Sandpaper Ping Pong Paddle VS Rubber

Sandpaper Ping Pong Paddle VS Rubber

Table tennis is a fun game as well as a beneficial game. This game involves several types of equipment. The paddle of the game is one of the elements. In addition, the paddle of table tennis can be three different types based on the blade construction.

A paddle can be rubber, sandpaper, and a hard bat. The players use three of them but in this article, we will discuss the sandpaper and rubber blade of the ping pong paddle. Technically, the sandpaper blade is made of wood and the rubber blade is of rubber. Both paddles will offer different types of features, advantages, and disadvantages.

For more clarification, we will discuss, Sandpaper ping pong paddle vs rubberin detail.

Sandpaper Ping Pong Paddle VS Rubber

The ping pong game is a wide game involving different techniques, skill levels, different equipment’s and so on. One of the important pieces of equipment of the game is the paddle. A paddle is the bat of the game, by which one will hit the ball.

Not only hit, but it also involves many countless techniques and activities in the game. Players have to learn all of the techniques and activities as well as create their techniques. Those terms and methods will help the player do well in the game whether they are going to play it for fun or as a career.

At the beginning of the game, players practice with almost every type of paddle. The different paddles will offer a different advantage in learning the game of the opponent including spin, techniques, and style. Learning the game of the opponent is as equally important as developing their own game. A good paddle is important in this regard.

As for the sandpaper paddle, it is a wooden paddle used in the ping pong game. In the main construction, the paddle has a few layers of wood. The wooden paddle can be very helpful when one just starts the game. That means the beginner will find this paddle very helpful to learn the game in the first place. Because the paddle will require less skill and techniques. It will teach more precision in the game.

By the paddle, one will make sure that they are hitting the ball directly and straightly. Developing the skill with this affordable bat is preferable. Before the ​Chinese ping pong  rubber technology in the ping pong industry, this paddle had the crown of the king in the game. All the players used to play with this paddle. Mostly, the delivering sound of the paddle used to attract all the table tennis lovers around the table when a game was going to an interesting level.

At the current time, the paddle is best for beginners because the features it offers are perfect for a beginner. Technically, the sandpaper paddle reduces the spin and speed of the ball impressively. Also, the weight of the bat is very light that the beginner can easily carry and play with the paddle. Benefiting a longer and painless game. Resulting in more learning which will develop the skill and techniques of the player. Because we all know the more one practice the more they will learn and develop.

Being successful in a field nothing is more important than practice. The bat will be dragged out and allow the player to use some time between every shot. However, the thing with a paddle is it cannot strike the ball fast which limits the bat to the beginner’s level. Besides the friction between the ball and the bat is very low which is not suitable. The most important thing about this paddle is, it is not ITTF approved. That means a player cannot use the paddle for the official tournament.

On the contrary, a rubber paddle is a technology that came into the table tennis industry but took the crown of the king in few years. The rubber of the paddle will allow a user to experience their best performance in the game. The defensive player mostly uses this paddle for the best performance by returning the ball at a slow speed so that the opponent cannot hit the ball over the net. The rubber paddle will offer an extreme amount of spin, speed, and control.

Though the game involves a different type of rubber. The rubber can be deferred according to the thickness of the rubber. Also, the pips o the rubber can be different from each other offering different features, advantages, and disadvantages. The pips are three types. Those are long pips, short pips, and medium pips. The players mostly use the long and short pips. A rubber with long pips will allow the user to play chop more easily with a great amount of forgiveness.

Offering different tricks and tricks in the game, a player who is used to the long pips rubber paddle will confuse the opponent easily. That’s is very important in the ping pong game. As for the short pips paddle, the player will feel it easier to play with the paddle. The rubber paddle is more of an intermediate and professional level paddle. However, the manufacturer creates several types of rubber paddle which are good for beginners too.

Let’s have a look atthe specific difference between the Sandpaper ping pong paddle and rubber ping pong paddle.

Sandpaper paddle

Rubber paddle

The paddle involves a few layers of wood only.

The paddle is best for beginners.

The players can develop their skills at the starting of their game.

The paddle is extremely lightweight.

The paddle offers a low spin.

The paddle offers high control.

It will create low speed in the ball.

Not suitable for the defensive game.

Not suitable for a counter-attack.

The bat is very inexpensive.

The paddle is not ITTF approved.

The paddle has a layer of rubber.

The paddle is best for the intermediate and professional or advanced player.

The rubber paddle may not prove a good option for starting practice.

The paddle is heavier compare to the sandpaper paddle.

This paddle offers medium to high spin.

This paddle provides medium to high control.

The rubber paddle will create medium to high speed.

Extremely suitable for a defensive game.

Suitable for a counter-attack.

The rubber paddle is expensive.

The paddle is ITTF approved.

Sandpaper Ping Pong Paddle

Sandpaper Ping Pong Paddle

Why sandpaper paddles are legal in ping pong official tournaments

It will depend on the rules and regulations of that particular tournament. However, the sandpaper ping pong paddle is not ITTF approved. ITTF is an organization which set the rules and regulation of the ping pong game. That means one cannot use the sandpaper ping pong paddle in the tournament observed and run by the ITTF organization.

Can the beginner play with the rubber ping pong paddle

Technically yes, the beginner can play with the rubber ping pong paddle. But not with all of them. Some manufacturer creates rubber paddle for the beginners. But one has to choose a paddle with low spin, speed, and high level of control at the beginning of their game. These features area must in a paddle for the beginner who has zero skill and techniques in a ping pong game.

Is a sandpaper ping pong paddle worth buying

The answer will depend on the sim of the player and the skill level of the player. If one is going to use the paddle in their very beginning level of ping pong game, then yes. The paddle is worth buying. Because of holding a low price, it will not cost much.

However, for the intermediate and advanced level player, the paddle will do no good. It will be useless for them because of the very low speed and spin. So for them, it is useless and doesn’t worth buying.

Final Words

Both sandpaper ping pong paddle and rubber ping pong table have their advantage and disadvantage. But after the rubber ping pong table, the use of the sandpaper paddle is almost nowhere. However, because of the low spin, speed, and price the beginner prefers the sandpaper paddle to improve their skills. As for the rubber, it is more like an intermediate and advanced level player.

Sometimes, the beginners want to know about Sandpaper ping pong paddle vs rubber as they are involved with the game with very little knowledge. For them, the above discussion will be very helpful.

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