Power Pong 5000 Review

Power Pong 5000 Review In 2021

Professional ping pong players always need to keep on check their skills so that they can be prepared for their upcoming tournament. Therefore, they need to practice often. Elsewhere, a beginner needs to keep on practicing to get advanced to an upper level. But it is not always possible to have a training partner.

Fortunately, there is a way to accomplish the need for a training partner and we are going to show the way today. With the help of modern technology, nowadays, manufacturers are constructing robots that can help the players in their daily training. One of the top robots is known as Power Pong 5000. This robot can help one to train ping pong every day effectively and efficiently.

In this article, we will provide a full review of the Power Pong 5000 ping pong robot so that those who are looking for a robot training partner can understand why they should purchase the Power Pong 5000.

How We Review Products

Each of the reviewed products on our page is checked and examined by professional’s teams. The professionals check each of the features of the products to ensure whether the product is appropriate for people and will give them the best experience or not. To review the Power Pong 500, we took help from our sports team experience ping pong players. They examined this robot by playing and searched if there were any defects in this product.

Elaborate Review of Power Pong 5000

The Power Pong 5000 is one of the latest robots for practicing ping pong. This robot is best suited for all-level ping pong players. With the help of this robot, one can effectively learn new skills and movements. The robot has all the latest features to give the best experience to the players. It can be used in the home, gym, and other places for constant training. The robot can work consistently without any break. One would not feel the need for a training partner if this robot is on their side.

Let’s talk about the features of this robot so that you can have better knowledge about the features.

Construction- As we said it is one of the latest robots, all the parts of this robot are made of the latest technology. The robot features a clip-on bottom. One can simply attach it to the other side of the ping pong table without any problem. The machine will remain stable above the table all the time.

But the best thing is the 3 wheel construction of this robot. Other robots are made of simple mechanisms to shot the balls towards the player. One cannot get different types of spin and speed out of those robots. But because of the 3 wheels construction of this robot one can get unimaginable ball spin and speed which will teach one to learn how to tackle different types of balls.

Other robots would not provide real experience due to the lack of good construction. But this robot will provide a feel like playing with another table tennis player. The robot shots the ball more precisely and continues shooting the balls with different techniques. For its construction, one does not have to set the machine physically for different ball techniques. And once you play with this machine you would not ever look back to other robots.

Control box- The Power Pong 5000 comes with a controller box. This control box is happened to have all the necessary settings of the device. One can adjust all the necessary this according to their requirements very easily. It features ergonomic design buttons to adjust the settings. The user can change the speed, spin, drills, and many more. According to the skills level, one can set different types of spin and spin combinations and all the other things by simply pushing down buttons. However, while playing one may not be able to adjust the settings easily.

App- To remove the difficulties of controlling the robot via the control box, the manufacturer builds a very effective way. They have built a Smartphone application for easily accessing the settings. This application is very easy to understand. Even beginners can easily maneuver this app. The application is available for both Android and iOS devices. One can download this app from both the Play store for android and App store for apple.

The machine features a Bluetooth connection to connect with the control device. One just has to connect the Bluetooth and sync the device on the app. Using the device is very easy. The device features a graphical interface to show the ball’s position virtually. One can simply drag the ball position on the device to change it. Also, adjusting the speed, spin, sidespin, delay, and trajectory is like increasing or decreasing volumes.

Most people are very satisfied with the app. They like to use the app more than using the control box.

Net- This robot comes with a recycle net. With other ping pong robots after playing, one has to clean up all the balls from the ground which is effortful and consumes a lot of time. Also, collecting the balls by bending over from the ground can end up in back pain. But not with this machine. The net will obstruct the balls from getting here and there. It will simply collect the balls for the next use. The net is made of very stiff material and would not tear apart easily.

Accessories- If you purchase this robot, you do not have to purchase table tennis balls separately. This machine comes with a total number of 100 ping pong balls. And all the balls are 3 stars rated. It also comes with a sturdy storage bag. Now, you do not want to leave your precious and costly ping pong robot exposed to the weather and dust. After finishing your training session, you can store this robot inside the included storage bag which increases the durability of the robot.

Power- The robot is powered by electricity. It comes with a very long cord so that one can easily connect it with the power source.

Warranty- As this robot is very costly, therefore, one would not want to purchase it without a warranty. And your wish has come true. The manufacturer provides 3 years of hassle-free warranty which is a very long period of time. Within these 3 years, if any defects are detected, then one can complain to the retailer. They will fix it by the professionals. And if the problem is major, they will replace it with a new one. So, you do not have to worry about anything.





Power Pong






Via Control box and Application


Net and 100 balls

Package Dimension

33” x 15” x 13”


23 pounds


3 years


  • This best robot training partner will provide a real feel.
  • Features both control box and smartphone application for controlling it.
  • Features Bluetooth connectivity for connection.
  • Recycle net collects all the balls in one place to avoid mess.
  • It Will help in improving skills effectively.
  • The clip-on mechanism always holds the machine stable above the table.


  • A bit pricey because of its high quality.
  • Accessing the device via the control box may feel complicated at first.

Power Pong 5000

Power Pong 5000

What to look for in a ping pong robot? Not all ping pong robots have the latest features. Also, all robots are not easy to use. Some robots take time to get used to. Some are very difficult to get used to. Therefore, it can be very difficult to get the best robot as a training partner. However, with fewer considerations, one can get the perfect robot for training.

Construction- The performance of the robot mostly depends on the construction. Some robots are constructed with 2 wheels and some are constructed with 3. More wheels construction provides a better experience. Basically, ping pong robots need to be placed above the ping pong table. Among all of them, the best one is the clip-on system robots. These robots feature more stability above the table.

Accessibility- If the robot does not feature easy access then there is no use for it. Some devices come with a convenient remote for accessing speed, spin, sidespin, number of balls, etc. On the other hand, some have a control box. But the modern robots feature smartphone app. These types of robots are very easy to use. One can easily adjust the ball spin and speed, shot placement, drills, many more with ease. However, try to get one that features 2 types of accessibility so that you do not have to rely on only one.

Power- Considering the power system is also very important. Ping pong robots are powered in two ways. Some are powered by electricity and some are powered by batteries. Among these two, electric-powered robots are more powerful.

Elsewhere, battery-powered robots are easy to carry. Also, one can carry those machines anywhere at any time for fun and training. But these robots do not produce power like electric robots.

Accessories- Some robots come with a recycle net and balls. Recycle net saves the player from the mess. Without a recycle net, balls will bounce all around the room. And one has to clean it up which is very painful. So it would be wise to choose one that comes with a net.

Who is the Power Pong 5000 for

The Power Pong 5000 is specially designed for intermediate to advanced level ping pong players. However, beginners also can use this robot for learning the game but not t may be difficult for them. This ping pong robot will always keep on check the skills of the players.

Are ping pong robots worth training

Yes, ping pong robots are worth enough to learn and develop skills. These robots help all level players to improve and to train without partners anywhere anytime. One would not feel the need for a partner if they have a ping pong robot on their side.

Final Words

This article is all about the Power Pong 5000 review. By reading this article, one will know about all the features of this ping pong robot which will help them in their ping pong training session. The broad discussion of the features contains the necessary information of each part of the device, which tells about the advantage of this robot.

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