Stiga ST3100 Review

Review Details of Stiga ST3100 Ping Pong Table

Ping pong table is the most essential equipment for table tennis games. Without any ping pong table, people cannot play this game. So, manufacturers try to produce many high quality table tennis tables or ping pong tables.

Today, we are going to introduce a high quality table tennis table which is Stiga ST3100. We describe all details of this ping pong table. People will choose their desire high quality enough ping pong table if they read the first Stiga ST3100 review which will be reviewed by our researched team in the below.  

So, we try to put all details in sequence so that people can understand all things about this ping pong table. Let’s start today’s ping pong table reviews.

Whom is this for

A ping pong table is usually a large size table with a flat and smooth surface on the top standing above on some vertical legs. Today, we discuss about Stiga ST3100 ping pong table. This model table is really great for all players. Making with high quality materials and featured some most necessary parts this is really a great ping pong table. This is mainly designed for professional players, though it is used by some other players too. But, having some special features this is absolutely perfect for also any tournament game. So, in the below, we will review about this table.

Review Details of Stiga ST3100 ping pong Table

Before starting the review we want to say that, this ping pong table would be the great one for all professional players. This is made with very high quality materials.

Why People should like this ping pong table: People always want to play on a table that is great for playing ping pong. Without any good quality table, you cannot play well though you are a pro-level player. So, this Stiga ST3100 ping pong table offers a smoother and flat table surface where the ball can roll and move perfectly. In this section, we highlight all the main features of this table so that people can choose by checking all of these.

Pre-assembled: Most of the ping pong tables do not come fully assembled. People need to set up and assemble to the table. So, obviously, this is so irritating tasks and also needs so more time for setting this.

So, for this Stiga ST3100 ping pong table, there is no need to work hard for assembling it after buying. It comes 95% preassembled. So, people should not work hard to assembly this table. They should unbox this table after reaching home. But, they must be careful while un-boxing this table thus there would not be any scratches by the side pin. If there are only two people in your house, then you both two need a maximum of 1 hour to assembly this ping pong table fully. It is just an easy way to install all things.

Before buying this table, it is already assembled fully. People just need to install the last setup before using it. So, people should like this table for its feature of preassembled. Once it is done for setup, then people can fold it also. This helps to keep small storage of this. So, it is a very big chance too for the people who have not yet a large house to keep this freely after playing. They would be surprised that in playing mode its dimensions can be measured as 108 inches * 60 inches * 30 inches. While folding it in storage mode, the dimensions of folding mode is 60 inches * 30 inches * 62 inches. That’s really amazing to keep this in s small storage.

Construction of this Table: The construction of this table is so amazing if compared with any similar price range other tables. There is 5/8 inches thick tabletop. This surface is made with high quality materials. The top of this table is coated with a multiple roller coat finish. It helps a lot for bouncing the ball perfectly.

The playing surface of this table is covered with a solid apron. It protects the table from damaging uncertain scratches. Around the table, it is covered with a sturdy steel frame. It keeps the table so sturdy and durable enough. The reinforced steel frame can give better stability than other ping pong tables though they are in a similar price range. So, undoubtedly this Stiga ST3100 table is really great for playing. Its construction is literally so high. The apron size is approximately 2 inches which are covered the full table completely.

There are also some wheels which diameter is 3 inches per wheel. These wheels help to move it easily from one place to another. People just push in or up the table; it can be switched in a new place of their house.

Ball Storage: In this Stiga ST3100 ping pong table people can notice integrated ball storage inside the apron of this table. This is one of the best features of this ping pong table. People sometimes need to pick up the ball from the ground or other places. It kills their valuable time and decreases the total playtime.

But this integrated ball storage allows keeping the 12 balls in total inside the apron. So, players can start their game with all 12 balls at a time. So, it helps a lot to save time as well as their struggle for picking the balls from the ground.

Net: It is also an important feature for the table. This ping pong table offers a great quality net which is perfect for any international tournament also. This net comes with a tournaments grade so they can enjoy more playing with this table. The net size is 72 inches that are fully clamp-style. This clamp is very easy to use. Just put the clamp inside the table frame to hold the net properly.

Portability: This Stiga ST3100 table is a great thing for the indoor game. People can enjoy so much playing table tennis in their house too. This is so portable so that people can easily move this one place to another when they are needed. It can be very easy to store and move around frequently and comfortably.










Regulations Size

9 feet by 5 feet

Sport Type


Frame Material

Alloy Steel

Base Material

Alloy Steel



Sport Type

Table Tennis

Total Ball


Per Side Ball


Assembly Required



3 inches


2 inches


2 inches

Playing Position

108 inches * 60 inches * 30 inches

Storage Position

60 inches * 30 inches * 62 inches

Item Dimensions

63 inches * 56 inches * 5 inches

Item Weight

115 pounds


  • It is great to playback position for solo play.
  • This table can be folded for storage in a small place.
  • More balls storage capacity.
  • Larger Caster.
  • 95% fully preassembled.
  • Very easy to un-boxing.
  • It includes also high quality tournament grade net.
  • Great roller coat finish tabletop which is thick enough.


  • We have not found any cons for this table because there are all premium features with this ping pong table.  

Stiga Ping Pong Table

Stiga Ping Pong Table

Mind Something While Buying a New Stiga ST3100 Ping pong table

There are so many types of ping pong tables in the market. Depending on people’s choice manufacturers try to produce a lot of different kinds of tables. But why should we suggest this Stiga ST3100 table for playing? There are some factors which should be followed while buying this table.

Construction: Its construction is so high quality because of having a Great roller coat finish tabletop which is thick enough. People should choose this because of its premium alloy steel frame. So, they can check this while buying this table.

Wheel: There are some wheels under its table frame. So, it is very easy to move from one place to another easily. People also check the wheel is it good or bad. Then they can buy this for playing.

Net: This table comes up with a tournament grade net so that it is very good for playing in the house. There are clamps too for attaching the net perfectly. They should check this also before buying a new one.

Is it Worth it

Undoubtedly, this ping pong table is worth it. People cannot play table tennis without a table. So, they should buy high quality ping pong tables for getting smoother playing or ball bouncing features. So, having some premium features, can be costly a little bit than others. But this is worth its price. They can play a great table tennis game on it.

Final Words

People can choose the ping pong table according to their desire. But, they should choose high quality table for playing. Here, this Stiga ST3100 ping pong table is great enough featuring some high quality parts. In the above, we already discussed a lot about its all features. So, people should read this article again to choose or buy their desire table tennis table.

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