STIGA Apex Review

STIGA Apex Review ( Performance Details )

Having a reliable table tennis paddle increases the confidence of a player. A reliable paddle means a paddle that is well constructed with top-quality materials and can accommodate the player’s ability.

If you have recently started table tennis, then this article is definitely for you. Because today we will discuss the STIGA APEX table tennis paddle which is best suited for beginners and also for intermediate players. Also, recreational table tennis players can use this paddle for fun.

This paddle is constructed with the best technology and features more control and a decent level of ball speed. If you are also a beginner or intermediate or even a recreational table tennis player, then this article is going to be a big help for you. So stay with us and get all the information about this paddle in detail.

How We Reviewed

Now, we do not like to deceive our readers with a false review. To ensure that this paddle is made of top-quality materials and the player will get a better experience we have examined this paddle. Our sports research team where there are some professional and experienced table tennis players checked this paddle and ensured this is the best. As we have done the hard work for you, therefore, you can purchase this paddle by closing your eyes and having faith in us.

About STIGA Apex Paddle

Looking for a table tennis paddle to surprise your family members or friends or colleagues with your astonishing table tennis performance? Then the STIGA Apex is definitely for you. This paddle is produced by one of the top table tennis accessories manufacturing brands STIGA. This brand always tries to provide the best quality accessories so that players of all levels can have the best experience. Let’s discuss each part and feature of this paddle individually.

Blade- While choosing a paddle the first thing that comes to our mind is the construction of the paddle blade. The blade of this paddle is very light in weight comparing to other paddles. To make this lightweight blade the manufacturer used extra lightweight 5 layers of plywood. The reflex of a table tennis player plays a vital role in winning the game. The lightweight blade construction improves the reflex of a player. A player can swing hand without any fatigue or strain for a very long time with great speed and control.

On top of the 5-ply layer, the manufacturer used a 2 mm thick sponge. This thick sponge can absorb strong impact so that players can have full control over the blade.

And over the 2 mm thick sponge layer, the manufacturer implanted a drive inverted rubber. The manufacturer used their remarkable ACS technology on the rubber. You may be wondering what is this ACS technology. Let me clear your doubts. In the rubber, there are Microscopic Air Capsules. These capsules provide great elasticity at the time of impact which provides very superior control over the paddle.

Simply, the construction is great for control and speed.

Handle- The comfort and swing mostly depend on the paddle handle. This is where it surpasses the expectations of all players. The STIGA used a Concave Italian Composite handle. Grabbing this handle feels smooth and energetic. As the playability of a table tennis player depends on comfort, therefore, the manufacturer designed this very comfortable handle so the beginners can have the full advantage of it.

WRB Technology- The term WRB stands for Weight Balance, Rate or recovery, and Ball sensitivity. These 3 things are placed on the paddle handle so that one can comfortably wield the paddle and can keep their hands free from fatigue.

To control the blade with ease, the manufacturer shifted the weight of the blade to the ball contact point. And for the lightweight characteristic, this blade features an immense recovery rate. One can fast recover after one stroke for the next stroke. And the unique design grip over the handle features great sensitivity of touch that provides a great feel on the player’s hand.

ITTF approved- One of the amazing facts about this paddle is it is approved by ITTF. That means a player can use this quality paddle in any table tennis tournament. The inverted rubber, the concave handle, the grip, everything about this paddle is suitable to be consistent with junior table tennis tournaments.

Performance- Above we have discussed the physical appearance of the paddle. Now we will discuss the performance of this paddle.

  • Speed- As we said that this paddle is specially made with the intention of beginners, therefore, this paddle provides relatively lower speed than other professional-grade paddles. The speed rating of this paddle is 65 out of 100. For a beginner table tennis player, this speed is just perfect. A beginner will be able to learn a couple of moves with this speed range. This will provide slow ball speed no matter how hard you hit the ball.
  • Spin- The spin rating of this paddle is also relatively lower than other paddles so that amateur players or recreational players can enjoy themselves. The thick sponge and rubber create a slower spin. The spin rate of this paddle is 52 out of 100. Due to this lower spin rate, we like to recommend that one should not use this paddle for any tournaments.

  • Control- When it comes to controlling, this paddle performs great. The paddle has a rating of 80 out of 100 for control. Though it is not that much, it will definitely help the amateur players to improve the skill of controlling the paddle for different swing techniques. Because of its lightweight, this paddle features great control. Learn new techniques with this paddle while having full control over the paddle.






Blade Material

5-plywood layer

Handle Type

Concave Italian Composite

Sponge Thickness









0.3 pounds


  • Best suited for amateur and recreational table tennis players.
  • ITTF approved paddle can be used in tournaments as well.
  • Due to its lightweight one can easily control and wield it for shots.
  • The weight of the blade is balanced perfectly.
  • The recovery rate for the next shot is very fast.
  • ACS technology on drive inverted rubber provides great elasticity.
  • A thick sponge layer absorbs the ball impact for superior control.


  • Though it is tournament grade one should not use this paddle for a tournament because of its low spin and speed.



How to buy the best Table Tennis Paddle

To buy the best table tennis paddle, one has to check few features of the paddles. The manufacturers produce paddles for all skill-level players. A paddle that is built for a skilled player is not suitable for an amateur player. So, the process of finding the best table tennis paddles depends on the particular person’s preferences. However, here are some basic features that one must check before buying a table tennis paddle.

Material- According to the ITTF, the paddle must contain 85 percent of natural materials. That means the paddle must contain natural wood. Therefore, most manufacturers use plywood to construct paddles for players. The rest of the 15 percent can be carbon or other materials.

Blade layers- Blade layers depend on the player’s skill. Some players use lightweight blades and some use heavy blades. Lightweight blades are constructed with fewer layers like 3 to 5 layers. These blades are suitable for more speed and control. Elsewhere, the heavy blades are constructed with more layers like 6 to 7. These paddles provide more control than speed.

Handle- The type of handle depends on the type of hold that a player uses. Basically, there are three types of handle designs available for table tennis paddles.

There is a straight handle design that is suitable for defensive players. The other one is a Flare design which is perfect for more control. The flared handle is thick at the bottom and thin at the top so that the paddle does not get slip away from the hand. And the last one is the Anatomic design handle. This handle is specially designed for bigger hand players.

Performance- For a beggar, the paddle must provide a decent amount of speed, control, and spin so that the player can learn the game. A decent paddle for a beginner will help the beginner to adapt to the game.

On the other hand, for a mid-level player, the paddle must provide more speed and control and a decent amount of spin.

But for an advanced player, the paddle should provide more speed and spin. As the advanced players use some difficult moves, therefore, more speed and spin are a must.

Who is the STIGA Apex for

As we mentioned previously, this paddle is absolutely suitable for amateur, intermediate, and also for recreational table tennis players. This paddle is destined to give the best table tennis experience to the players. The paddle is simple in design so that beginners can feel comfortable while grabbing this and swinging it in different directions.

Also, it will help one to get a decent amount of speed and control over the ball. If a beginner wants to improve their skill, then they can rely on this paddle for a little longer. However, if one reaches the level of an advanced player, then the player should replace this paddle with a greater one.

Final Words

Lastly, this STIGA Apes is highly recommended for beginner and recreational table tennis players. This paddle provides a decent amount of speed, spin, and great control. Also, the manufacturer used high-quality and lightweight materials for this paddle so that players can comfortably and easily play without any fatigue.

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