Robo Pong 540 Review

Robo Pong 540 Review Details

Table tennis players need huge practice sessions for improving their skills. Player’s do not get used to practicing for a long time with any mentor or coaches on the table. So, there must need some support from any robot machine which really can help to improve their skills.

There are a lot of AI robot machines that are able to play with humans as practice sessions. Players can get these robots for practicing with these robots. These all are really perfect for the shots and hitting the ball with the real players.

Today, we are going to discuss the Robo pong 540 robot machine which is absolutely best for practicing with the human being. It has enough features for playing with real players. In the below, we will review about this robot.

Who is This For

Players always want to improve their skill level. So, they can use this because of having all the necessary premium features and are able to play in different modes with the real players. Depending on playing skill levels, the player can choose a robot for practicing with that. This is really a great table tennis robot that is implemented with high quality deep functionality with all ranges. This is a digital robot machine for those people who really want to practice with a strong opponent without taking any breaks. According to the player’s skill level, this robot can be used for practicing. There are so many modes for this robot that can be used while practicing.

People can easily use this robot machine because it has made with super easy modes. Anyone can easily operate this robot while practicing on the table.

Review Details of Robo Pong 540 Robot

This Robo pong 540 can able to support a lot of real human beings or players. In the below, we explained all the main features of this robot so that players can easily understand more about this. We try to put all honest and real reviews on it.

Why People should like this ping pong robot: Without any hard practice, they cannot able to play well in the tournament. So, they must need practicing a lot. So, this Robo pong 540 robot is the best for them. This robot is made for those players who are really serious about their game and also practice sessions too. Having all premium features and technologies this table tennis robot can be their first choice. In the below, we will discuss a lot of this robot. Hopefully, everybody loves this AI table tennis robot.

Spin Options: While practicing players mainly focus on its spin quality. Most of the players want to improve their shots with more spin. So, they must need more spin options so that they can improve their skills by practicing with this. So, there are so many ping pong robots that cannot offer more spin options.

But here, this Robo pong 540 AI table tennis robot offers all kinds of spin features. Playing with this robot they can able to deliver all kinds of spin such as topspin, backspin, left sidespin, right sidespin, and combination spin, etc. This is a huge opportunity to practice with these all-spin quality balls. Players can face these all balls with various kinds of spin. This robot is seriously made for the players who are really serious about their practice session too. They can able to learn about all kinds of spin while playing with this robot.

So, why people would not buy this robot for practicing with it? There is no reason at all. All people want to face so many kinds of spin ping pong balls. So, this can be produced by this robot. This robot can deliver all balls with various spin qualities.

Shot Selection: Sometimes many robots cannot deliver all shots like real players. So, there are so many problems with these kinds of robots. This robot is absolutely perfect for delivering all kinds of tough shots too. If the robot has no sense to make shots like a real human then it will not be appropriate to deliver proper shots. So, players cannot practice with this robot properly.

Players always want to play and practice against all kinds of shots. This robot can take shots like push shot, serve, counter, lob, chop, fast loop, etc. kinds of master shots. So, this is really helpful to the players. They can learn and take the shots against the robot because of performing these kinds of master shots by the robot. There are so preprogrammed with all shot selection of this robot. So, it can take and deliver so many shots when needed.

Easy Setup: People should not get troubled by installing these Robo pong 540 robots on their tables. It is simply easy to install by any person. This robot is designed for all kinds of standard ping pong tables. People can easily fit this any standard table without any problems. There are also some manual guidelines for installing this in a very easy way. People can easily store this robot when they are finished their practice session. It comes with very organized when it will be bought from the shop. There are no problems at all while transporting it.

Analog System: There is an analog system on this robot. So, people can easily set the all limit while practicing. Its ball frequency and speed are easily set by the players. Sometimes, beginner players need to play with some easy shots. So, players can easily set the frequency limit on low mode.

On the other hand, the professional or advanced level player needs to practice with high quality shots from the opponents. So, they can set the ball speed in high mode. It can deliver toughen shots while practicing with professional players. So, thisRobo pong 540 robots is absolutely fantastic for all pro players too. They can surely choose this for practicing with this robot on their home or practice ground.








Country of Origin



4.3 / 5


4.4 / 5


4.4 / 5


4.5 / 5


4.8 / 5

Ball Speed

Upto 70 mph

Maximum Frequency

Up to 60 balls per minute

USB Connectivity


Assembly Required


Package Dimensions

27 inches * 15 inches * 14 inches

Item Weight

10.85 pounds


  • This is designed and engineered in the USA.
  • Players can adjust the frequency and speed of the ball.
  • More reliable and faster.
  • Available all spin options players may need.
  • Great for accurate shots.
  • High frequency robot to deliver balls.
  • This robot can fit any standard ping pong table.
  • Easiest installation process.
  • So many shot types are available.
  • Great analog control of this robot. 


  • Our team cannot find any major cons of this robot.
  • Having all the great features and pros this is absolutely perfect for the players. No cons at all.   

Robo Pong Robot

Robo Pong Robot

Mind something while buying a Robo pong 540 robot

Before putting the buying guide, people should need something to consider. This is so important to know some factors while buying new Robo pong 540 robots. There are so many robots in the market. So, for this robot, they should justify something before buying.

Technology: People should observe its technology also while buying this new robot to practice with it. Having special technologies is helpful to learn more accurate shots.

Spin Options: They must need to check all spin modes are available for this robot. Otherwise, they cannot get the more precise shots ball with high spin. So, for practicing with topspin balls they must check these features before buying this robot.

Frequency and ball speed: In this robot, there have some special features of changing the ball speed limit and adjust also the frequency of this. So, players should check its function before buying this new one. It will surely help them to practice with more precise shots.

How people can adjust its ball speed

There are so many players who are beginners and also professionals too. So, their playing skill is not same. In that case, they need to adjust the robot’s ball frequency and ball speed limit to practice comfortably and perfectly. So, in this Robo pong, 540 robots have some necessary features and modes to fix and adjust their frequency and speed limit manually. Before starting practice they can able to set this limit manually as their skill levels.

Final  Words

Generally, players must need to practice a lot for improving their skills. So, if there are available some high quality new AI robots to practice with these, it will be surely helpful for the players. In this article, today we only explained about the Robo pong 540 robots which are the best for beginners and also professional players too. There are some necessary features of this robot. So, players can get more benefits if they choose this robot for them to practice with it. Hopefully, players can get their desire for one robot for practicing and improving their skills.

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