Stiga Pro Carbon Review

Stiga Pro Carbon Review In 2021

Peoples need several types of equipment for playing table tennis. All the pieces of equipment are very important. Peoples who like to play table tennis, they must know about all equipment. The equipment’s are table tennis table, ball, paddles or rackets, net. It is totally impossible to play without any one of the pieces of equipment. The paddles are most important.

They must buy quality full paddles. They will get various types of paddles in the sports shop. All paddles are not made with quality full materials.  Some paddles are looked very nice but their quality is worst. Table tennis and ping pong are not twin games. The paddles of these games are totally different. They have to buy paddles depends on their game.   We will discuss about Stiga Pro carbon paddle.

What is a Paddle

The paddle is one of the valuable tools of table tennis. The paddle is constructed of laminated wood. The wood is wrapped with rubber on both sides. Without paddles, the player will not able to play table tennis games. Paddles are mandatory tools. All paddles are not the same. Paddles are constructed with different materials and sizes. All paddles are not suitable for table tennis.

The manufacturing company manufactures many types of paddles. They manufacture paddles for table tennis and a ping pong game. Both paddles are not the same. Paddles are made in multiple colors. People will buy as their wish. Paddles are made with light weight so that players can play frequently. So, people have to buy the perfect paddles for playing.

Stiga Pro Carbon Review

The paddle is very useful piece of equipment for table tennis and ping pong. Players must buy paddles for play. Most of the players may not choose the correct paddle and they complain of this. They will not play nicely if the paddle is not good.

We made a team to help them. Some experts and professional players have our team. They help to choose the correct paddle for players. We will discuss about that paddle below.  We will give all information about paddles so that people get help and choose the accurate paddle for them.

STIGA Pro Carbon Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket with Carbon Technology

This is a STIGA pro carbon table tennis. This racket is made by the STIGA brand.  The brand is very famous. The manufacturing company became famous for its good paddles or rackets. They always tried to make the best products. Their rackets are used in the International game. Most of the professional players used these rackets.  This racket helps to improve your skills.

By playing these rackets you can grow your performance level to a professional level. The handle of these rackets is made with a grip, which helps to hold the racket completely. This racket is made for table tennis.  They used premium S5 rubber with a 2mm sponge on both sides of this racket that makes the racket very strong. They also used a 7-ply light blade and concave pro handle. All of these materials are quality full and provide greatfeedback. The main material of this racket is wood. The wood is quality full and long lasted.The rubber of the racket is approved by ITTF for tournaments play.You will get speed in 99 spins by using this racket.

It is very simple to control the racket.They used carbon technology that makes the racket more powerful and increases the speed level. They used black and red colorsto decorate the racket. This racket is suitable for 8- 15 years kids. The department of this product is unisex- adult.  The whole product dimension is 2 x 6.25 x 21.5 inches; 6.38 Ounces. The weight of the racket is not too heavy. Anybody can use the racket very smoothly. The name of the manufacturer is Escalade sports. The model number is T1290.  The racket was first available on September 1, 2013. China is the origin country of the product.









1 Racket

Sport Type

Table tennis




2 x 6.25 x 21.5 inches; 6.38 Ounces

Recommended Age

8-15 ages

Manufacturer recommended age

3 years and up

Model Number




First available date

September 1, 2013


Escalade Sports

Country origin



  • The rubber of the paddle is changeable. Anytime can change the rubber.
  • This is pro carbon paddle.
  • This paddle helps to increase speed and reaction time.
  • The paddle is fully suitable for serious relational play.


  • Our team cannot find any drawbacks.

Stiga Pro Carbon

Stiga Pro Carbon

Buying Guide of Stiga Pro Carbon Review

The buying guide is very essential for people. They can know everything through the guide. Sometimes it becomes very hard to choose the right paddle. You can improve your performance level by using the best paddle. To improve your skills, you must buy a quality full product. Our team is always ready to help people. We will give a guideline for select the right paddles. The guideline is very helpful for everybody. Anybody can follow our guide to buy a quality full and good paddle. The guide is given below.

Material: The paddle must be made with quality full materials. This is the first condition to buy the best paddle. Material is a major element of paddle. It is become mandatory to check the material before buying. Nowadays huge paddles are available in the store. You find multiple brands. All brands are not good.   Paddles made with good material last for a long time. Also, good performance can be done with those paddles.

 A good paddle has many qualities. People can reach a professional level only by playing with a good paddle. You bought a pair of paddles from the sports shop, but you can play well with that paddle. The paddle is getting damaged after some time of use. So, your paddle is not made of good material. So before buying a pair of paddles you should always search for good or bad material.

Weight: You have to pay attention to the paddle weight. The weight can affect your game. You have to buy a pair of paddles which have low weight.  This paddle is helping you to provide amazing performance. You will not able to hold properly a paddle if the paddle is a heavy weight. You must check the weight of a paddle when you will go for the buy. Otherwise, you cannot play accurately for heavy weight. After playing few minutes, you cannot play for pain.

Brand: Everybody will always try to buy a paddle which is made by a famous brand. The famous brand is trying to make a good product to hold their reputation. These brands provide paddles in international sports.

They know all requirements for making a perfect paddle. They also know all rules and regulation that makes a paddle nice. So, you may choose a good brand.

Size: Sometimes size will become a big issue.  If the size of a paddle is unfit, you will not play well with this paddle.  Some of the paddles were made of faulty. This is happed for a technical problem. For that problem, you cannot play. You must remember all of these problems before buying a pair of paddles.

All of these points are useful. People will get help from this guide.

Can You Play Tournaments With Stiga Pro Paddles

Yes, you can play. The Stiga Pro paddle is constructed for tournaments. The manufacturer used carbon pro technology to make the paddles. These paddles are made with quality full material. The piece of wood, rubber, and grip all are good. Most of the players use this paddle in the tournament. They can win the game by playing this. Some experts recommend using the paddle. So, you can use these paddles in a tournament and also can practice.

Can Kids Play With Stiga Pro Paddle

Stiga Pro paddles are also suitable for kids. They can play table tennis with this paddle. This paddle is light weight. The weight is not too heavy for kids.Kids play like themselves and roughly use paddles during play. If the paddle is not of good quality, it can break at any time. Stiga Pro paddle is made using very good quality materials and high quality technology. This paddle does not ruin or break very easily. The company has declared, Children between the ages of 6 and 15 can play with a paddle. They will be able to play with speed using this paddle. The spin speed of this paddle is much higher.

Due to which the players play with this paddle in the tournament.

Final Word

In this article, we have discussed about Stigo Pro carbon paddle. All information is given above. That information will help people to know everything.  We tried to help people to buy good paddles. For this reason, we gave a buying guide. We can say that Stiga pro is best for all age’s people.

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