Sportcraft ping pong table

Sportcraft Ping Pong Table

Sportcraft is one of the famous companies that produce indoor and outdoor game instruments. The Sportscraft is one of the best companies for ping pong tables. They are some different variants of ping pong table available to them. In this topic, this brand and its ping pong tables will be explained briefly.

Sportcraft Ping Pong Table


It is one of the famous brands in the world. They are famous for their high quality build ping pong tables. As the tables have high material used in them, they have a good demand in both national and international level games. Sportcraft is an American brand that supplies its products in various countries. Among all of them, they have a huge demand in European countries. The ping pong table is one of their best selling products.

Ping Pong Table

The ping pong tables of the Sportscraft brand are famous because of the high quality material and the variants. Not every user is a professional player, to fulfill all the user’s demands, the company has both professional and unprofessional type tables to them. Let’s describe some of their best ping pong tables below:

Sportcraft Pipeline

So the listing has started from the best budget table. This one is considered the best one on budget. Because this ping pong table contains all those features that are perfect for a table. The net of the table is mounted in the middle perfectly. Each part of the table contains perfect lining with very durable quality. Easy to remove and connect the parts together. This can be the best ping pong table for beginners.

Sportcraft AMF Pro

One inch playfield of this table can easily takedown sales of other companies. The steel made frame of this table is very much durable to use for a long time. The best thing about this, it is less in weight compared to other tables. That is because the table has 4 gas pistons used in it. They are fully operatable while playing the game. It helps to get the weight of the table a minimum of 50 pounds lighter than the others. These pistons not only help to reduce the weight of the table but also helps to move the table easily as the table has a good weight.

Sportcraft Game Master

This table is well known for being enough sturdy and for quality. The thickness of the playing surface is only 1 inch. But it has a good weight. As the legs of this table are made from steel, they contain a great weight while moving. When all the parts are placed perfectly among the net, no chances of moving or shaking. That means it provides an excellent experience while playing.

Sportcraft PX400

The mainframe of this table is made from steel. The legs of this table contain both metal and steel. This table may weigh a little bit more than the others, but it is very much famous for all kinds of games. As it is a foldable table, it requires enough to set up. The net of this table is removable. So there is no issue of damages when the table gets folded.

Sportcraft Grand Master

The company claimed that this one is the best performing table. Thickness of this table is more than any other table of this brand. 3 inches of thickness with 6 inches of width and a height of 7 inches. Though this table contains good size and weight, it can be folded easily. Because the hinges of the table are enough smooth and free for folding. They remain the same even after using for a long time. Wheels on the middle legs help to move the table easily.

Sportcraft Millenia

This one is suitable for beginners. As the company claimed the size of this table is 9 inches X 5 inches. The design of this table is different from the others. As all the tables contain straight steel or metal made legs in them, this table has semi round shaped legs that connect with the body of the table and to the floor. But this table can be adjusted as the steel legs have no adjuster in them. This table can be a good option to use by the beginners

Sportcraft Conversion Folding Table

As the previous ones were big sized tables. This is a conversion type table that can be converted into a ping pong table. It is made from high quality material. The table contains enough weight because; there are pure wooden legs in it. But the playing surface is enough smooth and perfect for practicing and playing in leisure times.

Sportcraft Ping Pong Table

Sportcraft Ping Pong Table

Sportcraft Intrepid

This table is made from high quality material that is enough durable. Sportcraft Company claims that this table is easy to get at a reasonable price. The build quality of this table is enough good and can’t be damaged easily. The wheels of the table help to move it easily. And the folding process of this table is quite simple too.

Sportcraft Victory

This table is authorized by International Table Tennis Federation. It is a perfect table to use in national and international level games. While talking about this table, the first thing that will come to mind is the quality of the table. Topside of the table contains one of the thickest amounts of 15 mm only. Every two parts of the table can be easily attached or replace as they are very light in weight. A perfect choice for hardcore games. If you want to know What are the Rules for Serving in Ping Pong?

Sportscraft 4 Piece Table

This table is mainly built for professional gamers. The size of this ping pong table is 5 inches by 8 inches. The main playing surface of this table contains MDF texture along with charcoal painted that ensures long durability. For protecting the table, there is plastic laminate in it which helps to protect the table from any kind of damage and scratches. As this a foldable table, it can also be used for solo gameplay. For the sturdy feel during a game, 4 solid steel made legs are used in it. This table can be used for any kind of game and any mode.

The demand for Sportscraft Ping Pong Tables

There are a lot of popular brands in the market of ping pong tables. Sportcraft is one of those popular brands. They are mainly famous for their quality and pricing. If a good thing is possible to purchase at a reasonable price, everyone will go for that. Sportcraft Company follows the same business strategy. They create tables with better quality and price for the customers. And the customers are also very satisfied with the products from them. All these terms express the good demand of this company in the market.

Sportcraft tables are easy to use, very reasonable in price, and long lasting. That is why they are one of the top ranked companies. From beginner to professional, they have all the tables available in them. For those who just want to show off or use as an entertainment purposes, the company has unique types of tables for them too.

Choose the table according to your performance and budget. No hesitation about neither the quality nor the durability. Just choose, order, attach all the things, and the table is ready for your smashes.

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