STIGA Expert Roller Review

STIGA Expert Roller Review In 2021

The STIGA is a top brand that has been producing accessories for table tennis for over 60 years. This brand always introduces new innovative technology to the table tennis world. The STIGA Expert Roller is one of the inventions of this brand. This table is manufactured by considering players satisfaction. This expertly designed table has exceeded our expectations.

The table features an effortless set-up. It does not require a lot of installation. And it is approved for various official tournaments. All the parts of this table are manufactured with high-quality materials.

Therefore, in this article, we have discussed all the features of this table particularly. After reading this STIGA Expert Roller review, a table tennis enthusiast will surely fall in love with this table.

How We Reviewed The STIGA Expert Roller

To review this table, our sports research team has visited many professional tournaments where this table was being used. There they have gathered reviews of the professional table tennis players. That was not all. We have some table tennis experts on our sports team. They have played on that table to ensure all the reviews are true. Then they checked all the parts like the surface, the base, the net, the storage process, etc.

So, one can purchase this table tennis table without any doubt in their mind as our research team has done all the difficult researching for you.

Review of the STIGA Expert Roller

Whether you are organizing a table tennis table review or searching for a table for home or a recreational center, this table tennis table can serve your need. The table is suitable for the school recreational gaming room as well. This table provides an easy set-up and easy storage system. It also will provide great ball bounce and spin.

Table surface- The STIGA Roller expert features a tournament-grade table tape that provides satisfying and unbelievable playability. The tabletop is made of 1 inch thick mid-density fibreboard. This thick tabletop provides great ball spin and bounce which will surely surprise players. The tabletop meets the ITTF approval also. The 1 inch thick table surface is supported with a 2.25 inches wood apron.

To give the players the best experience, the table surface is sanded and UV-filled. The surface is very smooth. Also, the manufacturer used multiple layers of blue color to paint this table which features incomparable ball spin. Also, the multiple layer coating ensures the surface meets the ITTF standard friction coefficient.

On top of that, to mark the lining, the manufacturer used silk-screen printing. And they used official white color for that print. Other brands use stickers or hand painting for the lining which creates an uneven and rough surface. But this table does not provide any rough feeling and it is very smooth to touch.

Table base- This table features rock-solid stability on the floor surface. To construct the table base, manufacturers used gauge steel. The base contains 4 H-shaped legs and 4 wheels. The legs are 2.5 inches by 1.5 inches. The lags feature automatically self-opening. One does not have to use their hands to open the legs for set-up. Also, while folding the table halves, the legs automatically fold up for safety.

Assemble- Unlike other table tennis tables, this table is very easy and less effortive to assemble. Though most of the parts are pre-assembled there is a little bit of assembling required. The assembly process may take 2 hours most.

However, it would not be wise to assemble the table single-handedly. One should take help from family members or friends for assembling. There is an instruction included with the table. The instruction is very simple and straightforward to understand. If one faces difficulties while installing try to contact the dealer for help. One will need a wrench, a screwdriver, and other tools.

Size and weight- The table is specially designed for tournaments. Therefore, this is a standard size table that is 9 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 2.5 feet high. That means this table is not suitable for limited space as players would not be able to move freely.

Due to the high quality and sturdy materials construction, the table is very heavy. The table weight is 327.5 pounds. This heavy-weight table should be assembled or move by two people for safety.

Net and posts- There are some manufacturers who do not provide the net with the table. Therefore, buyers have to purchase the net separately. But this table includes a regulation size 72 inches high quality and durable net.

To attach the net one just needs to adjust it into the connection point of both table halves and then rotate the lever to tighten the post with the table.

Storage- Storing the table is very easy. To store it first, one needs to remove the net. As the table is divided into two halves which are foldable, therefore, after removing the net one has to fold the table. There are 4 inches of ball-bearing wheels under the table base. With the help of the wheels, one can easily roll the table through any surface. Also, the wheels feature easy locking. While playing or keeping the table for storage one must lock the wheels for stability.

Official- This table is ITTF approved. It has been used in many official tournaments like the US Open and US Nations. It is officially used in tournaments because of its incomparable and unbelievable design. As it has been used on many professional tournaments, therefore, one will surely have a lot of fun and a good experience while playing at this table.








Surface Material


Base Material



Official size


327.5 pounds

Net size



  • Tournament grade table tennis table.
  • Suitable for home, recreational gaming club, school, etc.1 inch thick table surface provides great ball bounce.
  • Multiple layer color painting features incomparable ball bounce.
  • Lanes are machine painted over the table surface for a smooth feel.
  • Does not require a lot of assembling.
  • Easily understandable instruction manual.
  • 4 inches wheels to roll the table for easy storage.


  • This high-quality and top-grade table tennis table is far out of the reach of any defects.

STIGA Expert Roller

STIGA Expert Roller

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a table tennis table

In this guide, we will try to highlight the most important features of the table tennis table which will lead a buyer to the best table. Because not all table tennis tables are long-lasting.

Size- The first thing one must determine is the size of the table. Because table tennis tables are available in a lot of different sizes. If one wants a table for home use to have family fun, then they should choose the size according to their room size.

Elsewhere, for gaming club, school recreational game room, and tournaments one must choose a standard size table tennis table.

Surface material- Surface material is crucial to check. The ball bounce and spins depend on the surface material. Basically, for outdoor use aluminum or composite metal-made table are best. On the other hand, the indoor table’s surface can be made of durable wood like MDF.

Also, one has to consider the surface thickness as well. The thicker the surface, the greater the ball bounces.

Another important consideration of the table surface is the smoothness. Some table surface is not as smooth as it should be which affects the game. So, if you want to have a great experience, make sure the tabletop is very smooth.

Base material- Let’s make it simple for you. If the pillars of a building are not sturdy enough, then the building will not last long. The same goes for the table tennis table. Considering the table base material is as crucial as considering the table surface material. Make sure the table surface is made of higher-end and durable metal. Also, the base must be rustproof.

Assembling process- Try to choose a table that is already pre-assembled. This is how you do not have to waste a lot of energy and time. Or else make sure the table comes with an easy understanding instruction guide so that one can easily assemble all the parts of the table.

Easy storage- In the recreational center, people play lots of different games, therefore, they need space. Also, at home one does not want to leave a table tennis table wide open all the time. That means the table must feature easy storage. The table should be foldable. Try to purchase those tables that feature wheels. Because storing those tables is very easy.

Who is the STIGA Roller table tennis table for

The STIGA Roller table tennis table is for all level table tennis players. To play on this table one does not have to be highly skilled. The table is suitable for home, office, recreational gaming club, schools, colleges, etc. However, this table is a tournament-grade table and it has been used for many tournaments. So, the only thing one needs to play on this table is a partner, paddles, and balls.

Final  Words

Looking for a tournament-grade table tennis table for organizing a tournament or for home use, then you must read this STIGA Expert Roller review. You will be amazed after knowing all of the features of this table. This table also can be used for a school gaming room or even for a gaming club. All the users gave compliments about this table. Within this price range, this is one of the best table tennis tables. Whether you are a beginner or a professional player, you would not get disappointed with this table.

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