Stiga Evolution Review

Stiga Evolution Review For 2021

Table tennis is an Olympic Games. The game is very interesting. Players play this game with excitement.  They have needed some types of equipment for playing this game. Not only tournaments but also people play this game indoors. They buy a table tennis table with all accessories and set it in their house, office, club, etc.There have a lot of brands or manufacturers who made and supply this sports equipment.

The Stiga is a trendy brand. This brand is also a leading brand. This brand manufactured table tennis table, paddles, balls, net, and everything that a tennis player need. The paddle and table have become popular for players. Professional players used these for playing. This paddle has strong durability.  We will provide all information about the Stiga Evolution review.

What is Stiga Evolution

Stiga is a sports brand. All equipment of table tennis related is made by Stiga brand. The Stiga evolution means a racket that is tournaments level. This racket offers exceptional performance ratings.  This racket is constructed with good materials.

The design is very eye-catchy. Players can play accurately using these rackets. The founder of these rackets is the Stiga brand. According to the brand name, the paddle has been named Stiga evolution. The popularity of this paddle is increasing day by day. Players used paddles to hit the ball in the game. Using this paddle, the player can easily hit the ball and play. After reading this topic, everybody can understand the Stiga paddle.

Stiga Evolution Review

For those who like to play table tennis, they usually buy table tennis equipment. But they can’t always buy good paddles. They often get pain in their hands while playing or can’t hit the ball well. One of the reasons is being that they can’t buy good paddles.

Their paddle is not good. Our team is always ready to help people. We have some experienced players in our team who have a lot more experience with this paddle. They have selected a paddle using their old experience, which is very good for table tennis players. We will discuss about that paddle below.

STIGA Evolution Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket Made with Approved Rubber for Tournament Play

 This is Stiga evolution that helps players to increase their skill and performance level at the top. This is a table tennis racket. The name of this product brand is Stigo. The brand is one of the leading brands that run the sport product. It is constructed of wood, material, and many more. The manufacturer mentions rubber as a major material. It has a nice grip on the handle. They used some layers of wood. The wood is very strong and has some qualities. They used rubber over the paddle. The rubber helps to increase the lasting feature. Players can use a paddle for many days because of its long lasting features.

The handle of this paddle is very smooth and easy to hold for a long time. The manufacturer used multi-color for designing this paddle. The rubber of the paddle is ITTF approved that can be used in tournaments. They apply Shock Dispersion Technology over the paddle.  For this technology, the paddle quality is expanded. They mention the performance rating for this paddle.

The highest spin speed is 96 and the control rate is 90, which is an excellent rate for this paddle. You can find a 2mm sponge under the piece of rubber. They wrap the paddle with rubber. For this rubber, players can hit the ball accurately. Use a 6 ply light blade to make the paddle stronger. As a result, nothing will happen after playing too hard with this paddle. The name of the manufacturer is Escalade Sports. The model number is T1281. They describe the item’s weight and dimension. The weight of this paddle is 6.3 ounces and the dimension is 12 x 7 x 2.8 inches.

China is the country origin of this evolution. The size of the paddle is 1 racket.It does not require any battery to use.





Stiga Evolution



Grip size

3 ¼ inches

Sport type

Table tennis



Item weight

0.18 kilograms


1 Racket


Escalade Sports


12 x 7.3 x 2.8 inches

Country of origin


Model Number





Table tennis racket




  • The paddle has a great fit.
  • This paddle is very reasonable.
  • The paddle is user friendly.
  • The design is very amazing.


  • Our team could not find any defects.

Stiga Evolution

Stiga Evolution

Buying Guide Of Stiga Evolution

The buying guide is a very necessary thing for players. For playing table tennis, you need many types of equipment. You must buy this equipment. If you have no any previous experience, you will not able to buy goods. You can buy good elements for playing when you follow a guideline. Our expert team helps to make this buying guide. The guide is very helpful for people. They will be able to select the best paddle by following good guidelines. The guidelines are given below.

Material: A lot of material is needed for a paddle. How long a paddle can be used? and whether it can be played well depends on the material. It is not possible to play with some paddles for a long time; the main reason is that the paddle is not made with good material. So when buying a paddle always pays attention to the materials and check. Other wise,it is never possible to buy a good paddle. Everyone should be aware of this.

Weight: Weight is an essential part of the paddle. A paddle must be light weight. Otherwise, players cannot play with that paddle. Players hold the paddle by hand and have to play with hand. If the paddle is too heavy, you will not play accurately.  After playing in few minutes with that heavy paddle, the player’s hand will start to hurt. They cannot play that match. It is a drawback for players. They will face many problems with heavy weights. So, this is mandatory to check the weight before buying a paddle.

Brand: You should buy a paddle depends on the brand. All brands are not able to manufacture good paddles. You have to know it. There have some good brands in the whole world. They become prominent for the quality of their products. Some famous brands manufactured quality full paddle, table tennis table, and ball. You have to buy from those brands equipment’s and then you can play smoothly. Even if the price of a good brand is a little higher, it means it is good and very comfortable to use.

Durability: Durability is the most important factor. A paddle must be durable. If a paddle has no durability, players will not play with that paddle. A paddle is used to hit the ball. If the paddle is not hard and not durable, you cannot play more matches with that paddle, there is a possibility that the paddle will break after playing some matches. So, keep an eye on the inaccessibility of the paddle.

Quality: Quality is another valuable factor. If there is no quality, there is no value for anything. So the quality is very important in the case of the paddle. You can’t play well with any paddle without quality. Everything should have this quality. If there is no quality, you should avoid that. So before buying, you must check the quality and then buy.

Price: There is a matter of budget when buying a paddle. If you want to buy a good paddle, you have to have a good budget. Everyone knows that anything good costs a little more. If you want to buy a good and quality paddle then you must keep a smart budget. You can never buy a good paddle unless your budget is high. So, you need to have a good budget to buy a good paddle.

 This buying guide helps people to buy a quality full and durable paddle. It is very hard to buy a good paddle. Most of the people cannot buy paddles for them. By following this busying guide they will able to buy a paddle which has good durability, stability.

Are Stiga evolutions good for use

 Yes, Stiga evolution is good for use. Stiga is a good brand.  Their products are also good. The Stiga paddle has a good reputation and popularity. It has some good quality.  For this quality, most of the player uses this paddle. They can be using this paddle for a long time without any problems. So, The Stiga evolution & stiga vapor is good for use.

Final Word

This topic is filled with Stiga evolution reviews. This topic has been given everything of Stiga paddle. How to play with this paddle? That has been discussed. There is also a buying guide that will help everyone buy a playable good paddle. Everyone will benefit from our discussion and also can know about paddles.

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