of shots they need. So, it is easy to improve their skills while practicing with this robot.

PC Mode: This is the last mode of this table tennis robot. Using this mode they can share their same shot selection with their friends too who have this kind of table tennis robot. Using digital technology they can easily do that. So, it is a great way also to improve their friend’s skill too.

Easy Installation: This robot is designed for all kinds of standard ping pong tables. People can easily fit this any standard table without any problems. There are also some manual guidelines for installing this in a very easy way. This is so many users friendly so that any players can easily use this and set the target program.

Various Spin: Players must need all kinds of multiple spin options while practicing with this robot. So, this Robo pong 2050 offers so many spin options like topspin, backspin, left sidespin, right sidespin. So, a player can get many spin options so that they can practice and improve their skills to the next level up.




Brand Newgy
Manufacturer Newgy
Country of Origin Taiwan
Features 9 / 10
Portability 8 / 10
Build Quality 9 / 10
Consistency 9 / 10
Quality 9.5 / 10
Value 9.4 / 10
Pre Programmed Drill 64
USB Connectivity Yes
Assembly Required No
Package Dimensions 36.73 inches * 15.75 inches * 14.09 inches
Item Weight 15 pounds


  • This is a great AI table tennis robot for practicing with it.
  • This is designed and engineered in the USA.
  • More reliable and faster.
  • Deliver accurate shots whilePracticing on the ping pong table.
  • This robot comes with 64 preprogrammed drill features.
  • Available all spin options players may need.
  • So user-friendly and has high accuracy.
  • This robot can fit any standard ping pong table.
  • Easy and quick setup.


  • We have not found any cons for this table because there are all premium features with this ping pong robot.  

Newgy Robo Pong 2050 Robot

Newgy Robo Pong 2050 Robot

Mind something while buying a Newgy Robo pong 2050 robot

There are so many robots in the market. But people should need to consider some necessary factors while buying new robots. So, for this robot, they should justify something before buying.

Spin Options: First of all they can check the all programmed spin options. This is an important fact for buying a new robot.

All Modes: They can also check all modes works properly. So, then they should buy this robot.

How people can play with this Robot

This is an easy way to set the robot on the ping pong table. This Robo pong 2050 robot is pre-assembled and programmed with 64 drill modes. So, players can easily install this on their table and set the programmed mode for practicing with this robot. It is a very simple way to get the robot being ready to play with them. Sometimes they can change the modes too. In the above, we explained some modes of this robot. So, depending on their skills they should set the mode while practicing with this table tennis robot.

Final Words

Finally, players should need AI table tennis robots for improving their skills level by practicing with this robot. So, in the above, we discussed today about single one best Newgy Robo Pong 2050 table tennis robot which is really great and perfect for practicing. We put all details about this robot. So, everybody can check its quality and surely they can get overall good performance.

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