Stiga Master Series St3100 Table Tennis Table

Stiga Master Series St3100 Table Tennis Table Reviews In 2021

Normally, the Stiga master series st3100 table tennis table is a regulation size indoor table tennis table. Featuring two colors black and red along with different features will be perfect for the beginner level player. Impressively, a single person can play with this table. That means it will prove a companion for the player who wants to master this game but does not have any partner to practice with.

Moreover, it features so much that worth buying or having one in the game room or any club. To help make the decision we will discuss more the product below.

What is Stiga Table Tennis Table?

Specifically, Stiga is a brand that manufactures table tennis or ping pong equipment. This is a renowned brand loved by every table tennis player. The table tennis table this brand manufactured is of the best quality. Also, people called those table stiga table tennis table to reflect the brand name.

Stiga Master Series St3100 Table Tennis Table

One of the essential pieces of equipment in a table tennis game is table tennis. One may play this game at the dining table of the house. But having a table that is dedicated to the game will give extra features. Moreover, many players wish is to have a table in their game room. Sometimes, this dream of them becomes a dream because of the expensive price of the table.

 However, some of the company like stiga manufacture table which is of good quality but affordable. One of their affordable tables is this Master Series St3100. One can buy this beauty for their game room at an affordable price. This will not only increase the outlook of the room but also give versatile use. Let’s know the features of this product in detail.

Quality : As we have mentioned earlier that the brand is one of the best brands of its age. One can buy their product blindly because of the quality. This table is nothing different. One of the best ping pong tablesina similar price range.

The manufacturer uses the best quality material on the surface of the game and the whole body. This thing will stay in its real form for a long time. As with the high quality, it will give a smooth performance for a long time frame. Undoubtedly, the quality of the product will get a high rating.

Assembly : Since the product will ship country to country, the manufacturer designed it o that it can be folded. Because shipping a big table in its real form is not a good idea or even possible. That’s the place many buyers get irritated and give up on it.

However, the product includes an instruction book that clearly illustrates the assembly process of the table. If one does not follow the steps as the book will face difficulties. They even can end up damaging the whole product. To give it a better reliable and versatile use the manufacturer added many details into the table. That’s the reason it is somewhat complicated to assemble. But once one knows the process it will be as clear as water and as easy as opening a door.

Gaming Surface : Considering the whole table, the playing surface of it is the most important part. If this area is not of satisfactory level then there is no value of buying this table. The main fat is the thickness of the table. The best is to have a table which is 15 mm thick. Any table thinner than this will give the worst experience.

As for the Master Series St3100 table, it is 19 mm thick which is of safe level. One will feel the performance once they start playing in it and experience the sound and the bunch of the ball on it. The bunch of the ball will be responsive and fast.

However, the thing bad about the surface in both of the parts does not match. There is a small gap between the two parts, in the divider. Luckily, this is not a major issue.

Self-Practice : One of the best features of this table which is an attractive one for many players is its self-practice or one-player feature. That means a single player can play at this table. Mainly, the players who need practicing but do not have a companion will find this table very helpful.

One can fold the other side of the table and stabilize it by the legs. This will give a surface to play the game by hitting the opposite surface as a player.

Legs : Another impressive feature of this table is its legs. The legs have a wheel to move the table from one place to another. The wheels give it the feature of portability while it is in assembled mode. One can easily move the table by simply pushing it in a different direction.

Storage and Portability : Impressively, one can fold the table part by part. It will not require any advanced level knowledge or any professional skills. One can simply fold the table by following the instruction in the instruction book. This will save so much space in the room. One who has the problem of space, who does not have much space at home can do that. After folding the table it will require only a few inches of space.

As for the portability, this table does not require much space after folding up and does not weigh much. So one can easily move the table if they want.

Versatile Use : As the table is made of high-quality material and has space, one can easily use the table for different occasions. One can use it as a study table as well as playing some other thing like cards. It can be used as a dining table in time emergency.








Base Material

Alloy Steel

Frame Material

Alloy Steel




108 x 60 x 30 inches


200 Pounds


60″ x 30″ x 62″


  • Made out of high-quality material.
  • Perfect for two and four players
  • In folded mode, it will require less space than giving
  • an easy storage feature.
  • The leg of the table will give easy mobility.
  • The playing surface of the table is of a professional level.
  • It will give the liberty to play single.
  • Huge ball storage capability.


  • Confusing assemble can irritate the buyers.
  • Balls and paddles are not included and the net is of low quality.

Things to Consider While Buying a Table Tennis Table

Buying a table tennis table is not something of hard work or tricky. The market has hundreds of options for this thing. One will find the different brands in the different price ranges. However, one must need to prepare themselves for some features before buying the product. Those are,

Price : Firstly, before buying the table one must decide the price. Since table tennis table holds different price range. Not every price range has all the features and not everyone can afford every range. First, they need to select the price, and then they need to move for the other feature according to the price.

Material : The type of the martial will vary according to the price range of the buyer. If the price range is higher one can buy the processed wood material. Those materials are considered to be the king of table tennis. However, alloy steel is another material loved by all. That material is also less expensive.

Thickness : Whatever the price whatever the material one thing one cannot compromise is the thickness of the playing surface of the table. Professionals recommend at least 15 mm thickness. But one must choose higher than this for best performance.

Is Stiga Master Series St3100 Table Tennis Table expensive?

It will vary from person to person. Compare to other brands and another table of the same feature the price is convenient. Once one starts using the table will know that the price is worth every penny. Mostly the price of this table will be around 400$ to 450$. Not more than this. As a table tennis table of good quality that price is not expensive at all.

What is the Best Feature of Stiga Master Series St3100 Table Tennis Table?

That’s a complicated question to answer. Because all of the features of this table is of best compare to the price. Specifically, the best will vary according to the need of the players. As for a dedicated player, the single-player playing feature will be the best. Universally speaking, the thickness off the table at that price range is the best feature.

Is Stiga Master Series St3100 Table Tennis Table Portable?

As for the size, it is not that big after one fold it down. It will require less space. As for the weight, this holds around 200 pounds of weight. However, one cannot say it’s a portable one if they do not have a truck that has a bunker of the size that more than the folded size of this table.

Final Words

Stiga Master Series St3100 Table Tennis Table is one of the best tables one can find in the market. Featuring so much usability it become gained worldwide popularity. Though this is an entirely level table, it features so many usefulness that a traditional table cannot give. One can also play single in this table which makes it more desirable.

However, to make it more convenient the manufacturer messed up with the assembled. Buyers will find it complicated. But it will be easier after the first time of assemble. Overall, with one the best of luck and happy table tennis with this impressive product.

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