Review Details Of Butterfly 401 Paddle

Review Details Of Butterfly 401 Paddle In 2021

To play table tennis players should need high quality table tennis paddles. In the market, there is a huge portion of ping pong paddles. But these all are not the same in quality. Players should need high quality ones for them to play well.

Butterfly 401 paddles are one of the best paddles for beginner to professional players. Today, we are going to review this ping pong paddle so that players can understand about its all specifications and power. Playing with this paddle player can get enough topspin with high speed.

In the below, of this article, they can notice about its all key features. Our team researched a lot for this paddle. So, in the next section, we put all details about this high quality ping pong paddle.

Who Is This For

It comes with this Butterfly 401 paddle, players can get the highest spin rate with maximum speed on the table. So this paddle is absolutely perfect for beginners to intermediate players too. All level ping pong players can play with this paddle for improving their skills. It features all the necessary technologies which are really good enough for this paddle. So, there is no doubt about its qualifications and performance.

Everybody also knows that Butterfly is one of the famous brands for producing high quality ping pong paddles. So, this paddle comes from this renowned brand. It will surely upgrade the player’s skill. In the below, we put all reviews on this paddle.

Review Details Of Butterfly 401 Paddle

Our team researched a lot of hours to justify this paddle. Before starting reviews on it, we want to say that Butterfly 401 paddle is one of the greatest ping pong paddles for professional players. Though it is mainly made for professional players, all beginners’ players can also play with this paddle for improving their skills to the next level.

Why People should like Butterfly 401ping pong paddle: People always want to play better. But without any high quality ping pong paddle, they cannot play well. A great ping pong paddle is always responsible to improve their skills. So, here this Butterfly 401 paddle is perfect for the players. They can get all the necessary features from this paddle. In the next section, we first put some major factors which are a really great feature of this paddle. People can read these features for understanding more about its quality.

Power Differences between Butterfly 401 paddle vs STIGA Titan Paddle: Both of these paddles are high quality enough to play in any international match. So, players can choose both for playing. But, there is something special about the butterfly 401 paddle. Players can easily play with the Stiga brand paddle. But it cannot produce more enough power like as Butterfly 401 paddle. When coming into the power rate, surely this Butterfly 401 paddle beat the STIGA titan paddle. Playing after some matches with the Stiga paddle, then you may need to upgrade your paddle. So, that time, the player should go with the Butterfly 401 paddle because of generating more power while hitting the ping pong ball.

Ergonomic Flared Handle of this paddle: Players always need to hold the paddle perfectly. This task comes easy when this handle is made with so high quality and soft ergonomic handle. There are so many famous brand and manufacturers in the market who produces a lot of different kinds paddle. But their handle would not be the same quality.

But this Butterfly 401 paddle has an ergonomic handle which is super for holding for a longer time. Players can easily play so many games simultaneously. It has a superior grip for holding smoothly and comfortably. It is designed as a rounded flared design which is so much good and offers a premium grip of this handle.

This handle shape is enough wider at the end. So there is no fear of slipperiness. Players can easily hold this handle because of its superior grip. There is an important fact that this handle is slightly smaller than other ping pong paddles.

Rubber Material: There are so many good quality ping pong p[addles that are made with super rubber. These rubbers help a lot to generate spin. But, here in this Butterfly 401 paddle used tacky rubbers on the paddle surface. It is made of red and black Yuki 2.1 mm rubbers. These rubbers help to generate more spins than any other paddles. Both sides of the paddle surface area are covered with these tacky rubbers.

This Yuki rubber can produce more spin while hitting a soft way also. It provides more and more spin while hitting the ball. When the ball comes to contact with these rubber surfaces, then the player can get the top spin rate. It also provided high fastball speed. Undoubtedly, this paddle is perfect for beginners and armature players also. They can easily improve their playing skills with this high quality ping pong paddle.

Tournaments Approved: This paddle is approved by ITTF. So, there is no doubt of its quality. Players who are a beginner at all, they can also practice with this ITTF approved ping pong paddle. They can be ready to play upcoming any tournaments with this paddle.

Including Protective Case: This ping pong paddle comes with a protective case so that players can easily carry this paddle from one place to another place without any damages. While the shipping process, there is no fear of damage because of having this protective case with this. It can protect this Butterfly 401 paddle from any harmful elements.








Country of Origin



2.1 mm

Skill level




Frame Material

Carbon fiber

Sport Type

Table Tennis


Ergonomic Flared Handle

Blade Speed


Blade Spin







Unisex Youth

Product Dimensions

7 inches * 12 inches * 1.75 inches

Item Weight

13.62 ounces


  • It has a 5-ply blade with a sensitive power rate.Here, used Yuki rubber which is so high quality.
  • This paddle can generate more spin.
  • Its spin rate is so high.
  • Players can play well with its ergonomic flared handle.
  • It has a 5 mm thick blade to maintain speed and spin.
  • ITTF approved ping pong paddle.
  • Exceptional grip on ball strikes.
  • This paddle is covered with a protective case.
  • Super comfortable and easy to handle.
  • It offers topspin with high speed.
  • Includes tacky rubbers for extra spin.


  • No more major cons of this paddle because of having all its great features.

Butterfly Paddle

Butterfly Paddle

Mind Something While Buying a New Butterfly 401 Ping Pong Paddle

Depending on people’s choices manufacturers try to produce a lot of different kinds of ping pong paddles. But why should we suggest these Butterfly 401 paddles for playing? Obviously, there are some reasons to buy this paddle. While buying this paddle, they can check some necessary major factors. In the below, we put some most essential factors which should be followed and checked by the people.

Rubber: While buying this paddle, people should check its rubber quality, because the most percentage of the rubbers are mainly responsible to generate more spin with this paddle. So, everybody should check its rubber if this is made with Yuki rubbers. In the above of this article, we already put these deep specifications to know more.

Certification: It is approved by ITTF because of featuring so many technologies and high quality features. Having all these features this paddle is absolutely perfect for professional players to play in any competition. 

Spin Rate: They can check its spin rate also while buying a new paddle. Players always need more spin to score a good point on the table. So, they must need high quality Butterfly paddle which can produce more spins.

Why Should I Choose This Butterfly 401 Paddle

People always consider high quality paddles for their major tournament matches. So, this butterfly 401 paddle is a kind paddle that is really so much good and perfect for generating more spin. While hitting the ball with its rubber surface then it will produce more topspin. That is really great for the players to score good results. So, everybody should use this Butterfly 401 paddle if they keenly want to play better.

Is this paddle suitable more for armature players

Undoubtedly, this butterfly 401 paddle is suitable for beginner players as well as intermediate players too. This is made with high quality Yuki rubbers so that it can generate more spins while hitting the ball. So, it can be the best choice for practicing more and improving their skills.

Final Words

At the last, people can easily buy any kind of paddle. But, they surely know and understand why we are suggesting these Butterfly 401 paddles for buying. This is the best one for generating more spins with a rubber surface. In the above, we discussed in detail.

The butterfly paddle can be the first choice for professional players because of having so much necessary premium features which are already described and reviewed in the above of this article. So, people can read this article more and more so that they can able to understand about this paddle’s performances and quality.

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