Stiga Pro Carbon Review

Stiga Pro Carbon Ping Pong paddle Review In 2021

To play table tennis people must need high quality table tennis racket. Sometimes people call it ping pong paddle. Most of the professional players play with their desire high quality paddle because of the scoring best result.

There are so many ping pong paddles in the market. Players can choose any of these. But, they should keep in mind that a high quality paddle can give more accurate and precise shots than other normal paddles. So, while buying any new paddle, they should choose the best and high quality one for them.

Today, we are going to describe about Stiga pro carbon ping pong table which is really best for professional players. We put some honest reviews about this paddle so that people can understand and know more details about it.

Let’s start the tour by reviewing about Stiga pro carbon paddle.

Who Is This For

This Stiga pro carbon is a great quality ping pong table made by the Swedish company Stiga. Everyone heard this brand name. Stiga is a famous and renowned brand for making high quality paddles world wide.

Stiga pro carbon is made for professional players who are very serious. It helps to improve their games. This paddle can be used in all competitions also. So, people who are serious about their game should use this. This is perfect for them for improving the quality of their shots with this paddle.

Review Details of Stiga Pro Carbon Ping Pong Paddle

Today, we are going to discuss about only this one paddle which is really considered as best by our team.

Before starting the review we want to say that, this ping pong paddle is made for professionals with many premium features. So, this paddle can be the perfect one for them.

Why People should like this ping pong paddle: Without any good quality paddle, you cannot play well though you are a pro-level player. We researched a lot about this paddle. Our team considered this paddle as best for the professionals. This Stiga pro carbon paddle offers more superior features with high performance. So, we can suggest this paddle. People would love this paddle because of its premium features which are described in the next section in detail.

Approval from ITTF: ITTF means International Table Tennis Federation. This is the biggest and most famous federation of table tennis in the world. The Stiga pro carbon racket is approved by this ITTF federation because it has so many premium features which are absolutely good enough for professional players.

This racket meets all criteria for being a professional paddle. Its all specifications and key features are really excellent for playing any tournaments or big competitions with this paddle.

Technologies: In this Stiga pro carbon ping pong paddle, here used WRB technology. This is best for any kind of paddle. WRB is a short form of combing some features such as weight balance, rate of recovery, and ball sensitivity.

W= Weight of Balance: This means a lot for the weight of the blade. While contacting the ball with this paddle, then this can shift the weight of contact. It helps to speed up the ball with precise shots.

R= Rate of Recovery: While stroking the ping pong ball with this paddle, then it should decrease the blade weight to improve the recovery rates. So, it can be done perfectly for having this feature.

B= Ball Sensitivity: This feature is placed in the handle for making the proper sense while hitting the ball. Players can make sense after striking every shot.

Carbon Technology: There are also featured carbon technology with this paddle for increasing speed and power. Players can easily hit the ball precisely with more power and high speed. It is very essential for any player to dominate the opposite on the table. So, this technology helps a lot for getting more power as well as speed also.

So, WRB technology is one of the great things for this paddle.

Construction: This paddle is constructed by high quality materials and also some other technologies to make this paddle remarkable for playing professional tournaments. There is attached premium S5 rubber on the top side of this paddle. The top surface is made of rubber so that it can hit the ball precisely. If the rubber will damage after playing for many years, then there is a great chance to change this rubber. They can easily remove and replace this rubber from the surface.

On the rubber sole, there are some sponges around the corners which size is 2 mm. The blade is so light to reduce the total weight. Having 7 ply light blades this paddle is absolutely perfect for any intermediate player. There is a great handle with this paddle.

Performances: Players can get high performance from this paddle undoubtedly. There are used ultra-lightweight Balsa wood which is so good to increase the speed and reaction time of this paddle. So, the player can generate more speed with this paddle while hitting the ball.

People would be glad to hear that its speed rate is 99 out of 100. That’s really unbelievable and amazing for this paddle. It is fast enough to take some counterattack shots immediately. Players can get above-average speed from this Stiga pro carbon paddle.

The spin rate is 100 out of 100. There is no talk about its spin. Players can get high performance with also smooth and perfect control playing with this.

Paddle Handle: Its handle quality is enough good than any other paddle. There are used two layers of carbon that help to improve the rigidity and response of the paddle. So, players can get more comfortable while holding the handle.

There is also used SDT technology which means Shock dispersion tube. It can absorb the vibrations while hitting a ping pong ball. This SDT can convert the vibrations to energy out of the handle properly. So, they can get extra support playing with this paddle featuring such kind of great handle.







Escalade Sports

Country of Origin



Red / Black


1 racket



Sport Type

Table Tennis

Blade Speed


Blade Spin





2 mm



Product Dimensions

2 inches * 6.25 inches * 21.5 inches

Product Weight

6.38 ounces

Manufacturer Recommended Age

3 years and up


  • It is made with great premium S5 rubber.
  • 7-ply light blade
  • It includes a great comfortable heavy handle.
  • Top speed and reaction time.
  • Excellent control with the with-balanced blade.
  • SDT and WRB technology were used.
  • The handle is made with two layers of carbons.
  • This paddle is ITTF approved.
  • To improve the speed and power here used carbon technology.
  • Used ultra-lightweight wood.
  • It is great for loop shots.
  • So much durable and lightweight.
  • Players can get a maximum spin with more control.
  • High rigidity and response.
  • Ideal for advance and professional players.


  • There are no more cons at all.  

Stiga Pro Carbon Ping Pong paddle

Stiga Pro Carbon Ping Pong paddle

Mind something while buying a new Stiga pro carbon Ping pong paddle

Depending on people’s choices manufacturers try to produce a lot of different kinds of ping pong paddles. These all are good also. But why should we suggest this Stiga pro carbon paddle for playing? Obviously, there are some reasons to buy this paddle. People should notice about some important factors while buying this new paddle.

Certification: This paddle is the best for the professional. It is approved by ITTF because of featuring so many technologies and high quality features. So, people should buy this after checking its approval.

Speed and Spin Quality: They can also check its spin and speed ratings before buying this paddle from the market. Players can get more spin and high speed ratings from this paddle. It is made with carbon technologies for increasing speed as well as spin.

Materials: People should also check the materials while buying this paddle. It is made with some high quality materials including a heavy and comfortable handle.

What is the difference between Stiga Pro carbon and Killerspin jet 800

These both are good enough. If any player wants to get more power with great spin and speed, then they should choose this Stiga pro carbon paddle. This is the best for increasing power and speed. On the other hand, the Killerspin jet 800 paddles are also good for controlling. It offers great control.

Is it worth it

Yes, this paddle comes with a very lightweight blade with a heavy handle. Players can get maximum spin and top speed while hitting the ball with this paddle. So, players can easily score a good result and show great performances playing with this paddle.

Final Words

People can play any ping pong paddle, but they must need a high quality racket to play better in the competitions. So, today we take this paddle for them. This is absolutely best for the professional players having all the necessary features on it. In the above, we put all features in detail so that people can get this valuable paddle without any struggle. They can choose this for improving their performance.

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