Ping Pong Exercise

Ping Pong Exercise | Exercise for Beginners

Ping pong is one of the good games in both fun and fitness ways. The game proves to be quite good exercise for the body. The player needs to move their muscles along with concentration the game at the same time. That proves as a great value exercise for both physical and mental health.

Ping pong exercise is proved as good as a gym workout, running, or any other exercise. Exercising around the table tennis practice will help with the overall fitness and strength of a person. The ping pong exercise can provide a player with mental strength and overall physical strength, which is good for the game and regular life. Here we will discuss in detail.

What is Ping Pong Exercise

Like some of the other sports that involve moving the body parts, mind, body stimulation, aerobic, and social interaction in the game is known as the ping pong or table tennis exercise. In this type of exercise, two muscles that are responsible for the flexion and extension of the elbow are the triceps and the biceps. The front of the upper arm is known as the biceps, and the back is known as the triceps. Triceps and biceps all together called wrist flexors and extensors, are responsible for the brunt of stress during the swing of the hit.

This exercise includes many health benefits. The benefits include improving the coordination of the hand and eye, stimulates mental alertness, increases the concentration level, and help develop mental acuity.

Ping Pong Exercise

Ping pong or table tennis whatever one calls is a fast physical sport. This sport requires agility, quick reactions, speed, and mental strength. It’s important to warm up before and after the game. The game requires a lot of strength both physically and mentally so the player needs to be fit in both ways. Otherwise, they may end up with muscle aches or damage.

Now, let’s talk about some of the basic warm-up ping pong exercises one can perform.

To perform these exercises one has to be at a reasonable level of fitness. If someone is doubtful about their fitness should not perform these exercises without physician consultation.

The player needs to follow the exercise steps exactly the way we are describing.

First of all, raise the body temperature by jumping or running whatever the player prefers. By increasing the body temperature one must need to increase the resting pulse rate by 10 to 30 beats per minute. Includes some of the easy-going, low-intensity exercises. The impact shouldn’t be high, it has to be below. The player has to be rhythmic and continuous, don’t lose the beat.

Move the general and specific muscles group including stretching of major muscles group. This process should run approximately 10 minutes.

The warmup process will help prevent injury by raising the temperature in muscles suddenly by increasing the blood circulation around the joint. To enable more vigorous activity the warm-up ping pong exercise will increase oxygen delivery level to the muscles. The exercise will encourage the muscles to contact and respond faster and stronger by improving coordination.

After doing the warm-up exercise one has to do some stretching. Stretching will help reducing muscles tension along with reducing the risk of muscle and tendon injuries. The exercise will increase flexibility and freedom of body movement.

In stretching one needs to involve the whole body that will include neck and shoulder, lower back and abdomen, front and back of the thigh, lower leg, and ankle, as well as buttocks, groin, and hips.

These include all the major muscles of the game so one needs to be extra careful with it. At starting one should hold each stretch for 10 to 20 seconds but should not bounce. Repeat the process 2 or 3 times. Act normal, breath normally, be gentle and slow. Stretch the point of the tension, leave it if it feels pain, don’t be rash.

Before entering into the ping pong exercise inside the game the last exercise the player must do is the Shadow play exercise. Shadow play includes imaginary strokes play and related movements. This exercise will help as magic. By practicing or performing a range of different imaginary strokes the player will be ready before the game. One can go through some forehand drive, backhand drive, and some other stroke. The player must have to ensure that they are using their whole body in the shadow play exercise.

In this time one should try the most common and major exercise in ping pong to improve the game.

Ping Pong Exercise

Ping Pong Exercise

Small Exchange

This exercise relates gravity by the small transition. Feeling own gravity is important in table tennis so that the player can use the COG or center of gravity to generate power to hit. The first step in this exercise is to find or learn where the center of gravity is. Because in this game the player will need to rotate the whole body standing in the same place.

Forehand two point’s attacks

This exercise includes the footwork of the player. The player must have to have proper skill on the footwork to transition the forehand. This exercise is the key to improve the consistency of the forehand loop to improve the game.

Forehand two point’s attacks with a backhand drive

This exercise involves the real situation of the game. By exercising this situation one will improve the game and be mentally prepared for the unknown stroke from the opponent player.

2 points backhand drive

In this exercise, one must focus on the speed on the power of the player. Also, focus on the consistency of the backhand of your own game. Don’t hit the ball very hard but hit the ball as fast as you can. Facing a backhand attack consistency is the key to prevent. It is hard to hit the ball with power in the backhand but hitting with speed is easier so the player must have to focus on their consistency of play.

Forehand attack in a different position

To learn the big step in table tennis this exercise will help a lot. The player will learn how to move wide range and after that how to quickly recover the attack at the same time. This exercise will help with big steps and quick jump, two of the most important footwork.

These are the common and major exercises involved in ping pong. Without knowing and doing the exercises a player will end up hurting themselves. One can say there is no professional player and a ping pong player can’t be a professional without these exercises.

What are the health benefits of ping pong exercises

Ping pong is a game of good exercise. It improves the reflexes, both gross and fine muscles are developed and move easily. This game is a blessing for people who have joint pain or had knee surgery. It’s a great exercise for them.

This heavy movement game burns a lot of calories. People who find the gym boring but want to be fit in a fun way can play this game. For mental health, the game did a great job as it is a social spot. These games will keep the brain sharp as it requires physical strength and mental strength at the same time. Good for both eyes and spins. It improves the balance of the body that will help people in some other work in their regular life.

Why ping pong exercise is good for the human brain

In ping pong, one has to coordinate the body muscles with the nerve and the eye muscles that works like a magic to improve mental health. Because of this, the brain cells prevent dementia by requiring muscles and cardio endurance. Players haveto use their full strength and have to use their brain and concentration at the same time. These are the reasons ping pong exercises are so good for the brain.

Is Ping Pong aerobic or anaerobic

After doing so much research on that doubt or question, the scientist all over the world concluded that the ping pong is an aerobic exercise. Because this game requires a great amount of endurance, but often an alternative with being an intensive anaerobic metabolism.

What muscles does ping pong use

These games use every muscle of the body. But mostly these involve the lower leg, quadriceps, hamstrings, rotator cuff, biceps, triceps, wrist flexors, and extensor. This game involved the high movement of the body and highly involve concentration so one can say it also involves the brain cells and muscles. 

Final Words

The table tennis exercise will help a person in many aspects. It will help strengthen the muscles, it will burn the body fat, it will improve the reaction capability against any action. Most importantly, these exercises will improve the mental focus of any person. If a person is good at the ping pong table that means they will do good in their professional and personal life because concentration is important in any sector of life.

This ping pong exercise will help the players build strength, speed, and agility without risking serious injuries in the game. The world has millions of records of injuries during the game, so one must not ignore the exercises they must do them accordingly and properly.

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