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Palio Legend 2 Review | Ping Pong Ruler Expert

The brand Palio is a very popular and most desired brand since it establishes and starts producing products to the market. The brand is producing world-quality table tennis products for decades at unbeatable prices. This brand offers a series of three different models in their paddle series.

Those paddles are namely the Legend, the Master, and the Expert. The series was launched aiming to provide table tennis paddles for every player. Among them, Legend 2 is the second generation of the legend series. The Palio Legend 2 is well known as the pace paddle. Because it provides a player with the most speed out of any Palio pre-made bats. Here we will discuss the product in detail.

Who Should Use Palio Legend 2

The Palio Legend 2 may be a slightly heavy bat that’s specially designed to place an enormous amount of force. The maximum amount of force will provide high speed and spin into the shot. The players, who have already mastered offensive stroke play as well as have enough skill and knowledge on the technique of controlling the paddle of high speed and spin can play with this bat. The advanced player who wants to add more speed and soul to their shot can choose this bat.

We don’t recommend this bat for beginner players. Because the paddle is heavy with the high speed it will not do good for the beginner. As they will have limited knowledge, techniques, and control they will not do good with the Palio legend 2 series peddle

Detail Review of Palio Legend 2

In table tennis paddle is one of the most important equipment. A bat is a powerful tool that hits the ball with balance and control. So it is important to have a good quality paddle.

As we are talking about the Palio Legend 2, it was made with exclusive collaboration between Palio and Expert Table tennis. So, one can easily imagine how high will be the quality of the bat. One of the main purposes of this series is to enhance the quality of the game by offering a quality product for the advanced player.

Even the price of the bat is high but the quality of the product just cut out the price. The fastest, spiniest with a high level of performance the advanced level player can experience the edge of the game. For the review of this product, we have focused on some of the key components of the product that we have discussed below.

Speed: One of the amazing features of legend 2 is its speed. It is the fastest paddle of the recent market. The paddle offers a great amount of speed which is powerful. The size and the weight of the paddle speak for themselves.  The blade of the Palio legend 2 is made of five layers of heavy plywood, which increases the weight of the paddle more than its competitor available in the market.

The weight of the paddle is around 190 grams which are heavier in terms of table tennis bats. If the player is a newbie the weight will bother them. If not then the weight will work perfectly as they will know how to control it hand hit the ball with maximum speed. The power the paddle will exert on the ball will be amazing because of the speed of the paddle.

ITTF Approved: The ITTF, if we elaborately it stand the International Table Tennis Federation is that the administration of all table tennis or Ping-Pong associations. The responsibility of this organization is to oversee the rules and regulations of the sport table tennis. They also seek technological improvement in the sport.

In the Palio Legend 2 table tennis bat, the manufacturer features Chinese Palio Hadou rubbers. These rubbers hold the best quality which is also approved by the ITTF organization. On a layer of 2mm tough sponge, the manufacturer placed these rubbers. That means the ball will not slow down even if the player hits it with the paddle. But the ball will gain speed and will move with even faster speed.

The amount of weight and speed of the paddle indicates that it offers less amount of control. The players who are still learning will not be able to play better with this paddle. They cannot control the bat perfectly to swing the ball. The same goes for the intermediate players. The paddle is good for advanced-level players.

The advanced player wants a good amount of spin and wants that the ball will softly brush the paddle without making full contact, which is provided by the Palio Legend 2. That’s why this bat is so popular among advanced-level players.

In addition, the rubbers can be replaced if they are worn or damaged, which is good. However, if someone cleans their bat daily and keeps it somewhere clean, it will last for a long time.

Spin: In terms of spin, all of the Palio rackets offer a good amount of speed. But the Palio Legend 2 is above because of the Hadou rubbers which give a fantastic amount of spin. The rubbers allow the players to have the maximum spin by brushing the ball instead of letting it sink.

Control: If we talk about the weakness of the racket, the control of the racket is its weakness. Because of its heavyweight and extreme speed, it is hard to control the bat for beginners and intermediate players. The player will have to good amount of skill and feel over the racket to control it properly. If the player played a lot but is relatively new in terms of techniques and skills, it will be very difficult for the player if they try to hit with this paddle.

Grip: The handle of the Palio legend 2 with a flared grip, which is very common. The western players mostly use this kind. The flared handle is the width of the handle which will increase towards the end. The players will have the edge of confidence holding the flared handle. It will not slip away so easily.





Expert Table Tennis


Expert Table Tennis

Sport Type

Table Tennis




Palio Hadou

Skill Level

Intermediate, Advanced

Sponge Thickness

2 mm

Grip type


ITTF approved


Item Weight

0.57 Pounds

Dimension of Product

11 x 7.3 x 1 inches








  • The racket is very powerful with a 10/10 level of speed.
  • The racket is made of high-quality Palio Hadou rubber.
  • Very easy to generate a high level of spin which is 9/10 by the bat.
  • A Five-layer of plywood was used to make the racket.
  • The paddle is ITTF approved.
  • The high-quality harder rubber increases the weight ensuring high speed and spin.
  • The rubber of the bat is replaceable.
  • The flared grip handle is ideal for an offensive hit, and it will not slip away easily.
  • The racket comes with a cage to keep it safe.It holds a very affordable price.


  • The paddle is heavier than other paddles which are not for the player who doesn’t play regularly.
  • Offering comparatively low control the bat is not for the beginner and intermediate players.
  • If the rubber gets dusty and old it can lose the spin.

Palio Legend 2

Palio Legend 2

The things to consider while buying a new Palio Legend 2 paddle

Before buying a paddle for the table tennis game one must consider three main components of the paddle. Those are,

The Blade: The blade of the table tennis paddle is the head of it. It is the widest side by which a player hits the ball. The blade needs to be tough and heavy to hit the ball with maximum speed. But not so heavy that one cannot even pick it to hit properly.

The Rubber: Layer over both sides of the blade is the rubber. The rubber of the paddle is ensured the spin of the ball. The ball will not spin well or get the speed from the hit if the rubber is not of good quality.

Also, the rubber needs to be replaceable. So if the rubber gets damaged or the old one can just replace the rubber instead of buying a new one.

The Handle: It is the part where the player holds the paddle and hits the ball. The handle must have been a good grip. A flared grip is a good option, which leveled the balance of the bat with the hand. It must have to be designed not to slip away so easily. The Player needs to be comfortable enough with the handle and the bat.

Is it worth buying the Palio Legend 2

With the amount of speed and spin it provides along with the high quality at an affordable price, yes it is worth buying.

If the player is not in their beginning level and has enough skills and knowledge of techniques can blindly choose the paddle to experience their best shot

Final Words

The second generation of the Palio Legend paddle of table tennis is very successful. It is built for better speed and better spin. Overall the bat is of amazingly good quality and insanely fast. The ball gains a faster speed because of the high-quality rubber of the paddle.

But the paddle requires a good amount of skills and knowledge of control to play with. It may or may not be good for any particular player. As the bat is the heavy and high speed it provides a low amount of control. Players of beginning level or intermediate level, who are still developing will find this Palio Legend 2 bat hard to handle. So we highly recommend this bat to advance level players.

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