Ping Pong Paddle Spanking In-Depth Details

Ping pong paddle spanking actually means resemble of rowing and canoeing of Paddle. Ping pong paddle is generally used for playing Table tennis. On the other hand sometimes it is used for “ping pong paddling”, using at American schools. In the Table tennis game, players used the bat with the rubber in both sides. Rubbers of the bat are different in two sides. Its made of thin wood, layers of foam and rubbers.

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Ping Pong Paddle Spanking

But when someone uses it for punishing someone, they eventually remove the rubber from the Ping Pong Paddle. In this article we are going to talk about the uses of the spanking Paddle. And more further will show you some details about the difference between paddles and explain the whole thing to you. So you have to read the whole article to know about it. So let us go going back to the article now.

What Is Ping Pong

Ping pong is another name of a game called Table tennis. Its actually played with a ball which is called Ping pong ball with two/four players each side trying to hit the ball and score. This game is played with small rackets and a small table which is divided by a net.  It is a game of quick responses because it is played in a small area.

On the beginning of this game, it is played within higher and rich peoples and also called a purlour game. But day by day its become a popular game among normal people. Now also plays in Olympics. It is called table tennis by most of people now but in many countries and people, it is popular by the name of ping pong.

 Game History

Ping pong game is invented by British people for playing in their leisure time. But during the last period of the eighteenth century, some military persons who were employed in (subcontinent) in India invented some different rules and developed the game. Instead of using the net on that time they used books to divide the mini ping pong table. Use two books as a racket and hit the golf ball with it. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, some people started to use bats and net instead of books.

And after some years, they started to use paddle bat which is covered by rubber, with the rules of lawn tennis. Some unofficial tournaments also held that time. In between 1920 to 1930 organizations of this started to build. And in between 1950 to 1960 bat with rubber paddle with underlying sponge layer made it speedy and popular among the normal people. People started to shows their interest to the game.

In nowadays, it becomes one of the popular in sports entertainment. Like in China, young people love to play Table Tennis aka ping pong most of the time. It is becoming popular among many people because you can play it in the short area, with a little instrument and enjoy the game a lot.

How to Use a Paddle

  • Pen hold: It means you need to grab the Paddle as like you grab your pen. They use only one hand and one side of the Paddle to play the ball. Basically three fingers touching the back of the Paddle or sometimes all the fingers touch the back. It’s a technique for players to use their strength to play.
  • Shake hand: Shake hand grip means to grab the rackets like you are shaking hands with your buddies. This grip is made with versatility and excitement. It’s actually used against the technique of Chinese players.
  • There are many other grabbing techniques in Table tennis that are similar and etc.

How to Buils a Paddle

A ping pong paddle is basically made of wood with rubber around it. Its very important not to have any flinders on the Paddle. For making paddle producer

  • Choose a wooden board with preferred thickness. They shaped the wood as their size and length and also cleaned the surface in a specific condition.
  • Draw the handle and saw it.
  • Rounding and raps all the side.
  • Also raps all handle with soft rubber that players feel easy to use it.
  • For using for personal use, producer drill and draw holes on the bat.
  • It is important to burnish the Paddle of both side.
  • You can also use slogans on your desire on the board like
  • Heat to the seat
  • The motivator
  • We rule the rules

Ping Pong Paddle Spanking

Ping Pong Paddle Spanking

 Companies That Make Paddle Bat

There is lots of company that makes ping pong paddle bat now. There are much old companies and also a lot of new companies in the competition. They are :

  • Crimson Moon Company Ltd
  • Satinwood paddles
  • London Tanners
  • Stiga
  • Butterfly

Crimson Moon Company is one of the most rewarded companies in this sector. They made this bat for a long time and they are almost perfect in their every production. They are cheap in rate and easy to access. For the customer, they started to complain section, and for that customer can share their complain and suggest their ideas to them.

Satinwood paddles is a Latin based company that is becoming popular among customers. People started to trust in them and they improved their services a lot.

London Tanners is a Britain-based company and they are the oldest company in this sector. They stared their business in 1950″s and till now they are maintaining their quality.

There are more companies that made ping pong or Table tennis bat/paddle. Some companies made custom paddles for a specific customer.

Price Of Paddles

Basically, price of the paddle/racket goes from 25$ to 45$. There is lots of paddle type in the market. As like Paddle for beginners, for kids and also for custom uses.






Red and black


 Stiga aspire Table tennis racket


Red and Black


 Butterfly Timo Ball -300


Red and Black


 Joola hits set


Red and Black


Stiga total table tennis  paddle

  • Stiga aspires to Table tennis racket: It is one of the basic table tennis rackets for a beginner. When a player started to play is this game they can start with that. It is easy to use and players can easily get the technique to learn the game. This bat is easy to buy because it is cheap than others. And that’s why young players always use this bat.
  • Butterfly Timo ball 300- Butterfly Timo ball is used for local and unofficial competitions. Local players always use this bat for both comfort and good service. And also it is cheap to buy.
  • Joola hits set: One of the best paddles of table tennis. Most of the players use this bat and also they feel very comfortable with it. Though there are a lot of companies that claim to give better paddles, players and coaches are interested to this Paddle because of their pricing, customer services.
  • Stiga total table tennis paddle: Stiga paddle is world famous brand for ping pong paddles. We can see all the famous players from this sport always use this Paddle for the game and for their practice too .Its a little bit of costly but also very worth the price.

Others Uses Of Paddle and Spanking

Spanking means hit someone with some things on the buttocks. So for we can say Paddle spanking means hit someone with a Paddle in their buttocks. Its basically a random use of Paddle. Some people use table tennis paddles as like weapons. Release their rubber and hit the person on the back. We can see there are different types of Paddle in the market. Some of them are with wholes. It is made for a custom customer. We often see , in some schools,teacher use this Paddle to punish their students. And for that they open the rubber and hit it with the wood part. And also we cans see some parents using Paddle to teach their children a lesson. That also not so necessary to do. Spanking also use in some personal things like sexuality and all. But it is true that spanking bat is using in lots of bad things these days. Our parents and teacher should avoid hit their children with this kind of obstacle. That can affect their mind and body. And also hitting children is a criminal offense.


After reading this full article, we all know that there are many uses of Ping pong paddle spanking. We can use it in a Table tennis game. Also, we can use it as paddle spanking to punish our students and children. Spanking is also used in some sexual things. Paddle things use in a various way so we can use it in a proper way which is playing Table tennis but also we need to stop abusing children by this.

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