ping pong show in Thailand

What is the Ping Pong Show in Thailand?

The ping pong show in Thailand is very famous among the locals and the tourists. As we all know that, Thailand is one of the most famous countries in the world. It is famous for all kinds of luxurious products and entertainment facilities. Like the others, the ping pong show is very famous in Thailand.

What is the ping pong show in Thailand?

Hearing the ping pong show, it may come to mind about the ping pong game. A live event of the game or a tournament of ping pong show. But it is not that kind of thing. If it is said briefly, the ping pong show is a sexual type performance and activity that is done in a bar on the club. These things are the entertainment source of Thailand and they have huge demand.

The ping pong show had started the journey in the 70s. At that time, it was not much famous and popular that time. But as the day passed, it has become very demanding and popular among the users. The ping pong show is mainly a sex show where the girls show their internal body parts to the viewers and do a lot of activities with them.

Where are they Found?

They are available in every area of Thailand. But they have a huge demand in Bangkok. As Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, the majority of the tourists stay in Bangkok. There are some red light areas in Bangkok. They are Patpong, Nana plaza, soi twilight, etc. The shows are very much popular in those areas. The shows start at late night and run till sunrise. Some of the shows are available for the whole day. The organizers of the shows make some advertisements among the tourist to increase their customers.

How they Collect the Customers

As their main source of income is the customers, they create some special plans for it. There are so many hotels in Bangkok where the tourists stay. The hotel authority has good dealings with the show organizers in exchange for money. They provide the information to them which makes their task very easy. They are not often seen in daylights. But at night, they are found in every place on the road or in front of the hotels. Most of them are fast talking hustlers with some menu and charts with them. The menu contains different kinds of names for the show. Ping pong show is just a name and a single part of the show.

There is a lot of shows available in the chart such as group show, pineapple show, apple shoe, banana show, lesbian show, and so many others. But most of the names given in the charts are fake and they are for seeking the attentions of the customers. The hustlers will also ensure the user about no additional charge for the show without the entry fee and gain the trust of the tourists. Once it is done, the tourists are ready to experience the show.

The ping pong show is not a legal thing in Thailand. Besides, it has a lot of expense too. The colorful lights, designs, performers have a good cost to carry by the organizers. They have the motive to income as much as can from the tourists as most of them don’t have the proper knowledge about the costing or the currency. Nobody will love to miss the opportunity to have these shows as they are very famous in Thailand.

Costing of the Shows

The show runs continuously at night. There is no specific schedule set for the customers as they add the customers all the time. When the tourists do the deal with the hustlers for the show, they get trapped. While entering in the show, each one will cost 150-200 baht. As they get ensured about no cost except the entry fee, they enter in the show and the real plan gets revealed.

After entering the show, the tourists will have a good time in the bars and the clubs for some moments. There is a big scam with the customers which is, the hustlers will ensure them and show them the photos and the categories of girls which will create an interest for them. But when they will enter the show, they will not find the same girl. It is another process of trapping the customers. They claim to pay more money for getting those girls and their shows. Some of the bars or clubs have mandatory drink purchasing rules. The customer has to buy at least one drink to stay on the show. This is the main income of the organizers. Generally, a beverage will cost a maximum of 70-80 baht in Thailand. But the customers have to buy the same drink in the club for 500-800 baht. Sometimes the price may cross thousand for a single drink. This is their real technique to generate revenue from the tourists.

ping pong show in Thailand

ping pong show in Thailand

Categories of the Show

As it is said earlier of the topic is, there are so many types of shows available for the tourists. The ping pong show is very much popular for the show because people know this show by this name. The main instrument of this show is the ping pong ball. The girls stand at the stage with the ping pong balls in half dresses. Sometimes they remain naked for attracting the views of the customer. They perform various kinds of tasks and stunts using the ping pong balls by the internal parts of their body.

Not only that, some of them play games with the customers and make a deal. The girl will hit pot the ball in the bucket by using her internal parts and the customer has to pay a good amount of money. This one is another big source of their income. Sometimes the tourist has to lose all the money in a single night show as they get drunk or make any kind of conditions with the girls.

All the processes and the performances for the show remain the same. There are just changes in the instruments that are used by the girls. The most common things that are used in the show by the girls are:

Razor, ping pong ball, candles, darts, ribbon, etc. These are getting used by the private parts of the body in front of the customers that create sexual attraction in them.

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Some Safety Guidelines to Follow

As these shows don’t have any positive terms and any kind of positive activities. They are a little bit risky for the tourists. There are a lot of bars and clubs in Thailand where most of the incidents occur because of the presence of scammers or the snatchers or other bad minded people. if you are willing to go for a ping pong show, there are some terms that you can follow to avoid any kind of risks or tragedies.

  • Always try to go with groups. Going on these shows alone may be a risky decision to take.
  • Make the financial deal with the hustlers before you go for the show
  • Try to buy the ticket from the club or the bar. There are some scammers on the road who will try to sell fake tickets to the shows to you
  • Try not to bring expensive items with you to the show. You may get targeted by some of the impostors of the club
  • Try to keep your money and your essential things as close as you can
  • Don’t get highly drunk if you are alone. Otherwise, it may lead you to the unconscious and you can lose everything
  • When you get the bill, check it properly. It is a very common issue for these shows that, they include extra charges and claim to pay the bill. Therefore, it is good to make a listing of your orders.

So these are the processes to avoid any kind of risk of the ping pong shows. Follow them whenever to go in a show and stay safe all the time

The Legality of These Shows

These shows have no kind of performance or license to run in Thailand. Because they are against the law of obscenity. But it doesn’t matter whether they are legal or illegal. Thailand is one of those countries where all kind of entertainment and fantasy is possible. Even these shows don’t have any kind of risks too. Because of, they have a good financial deal with the administration. So legality or illegality don’t matter for these shows.

The ping pong shows are very much popular in Thailand. They may surely the best thing to use for entertainment purposes. But you should keep in mind that your entrainment should not become the reason for any tragedy. Follow the safety issues and have an amazing experience from the shows


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