Stiga Pro Carbon Vs Killerspin Jet 800

Stiga Pro Carbon Vs Killerspin Jet 800 ( Which For You )

Choosing a ping pong paddle from so many good options in the market is a tough job. But choosing between Stiga pro carbon and Killerspin jet 800 is not that tough. These two are the excellent choice available in the market. Both of the stiga and Killerspin brand is popular and loved by the ping pong player for their best quality and best-performed products.

Both of the product has their strength and weaknesses, but the right choice of the paddle according to the player’s skill and way of the game can change the level of the game.

So, we are going to go deep into both products and will compare both of the products. To find out details on stiga pro carbon vs Killerspin jet 800 for the buyers or players.

What are Stiga Pro Carbon And Killerspin Jet 800

 Stiga pro carbon and Killerspin jet 800 both are table tennis paddle that player used in the game to hit the ball. Stiga is a European manufacturer of sports goods and is well known for the ping pong equipment it produces. This brand is manufacturing table tennis paddles since 1994 and still adding quality products to the list.

In the case of Killerspin brand that establishes after stiga in 2001 by an entrepreneur. His name is Robert Blackwell Jr. This brand is not so old but gained popularity in a short time. Unlike the stiga brand,Killerspin is much more likely to make lifestyle table tennis products that are customized a lot.

Stiga Pro Carbon Vs Killerspin Jet 800

In terms of price, both batsare very similar. These two table tennis paddlesare considered to be the best and most prolific in their price range. Both are considered to be the advanced level player’s paddle but can be used by any level of players with skills. The decision will be hard if the player is an offensive shooter and looking for a paddle that will take their skill to another level.

Stiga pro carbon is a very solid paddle because of the carbon layer over the blade on both sides. This feature made this paddle one of the best in the market. This paddle is used by a wide range of people all over the world. This paddle is recommended for advanced recreational players who have a decent amount of skills in all strokes play. This paddle offers a wide range of speed and spin. The players who are still developing will find this product difficult to use because this requires solid techniques. This paddle can perform impressive play and is suitable for a good skilled player. The beginner should not be considered playing with it because of its immense spin and speed. They will struggle to hit the ball with the paddle.

On the contrary, the Killerspin brand offers the best quality in paddle by the Killerspin jet 800. This paddle is one of their best quality and high performed product. The jet 800 of the Killerspin brand is more of an advanced paddle that uses more technology to bring in the game. This bat feature quite heavyweight. So players who can control heavyweight with high speed can play with this bat. The players will have to have a pretty amount of solid techniques for offensive stroke. This bat is not recommended to the player who is at the beginning level or a defensive player. The paddle provides a high speed which is not suitable for the defensive player. The defensive player should look for something more control which is not featured by the jet 800 series of the Killerspin.

In the next part, we will break down every major feature of these two paddles to compare for a better understanding so that the reader can make their decision accurately.

The Blade- The pro carbon stiga paddle offers a 7 ply construction in the blade that includes 5 balsa wood layers and 2 carbon layers on both sides of the blade. Impressively, no extra weight is added to the racket because of the carbon layer, it seems like their weight is invisible. The blade is lightweight that minimizes the overall weight of the paddle. Because of the lightweight, the paddle will offer more control. Compare to the other offensive paddle in the market this paddle is lighter.

The blade of the jet 800 is very similar to the pro carbon blade featuring 7 layers. It also consists of 5 wooden layers and 2 carbon layers. Mainly, the blade of this series is designed for consistency and accuracy in the game. The heavyweight, high power, and speed of the bat are suitable for aggressive players.

In terms of the blade of the paddle is quite similar in their construction. But the weight of the pro carbon is lighter than the jet 800. The pro carbon blade weighs 180 grams and the jet 800 weighs 185 grams. Both of the bladesare good for aggressive play because of the weight.

However, the stiga pro carbon blade is for the more controlled player as it is lighter and offers a high amount of control. For the attacking player, the jet 800 is suitable because of the heavy blade.

Rubber- The stiga pro carbon offers STIGA S5 technology in the rubber of the paddle. This paddle uses Nanocomposite technology as well as ACS technology which makes the rubber of the best quality. The rubber is responsible for giving the paddle its outstanding control ability. However, the rubber is not so much of professional quality but holds the best of the quality. It has a 2mm sponge that means it bot so much thick but thick enough to have a solid impact on offensive strokes. The rubber doesn’t provide so much grip but has a good amount of spin on the incoming shots. This feature helps with blocking, flat hitting, and driving shots.

The Killerspin used Nitrx-4z in their rubber constructions. The rubber is a little tacky but the top sheet is thin. This feature provides forgiveness for the receiving shots. The rubber is also ideal for control.

The rubber used in both of the paddles is pretty similar. Both of the rubber is good for spin and speed. Those features made the bat ideal for intermediate players. However, if the player is looking for more control then stiga is the option and for more spin and speed Killerspin is the option.

Handle- The handle of the pro carbon paddle is made of flared grip which provides more confidence to the player. Flared handle is considered to be the best type of handle for the ping pong paddle. The handle is ideal for the shakehand grip user. The handle also has an SDT that absorbs the vibration of the paddle. Made with the WRB technology the paddle will provide an extreme level of balance.

The paddle of the jet 800 is also offered flared grip, which is also ideal for the shakehand player. But it does not so much useful technology as the stiga pro carbon which makes it less in the handle.

The stiga offers more ideal technology and the players will feel more comfortable holding it.

Performance Feature- In terms of performance, both of the paddles performed well in their dedicated type. In terms of speed, the pro carbon offers 99 out of 100 and the jet 800 offers 95 out of 100. The stiga pro carbon paddle can make a spin of 100 out of 100 which is much higher than the jet 800. The jet 800 has a spin of 90 out of 100. Because of its lightweight, the stiga pro carbon offers an impressive amount of control, which is 99 out of 100. On the contrary, the jet 800 offers a very less amount of control because of is slightly heavyweight. The Killerspin jet 800 offers control of 80 out of 100.

Stiga Pro Carbon Vs Killerspin Jet 800

Stiga Pro Carbon Vs Killerspin Jet 800

Where is STIGA Pro Carbon made

The STIGA is a European brand situated in Sweden. All of these products are manufactured in Sweden and distributed all over the world. The company manufactured every table tennis equipment. They produce table tennis tables, paddles, balls, and so on. But the tables and the paddles of this company are more popular. 

Is Killerspin a good brand

The Killerspin is a fairly new American brand but gained popularity in a short time. They focused on making recreational ping pong equipment’s for the players.

What is S5 rubber

The S5 rubber is designed by the STIGA brand especially for the players who used their ACS technology paddles. The S5 rubber is more extra elasticity while keeping weightless.

Final Words

Both of the paddlesare of high quality offering a great amount of speed, spin, and control. The stiga pro carbon is ideal for both intermediate and advanced players because of its lightweight.

The shock dispersion tube of the paddle and the balanced it provides make it better for any level of player. Offering a great number of control players will feel the edge of the professional experience playing with the paddle. For the Killerspin jet 800, the paddle is heavyweight and provides an extreme amount of power and speed. The paddle is suitable for the offensive player.

We believe the above discussion is informative enough to understand the details of Stiga Pro Carbon Vs Killerspin Jet 800.

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