Ping Pong VS Table Tennis

Ping Pong VS Table Tennis ( The Differences )

Nowadays Ping pong and table tennis become popular. The popularity of these games is increase day by day. Peoples are like to play these games to spending a good time. Ping pong and table tennis are not the same game. You will find a lot of differences between the two of them.

Some people think both are the same game. They do not know about the rules of these games. The first journey of these games had started as ping pong. Since that time people started playing this game. They just used a pair of sandpaper rackets and a ball for played ping pong.At present time people play table tennis with a pair of quality full paddle and a ball. In this article, we will discuss about ping pong vs table tennis.

Ping Pong VS Table Tennis

Ping pong and table tennis are not the same game. There has a huge difference between them. The difference table is given below.

Ping Pong

Table tennis

  • The ping pong world championship is held in England.
  • The Table tennis championship will be held in the USA.
  • This game is organized by Match room enterprise.
  • The table tennis is organized by ITTF.
  • Ping pong is trademarked.
  • Table tennis is not trademarked.
  • Ping pong has little amount of spin.
  • Table tennis has a very high amount of spin.
  • Ping pong is played with medium slow speed.
  • Table tennis is play ata very high speed.
  • A little type of service is available in the ping pong game.
  • Many Type of service is available in table tennis.
  • Players use the same paddle in ping pong.
  • Players used different types of paddles in table tennis.
  • Players get 15 points per match.
  • Players get 21 then 11 points per match.
  • Ping pong is a world championship game.
  • Table tennis is also a world championship game.
  • Ping pong can be played with flexible rules.
  • Table tennis cannot play with flexible rules.
  • In the ping pong game has no grand slam players.
  • Table tennis has 5 grand slam players.

History Of Table Tennis And Ping Pong

Most of the people think that table tennis and ping pong are the same sports. Because both are played on a flat table where two equal courts have. The courts are divided by a fixed net. Players hit the ball on both sides one by one. Players used paddles. So, people think that.

The game came first in the market in the early 20th century. The different manufacturers had used several trademarked names. The original trademarked name was ping pong. After passed some time, the ping pong association was formed and revived in 1902. When the old ping pong association had broken in 1905, then the name of table tennis was adopted in 1921-22.  In the 1920s the game was played many countries. People started to play this game.

An English sports company which was known by John Jaques& Son was the market leader in the 1920s.  The company had used a trademarked name for table tennis. The trademarked name was ping pong. In 1926 was the year, when the first world championships were held in London. Table tennis became an Olympic sport in 1988.

This table tennis has been running as a popular game of the Olympics till now.

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Ping Pong VS Table Tennis

Why do Americans call table tennis Ping-Pong

Everybody knows that the ping pong game had started in England.   After that, the game becomes popular day by day. Ping pong is the alternative game of table tennis. Ping pong is a trademarked name that is come from table tennis. Table tennis is not trademarked. In the present time, table tennis is held in the USA.

Most Americans don’t know everything about ping pong and table tennis. They always play table tennis. Table tennis has come from Ping pong, but they have many differences. People cannot play table tennis like ping pong. They must have to maintain some rules for playing table tennis. On another side, ping pong can be played with freely. No need to maintain some hard rules. The game looks the same and both games had started from one place. For this reason, Americans say table tennis and ping pong are the same.

Why is there no Ping-Pong table tennis

Table tennis is an international game.  The game started the journey in 20 century. Many companies used many trademarked names, but all names were not popular. A lead company used a trademarked name. That name was Ping Pong. The name of the leading companyis John Jaques& Son.After a long time, the game is known as table tennis all over the country. In most countries, people do not know the trademarked name of table tennis. They only know about table tennis. People play this game in Olympics.The ping pong and table tennis was the leading brand name because these brand names were carrying the game.

In the present time, very few countries people knew about ping pong. In most countries, people play table tennis. They think ping pong is the same as table tennis. For these reasons,there is no ping pong table tennis.

The Official Rules Of Table Tennis

Everybody has to follow some basic rules for playing table tennis. Those rules are very important. You must know the rules before start playing. You know that Table tennis is an Olympic sport. So, it is mandatory for all players that they have to follow those major rules. Those rules are given in below.

Rules-1 Players have to play this game into 11 points. They need 2 points for winning the game. They have to win 3 matched within 5, and then they will be winning the game.

Rules-2 Players can be serving two points at a time on each side of a table.

Rules-3 players hold the ball with palm and toss the ball at least 6 inches straight up. When the ball is on the way down, then they strike the ball.This rule is also for ping pong.

Rules-4 Players can hit the ball. The ball can land anywhere. It has no any restriction on the landing. The ball can land your side or other sides.

Rules-5 When players serve the ball two times, and then the ball must be a bounce in the server’s and receiver’s right court. Each player can serve twice.

Rules-6 When players serve the ball and it touches the net that is a “LET”. In a ping pong game, the ball can hit the net.

Rules-7 When players play with double partners. They can alternately hit the ball. The ball can land anywhere on the table.

Rules-8  The volley is not allowed in the ping pong game. Players can volley the ball, but the point is getting your opponent.

Rules-9 The players got the point when they serve the ball and the hit bounce back over the net after hitting by the opposite side player.

Rules-10 Players cannot touch the table with the hand during playtime. They only touchthe table with their paddle.

Rules-11 If there is no any referee during playtime. Players can apply the Honor system. The system is perfect for players.

The Basic Rules Of Ping Pong

Ping pong is an alternate for table tennis. Anybody can play this game. This game has no hard restrictions like table tennis. The basic rules of ping pong are given below.

Serving Rules

In this game, players hold the ball with your palm. The ball must toss at least 6 inches. After the toss, they have to hit the ball outside of the table area. Each player can serve 2 times.  After hitting, if the ball touches the net and also touches the opposite side, it is known as “let” serve. When the ball hits the net and also drops the floor, then you will lose the point.

Players can serve diagonally in singlegames; it is not allowed indouble games.

Players can do long serve. Generally, players win the ball. If the opposite player does a long server, the ball touches the others players’ paddle and goes out from the game table.

Scoring Rules

Every player knows that a match has multiple sets. Each set will finish when one player got 15 points.

They can apply the Deuce rule. When the score is 10-10, then each player can serve for only one point. Players can switch sides when one player reaches 5 points. Players cannot volley. If they hit the ball before land your side table, they lose that point.

Players have to play with it carefully. If the ball touches the edge ofthe opposite player, it is called an edge ball.

 Players can use their both hand, but they can play only one padded.

Final Word

In this article, we already discussed about ping pong VS table tennis. By following this article, people can understand the difference between them. We also discussed all about both games. We gave all information to help the people and also gave the basic rules of them that are very helpful for everybody.

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